Wow, The Phantom Menace Does Suck


You know what’s funny about Star Wars: The Phantom Menace? Before it came out I was really excited, almost as excited as I was at the distant prospect of finally losing my virginity. After I saw the film I was left wondering what the bloody hell happened, which is pretty much a shared experience amongst nerds. The funny part is that I actually tried to convince myself for years that I actually liked it. Why should I, though? It sucked.

As my retarded comments on some of the posts here will prove, some people like horrible things so if you like Phantom Menace, that’s fine. You’re allowed to like terrible things. Hell, I genuinely like the other prequels so that says something right there. Still, this spectacular seventy minute review of the film by Red Letter Media systematically goes over why it’s a piece of garbage in one of the most entertaining ways I’ve ever seen (just wait till he gets to the basement of his house). I just love this thing. Enjoy.