X-Wing Miniatures Millennium Falcon, A-Wing, and TIE Interceptor


Boy oh boy, it has been a long time since I posted about X-Wing Miniatures, despite being obsessed with it for awhile. Well, I guess having a job and going to school will do that to you. Now that I have a large fleet, game play time has increased dramatically. When wave 2 came out and I got my hands on a Millennium Falcon, so I decided to write up about it in case you haven’t decided to get one yet. I decided to play a couple of games with the X-Wing Miniatures Millennium Falcon to give the best impression possible, but there was a gap between the last time I was able to play and now.

Anyway, the X-Wing Miniatures Millennium Falcon has a rather steep price (30 msrp vs. 15 for a regular starship expansion), but it comes with a lot of stuff, particularly with upgrades. This ship is loaded with pilots, gunners, a combat engineer, it’s kind of crazy. My first game I wanted to play with a ton of the upgrades and the “best” aka most expensive points wise pilot, Han Solo. That would eat up most of my points, out of a build total of 101. I knew I could be running into trouble, because 1 move against multiple enemies is never a good situation. I had added in a X-Wing to get an extra attack every round.

The first game ended in complete disaster, like I thought it might. Not a single TIE was destroyed before the Falcon was toast, so my lone X-Wing stood not a hope against 4 Regular TIEs and Darth Vader. The biggest problem was that in all the expensive upgrades I picked, there was nothing that helped defensively, except for one extra shield. Han was a big freaking target with only 1 defense die.

An almost Civil War era formation for a dog fight.

An almost Civil War era formation for a dog fight.

My idea was that for the next time I’d use the Falcon, I’d bump up the build total to 150 or 200 to get a more well rounded team or attempt a different pilot/upgrade combination. I thought Biggs with R2 might be a big help to absorb some of the attacks that the Falcon gets and that’s just what I did… a few months later. I hadn’t had time to play until recently (the first part of this post was written two months ago). This time I played with my buddy Alberto who had never played before. I also had the A-Wing and TIE Interceptor in the meantime so I busted those out to use as well. It was time for a 200 point battle.

The not Falcon gets into the thick of it.

The not Falcon gets into the thick of it.

Instead of loading up on expensive points, this time the Falcon wasn’t the Millennium Falcon. Nope, it was a plain old YT-1300 with no upgrades. I put my faith in the force and rounded out my squadron with Wedge in an X-Wing, Biggs in another X-Wing, 2 Rookie X-Wing pilots, and my A-Wing with Arvel Crynyd. Side note about pilots: Man Wedge is awesome. He’s so expensive, but his ability is crazy good against enemies. Biggs is cool too, but his ability never really paid off the way I thought it would, at least in this session. Arvel’s ability seems cool on paper, but we had far fewer collisions than I had expected. I’m going to try another pilot next game.

My opponent had 9 TIE fighters. 7 regular, 1 TIE Interceptor, and 1 TIE Advanced. The most notable of his pilots being Backstabber. I think Backstabber pretty much is a must have in this game, fyi. 4 of my buddy’s TIEs had Academy pilots. His Interceptor had Turr Phennir behind the controls. It was fun playing against so many TIEs, it reminded me of the Battle of Endor with all those TIEs screaming past the Falcon. I’m tempted to get a couple of more…

In the middle of a TIE swarm

In the middle of a TIE swarm

The opening of the game couldn’t have gone better for the Rebels, in the first round of shooting, two of the Academy Pilots were blown away, one in one shot! The TIEs also had the disadvantages of lots of bad rolls. I guess we can pretend that they were weapon systems malfunctions… anyway, the not Millennium Falcon redeemed itself this game. It was a beast. It slowly crept across the battle field blasting away. It took the Empire awhile to figure out that they should gang up on it. In the meantime it’s 360 degree firing cannon put some hurt on the TIEs and distracted them while the rest of the X-Wings were able to take care of business.

TIEs lining up for shots on  the not Falcon.

TIEs lining up for shots on the not Falcon.

It wasn’t until the end of the game when nearly every TIE fighter turned on the YT-1300 and crushed it, since it only has 1 defensive die it didn’t stand a chance against a coordinated assault. However, it had done enough hurt on them over such a long time and it had pulled the TIEs away from the X-Wings for long enough that I feel it was totally worth adding it to this game. Playing against a more experienced opponent could be problematic, so the next time I use the Falcon I have to experiment with different upgrade configurations.


The A-Wing has always been my favorite Star Wars starfighter, especially in the X-Wing computer games. I will have to play with it more to determine if it’s my favorite ship in X-Wing Miniatures, but it certainly works great with hit and run tactics. The A-Wing has a low attack of 2 dice compared to a X-Wing’s 3. However, it’s high maneuverability and boost action is a worthwhile price to pay for the A-Wing. In the case of this session my A-Wing was able to speed past the TIE fighter screen and hit them from behind. And then I could go after particular targets thanks to speed and boost. I have a feeling that having a fleet made of A-Wings would be suicide, but having a small squad could be extremely beneficial.

The TIE Interceptor expansion was good, but due to the inexperience of my opponent, I’m sure it is capable of more. It has 3 attack dice instead of the A-Wing’s 2, so it brings a little more to the table in terms of firepower. It also has 1 more body point than the A-Wing, while the A-Wing has 2 shields. The pilot my buddy used was Turr Phennir and his ability seemed really sweet, he could perform a boost action or a barrel roll after attacking, meaning he got a free short move. This can be a great bonus for getting out of another ship’s sites or into a different firing position. I can’t say for certain if it’s a superior craft to the A-Wing, since I have to test it more. However, I will be looking to make a whole squad of these suckers to compliment the regular TIE ranks.

Overall I have to say that all three expansions are totally worthwhile adding to the game if you can find them… supplies seemed to have run out mostly everywhere on the expansions, so you’ll either have to hit up eBay, find the one game store in town that inexplicably has them, or just wait for a new boat full of them for a restock.

  • I’m not super-impressed with the YT-1300 yet. But I love the Firespray!

  • If I want to get serious battles done, I don’t think I’ll take it, but I can certainly see writing scenarios around it for specific mission objectives.

  • Here’s a cool site where you can build your squadron: http://x-wing.voidstate.com/build

  • I linked to that in my Friday Round Up…