Whadya Get for Christmas?


With the Christmas of 2013 and other assorted this time of year holidays now behind us, it’s time to reflect back on what really matters… what we got! So whadya get, Robot’s Pajamas readers? Share your awesome (or not so awesome) gifts you received this year in the comments!

I got an amazing haul this year, so I’m going to brag it up.

Custom Star Wars Video Game Rocker


My girlfriend is really talented and making stuff. She showed she was no slouch when it came to making me a custom video game rocker. I just wanted a cheap one for my office/toy room of amazing things because I wanted a place to sit that didn’t take up a lot of space. Anyway, I was just expecting her to get me some cheap one if she got me any one at all. Instead, she went all out and reupholstered a crappy one she got at Goodwill and then went the extra mile and used some Star Wars fabric to really make it a cool custom.

Here’s the original for reference:


You can check out her Etsy store Nerd Born for more neat stuff, if you’re so inclined.

Alien ReAction Figures


Technically the Alien ReAction figures were not a gift, but since they were sent to my parents and they were there for me to pick up on Christmas, it’ll count! There have been a lot of people dissing this line. Fuck them. I love it. To me they are worth the price and are very aesthetically pleasing. I’m not going to take them out of their packages. And I have to get some shells to protect them, because they’re unpunched and I want to hang them up.

The set I got was the Early Bird Kit from Super 7, which means I spent more than when they got the release from Funko. That means I got a “free” bonus figure that I otherwise would have not gotten. This figure was a mystery and I kept my eyes off the interwebs to keep it a surprise and I got… another Alien with some clear-ish parts. While on the one hand I should have expect that they wouldn’t have made a whole extra mold for the bonus figure, on the other hand its a tad disappointing. They could have easily said bonus Alien and I would have been happy.

My only other qualm I have with this set is that the skin colors look off. They’re too pasty or something. Oh well, I’m still happy with the purchase and the figures look super rad over all, especially in their retro packaging.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the Early Bird ones come on blue packaging, the later ones come on black, so that makes them more rare if you care about that sort of thing. I’ve seen the set of six go on eBay for 300 bucks, which is far less than I paid for them.

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Ships


My Mom went all out to make this a Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Christmas. I got an A-Wing, TIE Bomber, HWK-290, B-Wing, and a Lamda shuttle. This pretty much covers all the ships I didn’t have and leaves me only “needing” (2) TIE bombers and (1) B-Wing to complete the 3 ship squadrons of the later wave ships that I’m building/want to have available when I play.

Oh yeah, and I gots to get the Imperial Aces expansion pack when that comes out!

Amazon Exclusive TIE Interceptor and Slave 1


I’m a sucker for vintage style packaging, so the Amazon Exclusive Tie Interceptor
and Slave 1 have been on my radar for some time. It wasn’t until a week before Christmas that I seriously thought about getting them when Yoda’s News twitter account announced that both were roughly 50% off the list price, which put the Slave one at 35 and the TIE to 25!


So sometimes you have to give gifts for yourself. I ordered them both and am pretty happy so far… except for one thing. I’m a former MOC collector and even though I want to open Slave 1 (it’s a much larger version than the original) I still want to display the box. Well, the box is crushed on one part. It’s very disappointing, because Amazon said they had fixed their Slave 1 crushed box problem.


There’s a huge segment of the toy collecting community that does care about this sort of thing. A smashed box might not matter to some, but for me it is a bit of a let down. It certainly will make me hesitant to buy toys from Amazon if I plan on keeping them in the package.

Judge Dredd Case File 01


The funny thing about Judge Dredd is that I never felt compelled to read any of his comics. In the 90s I saw the Stallone movie and even though I knew it was a weak association to the actual comics at best, it did not inspire me to check out the real deal.

Then I saw the film Dredd and everything changed. I wanted more Judge Dredd and since they haven’t made a sequel soon it’s time to finally start reading the comics. I’ve caught a few newer issues here and there including the Mars Attacks! Judge Dredd, which I thought was pretty cool. However, I want to start reading it from the beginning and there’s no better place to start than Judge Dredd: Case Files 01.

G.I. Joe Complete Series DVD Set


Oh boy! I didn’t expect this. I have an odd mishmash of G.I. Joe on DVD from most of the original Rhino releases to a couple of the individual later sets that came out. Finally I have the whole original G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero on DVD from Sunbow. I know, it’s not the footlocker release, but this is more practical any way. Yo Joe!

Lego Rock Band


I’ve been meaning to get Lego Rock Band one for awhile now, mostly just for the songs I don’t already have. Yep, I’m one of the few people left on Earth that still loves Rock Band.

Strikeforce: Morituri Volume 1


Strikeforce: Morituri“>Strikeforce: Morituri was a rather short lived comic from Marvel that had a cool premise. Aliens invade Earth and the only way to combat them is to give people super powers. Unfortunately, they’ll die fairly quickly from the processes. I’ve only read one issue before, but I knew this series was for me.

DC Comics Guide to Digital Drawing Comics

by Freddie E Williams


I’m never planning on becoming a comic book artist, I gave up my serious drawing sometime shortly after high school, but I do enjoy making digital art occasionally when I have time. Therefore I find DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics extremely interesting and hopefully it’ll be useful when I get around to making doodles. While I prefer Adobe Illustrator for drawing, this book uses Photoshop. That’s still cool as there’s lot of Photoshop stuff I should be learning.

Disaster Artist

by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell


I’m a fan of the horrible movie The Room and I was really happy to get Greg Sestero’s book The Disaster Artist about the making of The Room. Now I just have to get him to sign it!

Firestorm at Peshtigo

by Denise Gess and William Lutz


Listen up kids, back in 1871 there was a fire so terrible in Peshtigo, Wisconsin that it made the Great Chicago Fire look like nothing. Way more people died in what was basically a giant tornado of fire. Yet not many people seem to know about it. Firestorm at Peshtigo goes into detail about this fire, so if you’re interested in it check it out or at least go to the Wikipedia page and do yourself some learning.



It wouldn’t be Christmas without socks.

  • Dex

    If your girlfriend makes you an awesome Star Wars gaming chair, you need to put a ring on her! :D

    Send that Slave I back if you’re not happy with it. Amazon generally has great customer service anyway and since this has been a big issue for them, I bet they’d do a swap.

    Strikeforce: Morituri, I remember loving that series when it came out but haven’t read it since then.

  • Chris Piers

    I got some dress shirts and a Doctor Who trivial pursuit deck. It was a very modest Christmas for me.

  • You also had the huge costs of moving for Christmas.

  • I think I can live with Slave 1 as I’m taking it out of the box. Luckily if I want to display the box in some fashion, I can turn it around and the same image is on the back. Not perfect, but I just don’t want to deal with returning it.

  • Will

    So lucky! My family was mad at me, so I got basically nothing. The wife got me a sorely needed beard trimmer and Chromecast, though. Plus I got Batman footie pajamas which can be seen on facebook.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    Yes!! Great haul! What I got this year: a laptop (joint with the wife), pet snack launcher (that scares the hell out of the cats) the Original Battlestar Galactica Storybook, a some beef jerky, a trubble bubble, Retaliation Lady Jaye & a Walmart gift card. (Which I too bought some socks)

  • Mad at you? How can anyone be mad at you?!

  • Hah socks. Man, having that laptop must be awesome. So much easier to look at Twitter and FB and all that. (at least it is for me)

  • Lamar the Revenger

    Actually no internet access at home (yet), but Droid is easier for me to glance at FB & the Twitter..

  • Will

    Long story short, I’m missing my aunt’s 80th birthday party to visit my in-laws (who didn’t come to the wedding, btw). So, family got hurt and mad. I also got that Strikeforce Moraturi trade from our buddy Chris Piers a few weeks back!

  • googum

    I read Strikeforce: Morituri when I was a kid…which means I’m old and I’ll be dead soon. That’s a bit of a downer. (Actually, I’d love to re-read that, if they get the whole series in trade!)

  • Shawn

    That’s an awesome Christmas haul and I love the Star Wars chair. I didn’t know that the Slave 1 and TIE Interceptor were half off before Christmas. Not that I could have afforded them at the time, but I woulda figured something out.

    The sixth Alien figure is a little weak, but it’s better than nothing. And a lot of people have been dissing the Alien ReAction figures? This is news to me, what are they saying against them?

  • They were a limited sale. I only found out because of a Tweet. I think they were on sale maybe one day.

    People are saying that the Alien ReAction figures are too expensive and lame, because they’re so old school. Why pay so much for a figure that’s so ancient looking. I don’t have any of those problems.

  • Your Aunt’s family didn’t go to your wedding? Or your in laws didn’t come to the wedding?

    Family problems is tough.

    Hah that’s funny. I didn’t realize there was more than one volume. Gotta get those now too.

  • I specifically asked only for socks. I was not disappointed! Once I hit a certain age I realized how valuable of a gift they are, haha! But really, as much as I love socks, the star of the show is clearly that Star Wars gaming chair. Yowza!

  • Hah, I appreciate socks a little more… and yeah the chair is really awesome!