X-Men: Days of Future Past – Nerd Thoughts!


Well now that we’ve all seen X-Men 5, Wolverine 3, or X-Men and Wolverine 7, or simply X-Men: Days of Future Past we can all discuss it like only super nerds would. I’ll kick off with my thoughts. Feel free to leave yours in the comment section.

As stated above this is the seventh film by Fox to feature the X-Men in some capacity. It’s the fourth X-Men film to feature the “original” cast and the second to feature the “First Class” cast. Damn, this is getting confusing. Days of Future Past is the Star Trek: Generations of X-Men movies, though Professor X does not die falling off a bridge. In fact, nobody dies falling off a bridge in this film! Spoiler!

The film riffs from the comic book storyline where the future world is a total shit hole. Mutant hunting robots known as sentinels not only have decimated the mutant population, but also the human one as they’ve tracked down mutant loving humans (and in the comics anyone with genes that could produce a mutant). This start of the film is wicked dark as you actually see piles of dead bodies and mass graves. The remaining mutants which consists of the team of X-Men from the first flick and a more more mixed group of Kitty Pryde, Ice Man, and some other first time screen mutants like Bishop. They have a plan of sending Wolverine back through time into his younger self in order to stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask (as played by Peter Dinklage). Her killing Trask leads towards support for his Sentinel project and the development of Sentinels that can mimic the mutant powers of others.

Okay now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the meat of my thoughts and super spoilers!

  • The old team and the new team’s storylines really worked well, which could have turned into a complete mess.
  • Using Mystique’s genes in order to create the ultimate Sentinels was a bit of a stretch. Her powers are limited to mimicking the look of others and doing the splits while kicking people in the face. If only they had a mutant that could replicate the powers of other mutants!
  • The more old school Sentinel stuff was a bit disappointing. There wasn’t much of it. Just wolverine fighting one a bit and Beast attacking it. Bleh.
  • Speaking of the old Sentinels, I thought that shoving some steel rods in the Sentinel wouldn’t exactly work like that. Did Magneto rewire their computer brains too?
  • X-Men_Days-of-Future-Past_Review_quicksilver_1

  • One of the most joked about and hated aspects of Days of Future Past prior to release was Quicksilver’s look. Fans were saying they weren’t going to see the movie based on Quicksilver. Well guess what? He’s fucking awesome. It’s amazing that Brian Singer did everything he could to make us hate Quicksilver based on looks alone and then made him one of the most fun and easiest the scene stealingest (is that a word) character in the film.
  • Speaking of Quicksilver, Why didn’t they take him along? Because his powers were so crazy? It would have been a great moment for this cocky kid to suddenly get a comeuppance from a Sentinel, like shooting superglue in his path. It also saves any possible Magneto as dad story line for a future movie without bringing it up more in this one.
  • In the future X-Men universe Kitty Pryde has suddenly developed a secondary mutation where she can send her brain or someone else’s into the past. This isn’t even mentioned as something new. You just have to roll with it. It’s odd, but it would be awkward explaining it.
  • X3 officially didn’t happen. Yay!
  • X-Men_Days-of-Future-Past_Review_wolverine_death_comic_1

  • It was a little disappointing that we didn’t get to see future Wolverine getting killed like in the original comics.
  • It was pretty shitty to kill off Banshee and Angel as an aside in conversation. I realize maybe not wanting to use them, but you could have had them missing instead. And Emma Frost? Shit, there goes some pretty good possible stories right there.
  • X-Men_Days-of-Future-Past_Review_mystique_1

  • Mystique’s whole, “Don’t you think I’m beautiful like this?” when she’s in her blue, normal form. No, sorry I don’t. She doesn’t have nipples or a real butt crack. In fact it’s like she’s wearing a thin latex suit and lots of make up.
  • This X-Men flick really captured why people would be afraid of mutants and it’s another reason for me to believe why it’s better that the X-Men live in their own film universe. If there’s tons of other super powered individuals running around, then it’s a lot harder to get across why people would live in fear of mutants, but be totally on board with non-mutant heroes. (Like those non-mutant heroes would give away their origins so people would know if they were cool or not).
  • X-Men_Days-of-Future-Past_Review_trask_1

  • Not enough Trask. We didn’t get enough of his story. Does he hate mutants because they’re different, like him, but have super awesome powers? I wish we had more of his motivations.
  • The JFK Assassination thing. Ahh “one of us?” You mean literally? I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen.
  • The ending was bittersweet. I thought I was fine with letting the old cast go, but seeing them at the school… it made me sad.
  • The 3D conversion was pretty solid and really shined in the action sequences. The way Singer filmed though movie left some really flat scenes because he’d do a bunch of closeups that didn’t really allow for any kind of depth. Regardless, really looking forward to this on Blu-Ray 3D.

  • Dex

    “In fact it’s like she’s wearing a thin latex suit and lots of make up.”
    She was :) She said she wasn’t doing the 8 hour makeup again so she is in fact in a skinsuit. Mmmm….

    I didn’t like Kitty having a new power. It would have made 1000x more sense to have Xavier do the time warp thingy. But from what I’ve read, there was supposed to be a whole other subplot of Chuck & Erik’s Last Adventure where they go off to rescue Rogue from somewhere in the future.

    Dude, JFK was the POTUS and banging Marilyn Monroe, he’s gotta have some kind of mutant power…

  • Chris Piers

    It didn’t just wipe out X3, it also cleared the pretty terrible Wolverine: Origins stuff out of the way.

  • Chris Piers

    There was a big subplot that they cut, involving Rogue. SPOILERS below:

    Remember when Kitty gets cut? The team decides the only way to keep everything going is to use Rogue to take Kitty’s powers and take over. But Rogue is locked up (probably was used to give the Sentinels their new powers – Mystique started them on a path but Rogue advanced them to the Nimrod stage). So Professor X, Magneto, Iceman and I think Collosus go to break her out. Unfortunately, they decided the whole thing took too much time and they cut it all out. But it was filmed so it’ll be in a DVD some day.

  • Nimrod stage … well put! I really, really enjoyed DoFP and thought that Singer did a hell of a job retconning the movies and erasing the events of The Last Stand as well as Wolverine: Origins. I have to agree with Vincent in that Quicksilver ruled, and should have been carried forward in the plot. Will the next X Movie be an 80s period piece? We can only hope!

  • The only problem with this is that it’s not in the theatrical cut. It explains everything in this respect, but since it’s not actually in the film, it leaves a bit of a weird… hole? I don’t know if it’s exactly that or not. Just a bit of weirdness that would be easily explained.

    I look forward to the eventual directors cut blu ray or whatever they decide to call it.

  • RE JFK: Like it’s completely unbelievable that a man born in a rich and incredibly connected political family that was also handsome couldn’t be president? ;) If anyone was a mutant in that family, it was the Aunt they locked in the closet.

  • Dex

    That’s what I mean, maybe his power was being a good lookin dude

  • Hunter Carroll

    Quicksilver made the fucking movie for me. I want a fucking Quicksilver movie with Evan Peters reprising the role, and it pisses me off to no end that Quicksilver is also gonna be in the next Avenger’s movie, but with a different actor. All these Marvel movie rights being divided between these different movie studios is upsetting me now.

    Also; great article! :D

  • EU Sucks

    HATE Jennifer whats-her-tits as Mystique…this movie was different from what I expected,so it sucked…

  • What’s her tits? I didn’t think people seriously used what’s her tits or what’s his nuts in conversation.