Webcomics Wednesday: The 9 Lives of Garfield

Chris Piers   August 12, 2015   Comments Off on Webcomics Wednesday: The 9 Lives of Garfield

Garfield Cover

My friend Jason Rodriguez is a writer and editor of comic books (Colonial Comics, Try Looking Ahead, Once Upon a Time Machine). What he is not is a cartoonist. But when we began a conversation about how bland and repetitive Garfield is, Jason was inspired to draw a few strips about Garfield’s tropes coming back to do him in. He filled his strips with ennui and philosophical ideas. They contrast with Garfield’s dumb jokes in a way that I adore. Eventually, Jason completed 10 strips and dubbed them the Nine Lives of Garfield. Here they are all in one place for the first time.

Life 1

Garfield Page 1

Life 2

Garfield Page 2

Life 3

Garfield Page 3

Life 4

Garfield Page 4

Life 5

Garfield Page 5

Life 6

Garfield Page 6

Life 7

Garfield Page 7

Life 8

Garfield Page 8

Life 9

Garfield Page 9


Garfield Page 10

About the artist (good luck reading this one)

Garfield End Page



While Jason was making these, I turned 40. He made one extra one about aging. We’ll consider this an alternate, alternate universe Garfield.

Garfield Birthday Wish