Voyager Torture: State of Flux (Season 1, Episode 11)


Voyager Torture features Vincent reviewing an episode of Star Trek Voyager that he’s seen for the first time and Chris Piers creating a drawing based on that episode based solely on Vincent’s review and never having seen the show.

This Star Trek Voyager episode is one of the most interesting I’ve encountered because… I agreed with the bad guy! But first…

The Voyager crew is on a planet looking for food because their power shortages. Yeah, I hate to keep bringing this up but they’re foraging for food due to power conservation when their damn holodeck runs like a dream. This one dude who is a secondary cast member, Carey, shows up with some delicious looking fruit to which Neelix says it’s super poisonous and instead points out some horrible shit vegetable and says its way better for you. Oh that Neelix! Anyway, Voyager detects a Kazon ship, so they decide to get off planet fast. One of the crew members is missing, Seska, so Chakotay goes after her.

Let’s talk about Seska for a moment. She’s a Bajoran who was with the Maquis. She’s one of those characters that isn’t in the main cast, but keeps popping up like herpes, much like Carey from engineering. Seska often serves as an annoying hindrance, she’s loyal to Chakotay and and is a voice of dissension, often arguing against Federation policy. I’m sure that won’t be important. Well when Chakotay goes to find her she’s hiding from some Kazon in a cave.

They beam back and you find out that Chakotay and Seska are lovers. Now wonder he tolerates so much of her bullshit.

Voyager Torture

She steals some food from Neelix’s kitchen to make soup for Chakotay and Neelix is all upset that there was a theft. Oh no! Stolen soup! Of course, this can’t be the main plot… so the Voyager receives a distress call from what appears to be that same Kazon ship that they avoided just moments ago. They check it out and find that everyone on-board except like one of the Kazon is dead and that guy is in a coma. There’s a piece of tech on board that can only have come from Federation technology! The interesting thing is they weren’t trying to make a weapon. They were trying to make their own food replicator. Only these Kazon idiots are dumb enough to kill themselves trying to make earl grey tea. Fail horn.

Who could have given it to them? Two people are suspected: Seska and Carey. Hmmm which secondary crewman who we don’t give a shit about is guilty? Surprise, it’s Seska. They found out through this elaborate trick and when they confront her about giving technology to an alien race and violating the Prime Directive which is the worst thing ever (please see the previous episode where they were pissed an alien race wouldn’t give the Voyager crew technology), she basically saves this episode in a way. Oh before I get to that, it turns out she’s actually a Cardasian that had been altered to look like a Bajoran and her mission was to infiltrate the Marquis. Poor bastard, she’s a secret agent whose entire job became pointless because they got lost. No wonder why she’d be pissed. Now normally I don’t want to do this… but in this case I need to share a video of what she says to Janeway:


Basically after she gets caught she explains that Janeway is an incompetent idiot for leaving them all stranded in the first place. She also says that they should start making some friends in the Delta Quadrant if they want to ever get home, despite the power imbalance it may cause. i’m less for that, but she has a point.

Least Annoying Character:

Seska for saying what needed to be said.

Most Torturous Moment:

Having to deal with Neelix.

Torturous Score: 1 out of 5 Neelixes (Seska’s speech at the end made me so happy, that it helped lower the torture score.)