Win Stuff: A Dinosaur Toy Vault Contest

Hey kids, you know what’s great? Dinosaur Toy Vault! Yeah, I own it so I’m promoting myself. Dinosaur Toy Vault is having its first contest! Just look at what you can win!


Yep, those are Short Round and a Sallah Mighty Muggs from Indiana Jones and they can be all yours! What do you have to do? Why all you have to do is to follow Dinosaur Toy Vault on Twitter or “Like” the Facebook page. That’s it. Just join and you’re in, how hard is that? Not hard at all people. Let’s do this!

Small Print: Contest ends 05/14/10. Contest is open Worldwide, but winner outside of the U.S. have to pay for shipping.

  • Hey, what do you know.. I already do both! =) What a great contest, though! Thanks much!