Why I’m Not Excited by G.I. Joe

GI Joe Movie Battlesuits

The upcoming release of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is really tough for me. I’m a huge fan of G.I. Joe and you’d think I’d be interested in seeing something G.I. Joe on the big screen, but I’m really dreading it. There’s only been one good thing I’ve seen really (Destro’s mask) and a whole hell of a lot of bad. Look, I’m a forgiving nerd. I liked a lot of movies that were dismissed my peers like T3, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Starship Troopers, etc. I just can’t shake the feeling that as forgiving as I am, G.I. Joe is going to be a gigantic turd. I’m really trying to withhold judgment until I see it, but does this look like a good movie to anyone?

No, it looks like they took a bunch of twelve year old boys, a couple of extreme sports guys, a few dude bros, and a Oakland Raiders fan and crafted what they thought would be the coolest movie of all time. Those suits just look ridiculous. In fact it looks like they tried their best to recreate the look and feel of the Van Damme Street Fighter movie.

Thanks to: Millionaire Playboy

  • I agree. The movie is the suck. (The same went for the Dragonball and Transformers movie.) It seems that the movie producers wanted to put their own personal spin on an already well defined favorite show, which doesn’t bring me much happiness.

  • Ugh. This movie looks worse with every new clip. This is not GI Joe. This is pure garbage with a ridiculous budget.

  • Chad

    Is this GI Joe or Power Rangers?

  • LMFAO “and crafted what they thought would be the coolest movie of all time. “

  • Hi there,

    I totally totally agree with you.
    I think this movie would not be good. The clips get worse day by day.

    On the other hand, Indiana Jones series, the original ones, they are my favorites. I just love them.

  • I like the new username assigned to me, LOL