Webcomic Wednesday: Green Leader by Daniel Warren Johnson

Chris Piers   June 10, 2015   Comments Off on Webcomic Wednesday: Green Leader by Daniel Warren Johnson

green leader cover by daniel warren johnson

It’s really amazing how many fantastic webcomics are out there, free to read. They can just be hard to find. I wanted to feature one that should appeal to our readers. It’s a good entry point into that world. It’s a short comic called Green Leader and it’s based on the relatively anonymous pilot in Return of the Jedi that kamikazes his A-Wing into the bridge of the Executor during the Battle of Endor. But even if you haven’t seen Star Wars, this should make sense to you. It’s not only well-illustrated, but it features very clear storytelling panel-to-panel. You can read the comic here.

green leader by daniel warren johnson

If you enjoy Green Leader, the good news is creator Daniel Warren Johnson has his own ongoing sci-fi webcomic called Space-Mullet. He puts out new pages every Monday and Thursday. It’s about a washed-up ex-Space Marine trucker and his alien co-pilot as they try to do some good in the galaxy. You can get started reading that here. Next week we’ll have a new comic to feature!