Win a Ghostbusters Prize Pack from Diamond Select Toys!


Just in time for the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters Week we’ve got a selection of great prizes from Diamond Select Toys to give away. We’re going to give away a Ghostbusters silicone tray, a Slimer gelatin mold, and a big old Stay Puft Marshmallow Man bank!


The fabulous prizes.

And how do you win these awesome prizes? By commenting below telling us why you love Ghostbusters! Be sure to leave your email address so you can be contacted if you win. One entry per person and the winner will be randomly selected. Contests only open to U.S. residents only. Contest ends 9/5/2014 at 11:59 pm Central. Winner will be picked ASAP and notified. If winner doesn’t respond to email within a week a new winner will be selected. Watch your inbox!

I’ve previously written about the tray and the Slimer Gelatin mold here, but if you’re too lazy to click, the tray is awesome because you can make things like Ghostbusters logo ice cubes… but an even better use of them is Ghostbusters logos chocolates! The Slimer Gelatin mold makes some cool Slimer gelatin aka Jello. And the bank? I haven’t yet had the chance to check out the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man bank, but it’s a pretty damned cool way to save money.

What are you waiting for? Tell us why you love Ghostbusters!

  • Purplemommi

    My whole family can watch and enjoy the movies. It is funny and the guys have great chemistry together!

  • Cause bustin makes me feel good.

  • Larry Joe

    Amazing wit and slapstick combined with a couple of genuine frights. Timeless.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    When I was young I had the Official Ghostbusters Training Sticker Book. I’ve lost it, but the license I want to say it’s still legal.

  • JustinJames43

    Because the original Ghostbusters is the 2nd film I can remember seeing as little kid in the 1980s. It really helped shape my love for films. I watch both films at least once a year, if not more. Ghostbusters, in general, was a big part of my childhood & I can’t wait until my kids are old enough for me to share it with them.

  • Cosmic

    Because it continues to be not only a fond memory from my childhood that will always hold a warm place in my heart but just a great movie I can watch over and over and get a laugh every time.

  • UTMahoo

    Ghostbusters is a timeless classic. It is a movie that gets better with each watching and can speak to multiple generations. My kids and their friends love the movie and it is so great to share something like this with a new group of fans.

  • Kristen Mcclary

    i love the ghostbuster movies because me and my late grandpa used to watch them all the time together we loved the movies and its a great memory i have

  • Kyle

    I remember watching it a lot when I was a little kid with my dad, the movie came out a few months before I was born and we had it on a vhs recording. I remember playing with the Real Ghostbusters toys growing up and even having the proton pack. It’s one movie that if on I will watch and not get tired of because it’s a classic and makes me feel like I did when I was a kid again.

  • I love Ghostbusters because it always makes me laugh, it is classic!

  • Brian Lapsley

    It was a movie that appealed to my parents and completely sucked me. Then it branched out into a cartoon and I really fell in love with the franchise. It was a movie that had the best one liners, creature effects, & just the right amount of macabre.

  • Because everything about it was fun as hell. From the movie, to the cartoon, to the toys, to the awesome as hell Ghostbusters Big Wheel I had. Man, I miss those days!

  • Livivua Ramsey

    These movies and cartoons really helped me when I was little not to be afraid of the dark because the ghosts will be caught…lol

  • Chris

    Jokes & banter from geniuses that makes me laugh every time I watch the movie.

  • Justin D Brushett

    i’ve grown up with gb, always loved it as part of my childhood

  • BeastieRunner

    … Because I can still quote it in everyday life and people laugh (either because it’s Ghostbusters or the fact the humor is still relevant).

  • Christina Tryggvason

    I grew up on the Ghostbusters, now my 8 year old is growing up watching them. Hopefully our youngest will carry on the tradition of loving their movies!

  • Sam

    Because it’s greatest movie of all time!

  • Kristen Fogg

    It is the first movie I can remember seeing in the theater. It has been my favorite ever since. It makes me feel like a kid again when I watch it!

  • Brian Maddox
  • Puft hat

    I love them because I’m a scientist man, back off! Oh and because September 6th is my birthday and this would make a great gift! (hint, hint, wink, wink)

  • Average_Moviegoer

    FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!! Besides, some of the most important lessons in life are found in Ghostbusters:
    1. The effect of negative reinforcement on ESP ability is anger.
    2. Never, ever, cross the streams, unless the interdimensional door you are shooting at swings both ways.
    3. Print is dead.
    4. Scientists are usuall pretty stiff…totally unlike, say, a game show host.
    5. When she asks, “Are you a god?” you say “Yes!” If she doubts you, tell her about the big Twinkie.

  • Darthdaver

    Because! They came,they saw and they kicked its ass!!! ;)

  • CynthiaI

    Love the movies they’re both classics :-)

  • James Brusoe

    Because Ghostbusters is all that is right with the 80’s and busting makes me feel good!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Barnets

    Ghostbusters was one of those movies that as a kid took my imagination. I mean who would think to make a movie about (essentially) Orkin men of the supernatural? It’s one of the few movies where just about anyone can put on a proton pack and save the world. No magic or superpowers needed! Plus it wasn’t about killing the ghosts. They were pretty humane really, until Peck or some other skeptic showed up…


    I love Ghostbusters because it has remained timeless. The story, humor, and themes are still relevant and ‘work’ today. I saw it for the first time when I was nine years old. My brother picked me up from day camp to take me to go see it, which was very odd, since my brother never paid much attention to me. I’ll always have that memory. karenmsarna(at)yahoo.

  • Joshua Himelrick

    I love the original because everytime I see it I find something new that I hadn’t seen before. I wish they would just make Ghostbusters 3 to get a newer generation into it.

  • Zach Mellen

    I literally watched the movie every day from the time I was 18 months old until I went to kindergarten. I’ll put my toy collection (albeit none are in packages) against just about anyone’s, I have all the movies, video games, most of the cartoons (even Ghostbusters Xtreme!), and am currently working on my comic book collection. No single thing has had an impact on my childhood the way Ghostbusters did. In other words, PICK ME!!

  • Matthew Lackey

    Because Ghostbusters has always been with me in some form since I was born. I even have a gb2 no ghost magnet on my suv!

  • Chris Buchner

    Honestly, I don’t know. Since I first saw it I was hooked. It’s funny, it’s interesting, and it just finds a way to speak to every new generation of fan. The movie is timeless, the cartoon the greatest. I guess what I’m saying is sometimes stuff happens, someone’s gotta do something about it, and who ya gonna call?

  • Eric Nusbaum

    first film i made a connection with when i was wee little kid. saw it and i was hooked ever since! TMNT was also cool at the time but Ghostbusters was where it was at for me…i remember playing with my toys and the Ghostbusters were the good guys and the Ninja Turtles, the bad guys, and pretended that they were the ghosts and the Ghostbuster would catch them every single time. also had that pump Ghost trap and i remember throwing all the bad guys in it once they where cought.

  • Mark

    My whole life i have loved ghostbusters both the movies and especially the cartoon waking up on saturday morning and wearing my plastic proton pack and watching the show cant wait for the 3rd movie

  • David Wolf

    Favorite childhood movie and took my son to see it in the theater for the 30th anniversary event.

  • Ivan Ronald Schablotski

    Ghostbusters is an over-the-top sci-fi action romantic supernatural comedy rags-to-riches story with a nod to Lovecraftian horror. What’s not to love?

  • Joe Fisher

    Ghostbusters has always been the go-to for me. I celebrate it with as much Gusto as possible.

  • Heather Zastawnik

    Not only because it was a great movie but I thought Harold was so hot when he was alive, he will be missed.

  • Bones McCoy

    I love Ghostbusters because it was my childhood. I was obsessed with it, it was all I thought about, every Halloween costume from maybe ages 5-9 was the khaki Ghostbusters 2 costume that said “Back off man I’m a Ghostbuster”, I literally did have almost every action figure (including the Janine toys), accessory, vehicle, weapon, etc. from the Kenner toy line. I lived and breathed Ghostbusters. When I started to get into my adolescence, I started forgetting about Ghostbusters. It wasn’t until I was about 17 that I started watching the movies again and then remembering all the amazing times I had as a kid. I had always thought that Venkman was my favorite character but found out later by my parents that I was a HUGE Egon fan which now makes sense because of my love for science! Since getting back to my Ghostbuster roots I’ve been an on again and off again collector with the Kenner, Diamond Select Toys, NECA, Mattel, ERTL, Johnny Lightening, and even the Jocsa toy lines but within the past few years I’ve sold off almost all of my collection to pay school bills. It’s a decision I regret entirely! Whenever I looked at my collection I just remember great childhood memories and some great memories as an adult too. The first time I saw Ghostbusters in the theater was when I was 22 and again when I was 25 and hopefully I’ll have time to see it again before they stop showing it for the 30th anniversary. I love Ghostbusters because it never gets old. I love Ghostbusters because it’s one of those movies that holds up over time. I love Ghostbusters because you can’t not love Ghostbusters. The franchise must go on!

  • Dan AKA

    Ghostbusters molded my childhood and made me that adult I am! I love Ghostbusters so much that I created an event for Ghostbusters fans by Ghostbusters fans called PKE Surge at Dragon Con.

  • Martina Enriquez

    What’s not to love!? It’s a great movie to watch with the whole family. It has funny moments as well as “spooky” moments. It’s just a great film that never gets old to watch.

  • Cody

    I should win since I’ve been obsessed with Ghostbusters my whole life. And I also showed that prehistoric *&^%$ how I did things downtown.

  • Jacob B

    I was raised on Ghostbusters. It has always been an incredibly awesome and positive part of my life. I adored the movies and the cartoons and now I’m super excited to share them with my daughter. She’s a little over one and a half now and saw her first movie in the theaters last weekend… Ghostbusters! She loved it. Paid attention the whole time and was super well behaved. Now I’m excited to watch her grow up (hopefully) loving GB as much as I do. Ghostbusters is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • montewilliams

    I love it because, having not seen it in twenty-plus years, I naturally assumed it was terrible, but I reluctantly watched it anyway and loved it even more than I did in 1984. I wrote an essay about it:

    And ya know what else is a really friggin’ shockingly great movie? The original Karate Kid.

  • Fred Meyer

    How can you NOT love a movie with the line:

    “Listen… do you smell something?”

  • D. Gonzalez


  • D. Gonzalez

    My kids. I love this movie so much that I dressed my children as characters from the movie for Halloween. I had to show them the movie first. Now, they love it, too!

  • Thanks for the link, dude!

  • montewilliams

    Always happy to engage in self-promotion. :)

  • Vickey White

    OMG we can not wait for Friday!! I have the movie tune stuck in my head from when the first time I read there was going to be a new movie, and the cast is going to be so funny. I have seen the first two movies quite a few times and in fact will watch again Thursday night as it is showing on a local tv channel