Wonder Woman’s New TV Costume


I’ve been meaning to comment on this one for a long time, so here goes. This is the new Wonder Woman costume for the television series that is currently in production worn by actress Adrianne Palicki.

My thoughts? It could be worse. This Wonder Woman costume seems suited for what they are trying to go for (by all accounts) to be something that has the name of Wonder Woman, but might not necessarily reflect Wonder Woman as we’ve seen here in comics and the previous Wonder Woman television show. It only makes sense that the costume reflects the current change in costumes that she’s undergone in the comics.

What I’m not really into is the fact that the boots are the same color as the pants or that it’s so shiny. Perhaps if they went with black pants like in the comics, it might work better. The shiny factor kind of gives it a look like it’s a Halloween costume version of what should be a better looking television version.

So yeah, all in all not a super fantastic Wonder Woman costume, but not vomit inducing either. The show itself will be enough to drive everyone away.

Thanks to: Chris Piers

  • They’ve already changed the costume. Got rid of the vinyl pants and added red boots.

  • I’m aware of that. This post was scheduled last week.

  • lamartherevenger

    I’m iffy about the whole show. Is it gonna be jiggle TV like the original (not gonna care) but more serious and deal with the whole warrior princess without going all Xena on us? Honestly hoping for more jiggle TV. I donNt want to see it get completely effed over like MTV’s Teen Wolf. THAT is a load shit. (I’m so mad about that, I swore. I don’t like to swear on a post. Those fuck ups at MTV really pissed me off)

  • It will be a bad show because the guy in charge is David E. Kelley who only does quirky lawyer shows. That’s all he knows, so in his version, Wonder Woman runs a big corporation. And she complains to her best friend that she wishes she had bigger boobs. And she gets in a fight set to the Beyonce song “All the Single Ladies.” It will be a fucking disaster.

  • They could dress her up in her birthday suit and I’d still not watch it.

    (No that’s not true…)