Win Free Twinkies! (Or Snowballs, Ding Dongs, etc.)


America is in crisis! This country is on the brink of disaster and only you can help prevent it! The Beloved Hostess company filled Chapter 11 bankruptcy to try to remain afloat. As Americans we must do our part to help ourselves out of this crisis and save lots of jobs. In order to help Hostess out and save the Twinkie I have been doing my part not only buy buying delicious treats (and sharing them with coworkers), but by spreading word about the wonders of such delights as their cupcakes, Twinkies, fruit pies, and Ding Dongs, so I’m pleased to announce this contest that will help me with my goal:

We’re Having a Contest!

I’m giving away coupons for a free Hostess product of your choice! First place winner will get 5 coupons and ten others will get 1 coupon. That’s right, you can get a whole box of Twinkies on me (and Hostess)!

How to Enter:

1. Write a poem about Hostess treats. Haikus, free verse, anything counts. Parody poems would rock too, especially ones based on on the works of Robert Frost, T.S. Elliot, Sylvia Plath, Allen Ginsberg, or William Carlos Williams.

Here’s an example of a parody based on The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams:

So much depends upon

a Hostess Snowball

covered in marshmallow

beside the white milk

2. Email your entry to, “RobotsPajamas at” with the subject line “hostess contest”.

3. A panel of judges will vote and a winner will be announced!

More details: Enter as many times as you want, but you can only win once. Sorry, but the contest is only open to those in the U.S.A. Contest Ends 2/29/12.

So get to work crafting your poems!

  • Chad B.

    A more noble cause has not been seen since Geeks for Tots!

  • Mmmmmm Twinkies!!

    Love your poem. I remember that from English class.

  • Izzychix

    Twinkles r awesome

  • Lamar the Revenger

    Creamy white filling
    I dab on my lover’s nose
    Lick it with my tongue

  • Lamar! Is that your entry? You have to send it to the email to count!

  • Lamar the Revenger


  • twinkies arent red and snowballs arent blue.. dont live in US so screw u hahaha…

    this contest is delicious :D

    good luck everybody

  • Is this your entry? It doesn’t count unless you email it. See the contest rules!