Why I think Star Trek: Discovery will Feature Klingons Heavily

At Comic Con, showrunner Bryan Fuller revealed a short teaser trailer showing an early effects shot of the new starship and title for the new Star Trek show, Star Trek: Discovery. And even though we don’t see any crew, I suspect it revealed where this is set and what it may be about. It’s a big leap of speculation but I think the show will feature the first Starfleet/Klingon vessel. Read on to see my reasoning.

We’ll start with what we can see. The ship is angular in a style that reminds me of the original series and the first six movies with the original cast. Also, it’s numbered NCC 1301. For reference, the original Enterprise was NCC 1701 and later ships like Voyager had five numbers (NCC-74656 for Voyager). Therefore, it’s likely a ship from around the original series timeline. Could be a slightly older ship that’s been updated.

Fuller confirmed that this show takes place in the Prime timeline that all the TV shows have taken place in, not the new movies’ Kelvin timeline. So what makes me think it’s a ship with Klingons?

First, the music. When the ship is finally revealed some drums start up that remind me of the music that plays when Klingon Birds of Prey ships appeared in the shows and movies. And the back of the ship is reminiscent of those ships as well. This is extreme speculation but when the title and logo disappear at the end, the sound effect is reminiscent of the cloaking sound that Klingon Birds of Prey used.

So if we agree that it’s an early ship and the trailer hints at Klingons a likely area to explore would be the first alliance of Starfleet and the Klingon empire following the Khitomer peace accords that took place in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Which could also help explain why director Nicholas Meyer was brought in as a producer for Discovery. He co-plotted and co-scripted that story as well as directing that film. He’d be uniquely qualified to give advice on that time period.

It would also be something we haven’t really seen before. Klingons and Starfleet working together after decades of being in a type of Cold War with one another. Ripe for conflict. So while Discovery may simply be a show about exploring deep space long term or be a medical frigate or something else, I think the idea of a Klingon crew learning to work side by side with Starfleet would be well worth exploring and will cross my fingers that I’m right.

Star Trek: Discovery will air its pilot on CBS and show all episodes on CBS’ upcoming streaming service, CBS All Access in January, 2017. It will cost about $6 per month. The show will have a 13-episode season that Fuller says will be told like a novel. So, serialized.