What if Game of Thrones was an ’80s Cartoon?


Chris Piers who is a talented artist, an uber podcaster, and a friend of the Robot’s Pajamas decided to interpret Game of Thrones as a 1980s era cartoon. And god damn it, did he pull it off or what? This is perfect. Kudos, to Chris. This work of art is amazing. It kind of reminds me of Gummi Bears, but with more political intrigue and incest.

Thanks to: Chris Piers (twitter, Television Zombies)

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  • Elad

    Oh my God, that’s amazing. I can already here the dopey “dog-voices” coming out of the Dire Wolves. Every episode would have to have at one point Tyrion stealing a pie, Eddard shaking his head (see what I did there) at some hijinx that just occured and Jaime and Cersie skulking off after getting thwarted… Nice Job Chris!!

  • Elad

    Ooops… lack of coffee this morning. Here= Hear. Bah.

  • Ruzi the Spider

    Great interpretation! But of course it reminds you of Gummi Bears; these are princes Calla and Cavin recoloured. ;)