Win Nowhere Men #1 Signed by Artist Nate Bellegarde



One of Image’s coolest comics on the shelves right now is Nowhere Men written by Eric Stephenson and illustrated by Nate Bellegarde. Nate’s a really cool dude and he gave me an issue number 1 to give away to you lovely people. And it’s not just any issue #1, it’s the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund variant (limited to 500) that’s sold from 50 to a hundred bucks online! Even better, it is signed by Nate!

How do you get your dirty nerd hands on such a fantastic prize?! Simple, leave a comment below with a valid email address that you can be contacted at (only I will see it) and tell me and Nate what is your favorite fictional scientific invention (either one you’ve seen in movies, TV, comics, etc OR one that you make up yourself). Example: The time machine from Back to the Future.  Nate will pick the winner, so the more creative your choice the better.

Please enter by 7/1/13. The winner will be selected shortly thereafter.

  • Toy Empire

    One of mine that has always fascinated me is Batman’s utility belt. It seems that at any given point there is something in the belt (pellet, dart, ect…) to get him out of a situation.

  • Film Samurai

    A Mind Control Ray be my favorite science fictional invention. Imagine zapping anyone and then your wish is their command. The possibilities are endless. Of course I would use it only for good, not evil. Or would I?

  • Lamar The Revenger

    I’ve always been a fan of large super lasers. The Death Star, Wave Motion Gun.. The Suliban Satellite Death Ray. When the Enterprise fired their sensor dish during Best Of Both Worlds, I was hoping for some major carnage, but got diddly squat.

  • Daniel Diehl

    This may be a stretch for an invention, but the circuits accidentally imbued into Mitchell Hundred that gave him power over machines in Ex Machina is probably the most impressive product of science that I’ve seen in pop culture. I mean it’d be pretty awesome to talk to machines and really convenient for when you’re feeling lazy.

  • Kimberly Story

    Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons! I know I’d love to have her!

  • Tom

    Being an old school G.I.Joe guy, I’d have to say my favorite is a tie between the 2 best evil organization maguffins ever the Weather Dominator and the Broadcast Energy Transmitter

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  • FuzzyNavel

    I have a real issue with the waste that our planet is accumulating. Landfills are pilling up and eventually they will be maxed out. My fictional scientific invention is a combination of a made up one and something I’ve seen in a cartoon series? What I can remember is a world that believed Superman died after being shot with some sort of particle beam, but Batman didn’t not believe that Superman can just die like that. Long story short it was discovered that Superman was instead transported to an alternate reality of some sort, but the point being that Batman stated that matter cannot be destroyed only manipulated into something else. When Superman was shot with the beam, his matter was nowhere to be found, leaving Batman to believe that he was not dead, merely somewhere else. What this relates to is that I would like to see something done with the accumulating thrash we have that has no possible recycling reuse or that cannot biodegrade. This device will transform the garbage into a different form/material that, with the use of another supplementary device, can convert and use that newly transformed raw material into a form or usable energy for us to use. Hopefully this makes sense to some extent.

  • Tom Mathias

    i chose the Mass Device and the Broadcast Energy Transmitter from G.I.Joe, 2 of the best macguffins to come out of the 80s