Who is Zoom on The Flash? A Midseason Examination

zoom on flash

We previously examined who Zoom in season 2 of The Flash on the CW could be. But now we know more. Some potential culprits now seem less likely. For instance, we’ve met Barry from Earth-2 and he has no speed powers. Other, new ideas have cropped up. It’s a really good mystery. Below are the options I can think of, along with how likely they could be. Let us know who YOU think it could be.

EDIT: Update at bottom after 2/23/16’s episode, “King Shark”.

Hunter Zolomon

hunter zolomon

Jay Garrick showed Caitlin that his Earth-1 counterpart is Hunter Zolomon, a regular guy. In the comics Zoom is Hunter Zolomon. So there’s a chance that Hunter is Zoom. But narratively, it’s more likely Hunter was established as a potential character down the road. We don’t know this guy very well and he seemingly has no connections to the cast, so it wouldn’t carry much heft. Unless Jay Garrick from Earth-2 is actually Hunter Zolomon and lied about his name? But that brings us to…

Jay Garrick

jay garrick

In the latest episode, a masked and mute man taps out to an imprisoned Flash the word “Jay”. Could this be a clue that Jay is secretly Zoom? It’s possible. However, we saw Zoom literally grab Jay and yank him into the portal to Earth-2. That seems like more than using a speed force delayed image. The one tough part to figure out is who the masked man is. Jay himself due to time travel? Or Jay has lied and he isn’t really Jay. Still, it’s worth noting that season 1 had Barry Allen’s mentor revealed as a villain. This would be repeating the same idea.

Eddie Thawne

eddie thawne

Eddie saved the world at the end of season 1 by killing himself and therefore wiping out his descendant who would become Reverse Flash. But his body was sucked into a paradox anomoly that crackled with blue energy. Zoom crackles with blue energy. Still, there’s a lot of story to explain how Eddie would have survived and they haven’t hinted at that at all. Also, actor Rick Cosnett is busy on another show. Maybe he could show up one day, but it doesn’t seem likely for now.

The Rival

the rival

The Rival was an enemy of the original Flash, Jay Garrick, in the comics. He wore a black mask, which echoes Zoom’s full-face mask. He had a plan to steal Flash’s speed to get faster. The Rival was Edward Clariss, a professor at Jay’s school. He also crackled with blue energy. I think Zoom is absolutely taking a lot of elements from The Rival but I don’t think being a professor of Jay’s would mean much to Barry, the hero of the show. So put this down as some elements are being used but he’s not likely to be Edward Clariss.

Jerry McGee

jerry mcgee

Yeah, that’s a great supervillain name, huh? Well, Jerry was the husband of scientist Tina McGee, who we have met on the show (played by Amanda Pays, who was also on the 90s Flash TV show in that role). Tina gave Jerry a steroid that gave him super speed but it didn’t go well. Later, Vandal Savage gave him Velocity 9 when he built an army of super speedsters. All those elements have been on the show, but it’s very unlikely that the show is using Jerry, at least at this point in time. We’d have had to have more episodes with Tina interacting with the team and have met Jerry by now for it to have any impact.

Henry Allen

henry allen zoom

While there’s very little chance of Barry’s dad being a villain with superpowers (it’d be pretty depressing to have spent a season saving him only to have him become a villain), what about an Earth-2 Henry being Zoom? We heard that on Earth-2 the Green Arrow was Oliver Queen’s father. What if in this dimension Barry’s father got superpowers but it made him angry? A guy that looks like Barry’s father being a bad guy could be emotionally painful. And I still think Zoom’s body type looks a bit like actor John Wesley Shipp. I lean towards this one the most.

UPDATE: Okay, spoilers if you haven’t seen “King Shark”, because they apparently revealed Zoom’s identity.









It seems Zoom is… Jay Garrick. A Jay from Earth-3? I have an early theory. I’m thinking Jay actually split into two beings when he got his powers. Heroic Jay/Flash and the Rival/Zoom. We’ll see. I now think the man in the mask could be Barry’s father, Henry, trying to warn him.

  • Big Jim

    Last week had me thinking the masked man was Jay Garrick, and the Jay we know is really Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon, who is Zoom. Perhaps Earth-1 Hunter is also Zoom. Maybe there are two Zooms?

    Earth-2 Henry Allen is probably the best bet.

  • Chris Piers

    I was thinking along your lines, too, for a bunch of the episode. But I think it would be really messy to involve a third Earth for the story and I also don’t think they’d have Barry’s mentor betray him AGAIN. So, yeah, maybe time travel or disguises could be involved but I lean towards believing Jay really is Jay.

  • Skewed_View

    I was really hoping it was going to be Henry Allen, but I’ll be curious to see what the story is behing the two Jays.