Webcomic Wednesdays: A Korean Star Wars Webcomic with the Lucasfilms Stamp of Approval

star wars before the force awakens webcomic 1Korean writer and artist Hong Jac-ga started a Star Wars comic in April of 2015 and releases weekly chapters. The title translates to Star Wars: Before the Force Awakens and begins with a 7-year old Luke Skywalker. It’s been acknowledged by Jennifer Heddle, Senior Editor at Lucasfilm, as canon. It’s a retelling of the original Star Wars trilogy from different points of view and with some variations, mostly to appeal to cultural differences. One of the most impressive elements of this is that it truly takes advantage of the webcomic format, allowing panels to flow downwards  and vary from tiny to tall to help the story flow.

star wars before the force awakens webcomic 2

It’s a beautiful story, published every Friday on Daum.net. It is in Korean, but if you’re familiar with the story, you can scroll down and get the gist of the story. If you are really curious what is being said, there is an enterprising Redditor who provides English translations in this thread. This Wookieepedia link is a convenient way to navigate to each chapter since the site itself is in Korean.

star wars before the force awakens webcomic 3