What’s Going to Suck More? G.I. Joe or Transformers 2?


I don’t like to be one of those nerds that gets super nerd rage over the stupidest stuff from unreleased films, but as I’ve stated before what I’ve seen from G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra on the whole has not looked good. There really hasn’t been that much to impress fans of the Joes and all this emphasis on the “Accelerator Suits” and the new footage of a Wayans brother falling on his ass in comedic fashion hasn’t helped any.

All this negative press somehow was overshadowing the possible awfulness of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Part of the reason is that people actually liked the first flick despite it’s flaws and perhaps had hope that this one would be even better. But as time has gone on some things have popped up on the nerd rage radar that has some fans not so excited. Take for instance Devastator’s balls or the gold tooth racist robot twins. This things do not bode well and so far things aren’t looking so hot as far as reviews are concerned.

If I would have to guess which is the shittier summer flick, I’m going to go with G.I. Joe. While I didn’t like the first Transformers movie as much as some other fans out there, I did find it entertaining and at least not vomit inducing. I have some slight hope that the cringe inducing moments will pass by quickly and be overshadowed by some neat robot parts like the last film did. So far the only things G.I. Joe has going for it that might be worth watching are anything with Snake Eyes and any moment that Destro is on screen. Other than that, I’m not holding out much hope for the Joes.

Side Note: It’s scary that never in my childhood dreams did I ever think that there would be both a live action Transformers movie and G.I. Joe movies showing in the same summer and I would be dreading seeing them both equally. Am I in nerd hell?

  • i feel the same way. you look forward to something like it’s christmas day. then you get shot down and like you said nerd hell. plus the more respect you get as a nerd from stuff that does break into mainstream, someone comes up and anal rapes and puts you back into place.

  • Emma

    Yup, I think this is 80s Nerd Hell.

    Todd and I tried to watch the first Transformers movie, because someone told us it was good. Now, “good” is a subjective term…but in my opinion that may have been the worst movie I have ever seen in my life (besides Manos: the Hands of Fate, which I saw on MST3K). We both hated it so much. We couldn’t watch the whole thing. The visuals were cool, but the movie made me want to die and struck us as very racist.

    Todd was a G.I. Joe kid and he agrees this G.I. Joe movie looks awful.


  • This is the only moment I’ll ever waste talking/thinking about recent G.I. Joe or Transformers movies.

  • Chad B

    I haven’t seen Transformers yet, but I’m going to guess that GI Joe is going to contain much more suck than TF2. As much as I don’t care for Shia or really any humans in any version of Transformers I’ve ever seen or read, GI Joe just looks bad. Really bad. On the bright side I have read that those accelerator suits only show up towards the end of the movie, but even still I do not have high expectations. I don’t even have mediocre expectations there, and what’s sad is I want to love this movie. I really do want it to be my favorite movie of the summer, but I doubt there’s a chance in hell of that happening.

  • TM

    I think the horribly racist caricatures in TF2 are probably far worse than anything we’ll see in GI Joe, giving TF2 the edge in suck.

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