X-Men: First Class More Promising than Wolverine: Origins?

A couple of weeks ago the official trailer for X-Men: First class was released. From all the bad word of mouth I had heard prior to the release of the trailer, I had expected the internet to explode in righteous fury. Instead, it seemed like there was a fairly even divide between those that thought it looked amazing and those that hated it.
Well, I finally got around to watching the X-Men: First Class trailer.

My first thought after watching it was, “How can people despise this?” My twitter feed was chock full of people just hating X-Men: First Class to no end. How!? There’s not enough here to hate! The biggest problem with the trailer is it just looks like any comic book movie, just with X-Men. There’s nothing like a Jar Jar Binks running around as a huge warning sign to stay away. So bizarre. I’m just writing that off to people already prepared to detest this thing.


I’m sort of split on wanting to know in the comments on why you might hate this film already. If you like comics and rather brainless summer films, by all indications in this trailer X-Men: First Class seems rather harmless and may indeed be fairly fun.

I really like the fact that it’s a period piece, though it does throw the timeline off for the other films (if you care about that sort of thing). To be fair though, the comic books don’t always add up. I mean, how is it possible that Cyclops was running around in the ’60s and he’s only about 30 today? You can’t tell me that only a few years passed in the Marvel Universe. You’ve really got to let a lot of things go, especially in comic books.

  • I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve noticed something going on with this movie: since the release of Iron Man, we’re sort of trained that the movies that don’t come from Marvel Studios are somewhat less important.

    I mean, Marvel Studios first released Iron Man, and since that time they’ve been building to Avengers. Since First Class, as a Fox movie, doesn’t play into that timeline (along with the fact that the past 2 X offering left a lot to be desired), I think it has colored our criticism. I mean, even Marvel doesn’t seem to care about it, as they allowed their in-house movies to overshadow it. Thor comes out in May, First Class in June, and Cap in July. Follow any Marvel promos, and you’ll see them pimping Thor and Cap, but no First Class. I understand it’s business, and they’ve got more at stake with their own films, but I just see this as another thing First Class has going against it.

    On the flip side, Amazing Spider-Man also isn’t a Marvel Studios film, but they’ve got a lot riding on the reboot being successful. It just seems like Marvel has already written off the X-Men movie franchise at this point.

  • There’s stuff in there to hate, like the timeline, but there’s stuff to love too. I was very happy to see the blue and yellow outfits. The black pleather from previous movies looks cool, but it doesn’t really scream X-Men.

    The lack of promotion by Marvel doesn’t make sense to me. Even if it’s made by someone else, X-Men is still a Marvel property, and it’s in their best interest for it to do well.

  • I think its a lot harder to do X-Man and do it right than it is to do one or two heroes. A lot of stuff has to come together and gel.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    I’m on the fence too with First Class. I’ll probably see it and find it refreshing. Why? No Wolverine. That character has been played out in the movies. (unless the sequel to Origins is completely sliced & diced Hand Ninjas with NO other mutants..