Win a Copy of Venom #1 Signed by Tony Moore!

venom1If you visit the Robot’s Pajamas there’s a good chance you like comics, and an even better chance that you like good comics and appreciate the fine work of comic artists like Tony Moore. Well, we’ve got a deal for you. If you’d like to get your grubby nerd paws on a mint copy of Venom #1 signed by Mr. Moore, all you have to do is leave a a comment on the site. Every person that leaves a comment will get an entry and you can get an entry every time you leave a comment. Please keep it semi-non spammy, so we can all have fun here people.

Fine Print: Contest ends 4/30/11. When leaving your comment, be sure to leave you email address so I can contact you. Open to you international folks, however if shipping is high I may ask you to kick in a little to help cover the cost. Not responsible for a prize lost or damaged in the mail. Winner must respond to winning email within a week or the prize goes to another contestant.

  • Lance W

    I was disgusted by what happened to Tony’s sketches a few weeks ago, he seems like such a fantastic person despite never having the pleasure of meeting him. I’ve been looking forward to Venom for a long time now and I know it will exceed my expectations as of everything he’s created.

  • Philthy

    I enjoy the Venom, Tony Moore, and Free Stuff, but most of all I like Robot’s Pajamas!

  • I’ve got the Venom Lethal Protector #1 from a few years back. #1s used to be a special kind of thing, now comic companies restart stories/comics so often, #1s are loosing their charm. But I’ll be ecstatic if I win. :)

  • lamartherevenger

    Venom? Cool!!

  • I would like to win. Please give me 10,000 raffle tickets

  • zomgawd gimme nao.

  • I like cake!

  • clark

    I would like to throw my name in the hat to win the scary picture of black spider-man. Actually this looks pretty sweet. I do not buy single issue comics any more, I tend to wait for them to come out in TPB. But if Venom has been made into a good story and character, I’m definitely interested.
    Spider-man 3 (I know it’s not canon, but Marvel stood by and let their creation get raped on screen, so they’re just as guilty as the filmmakers) just about killed him for me forever, but I want to give this a chance.

  • Vetts

    Might be worth checking out!

    Is there a way of possibly fixing the draw? ;)

  • Actually Lance, I’m pretty sure Vincent had something to do with the disappearance of Tony’s work. I don’t trust him, he’s shifty.

  • Hdawger

    I definitely wants this! ;)

  • Chad B

    Always a fan of anything having to do with Venom!

  • I like the Venom. And is it just me or did Venom get beefier?

  • @Shawn, that’s just the Joe Q. cover. The Venom in this series looks like black Spider-Man who joined the army. He’s pretty cool and it’s a neat/different take on the character.

  • clark

    @Vincent-Oh, so this is about the FT Venom. Then I definitely want it, just because I think Tony’s new design looks pretty interesting.

  • I doubt you’ll let me win.

  • You don’t have a chance in hell Matty.

  • Zak

    It’s a interesting take on Venom. I’ll be interested to see where it goes

  • Gary Varga

    Tony Moore!!! Yay!!!

  • DTM

    Can I haz cheezburger?! I mean…Venom #1 signed by TONY MOORE!

  • PresidentJuggernaut

    I generally like a more stremlined, toned-down Venom, although I might be the only one. Still, all Venoms are cool by me.

  • introvertedone

    Insert witty comment..

  • Lance W

    @doubledumbassonyou I thought there were something up in the podcasts. Curses!

  • Ryan Bolton

    i like free stuff specially when its bout venom