Voyager Torture: Eye of the Needle (Season 1, Episode 7)


Voyager Torture features a review of an episode of Star Trek Voyager by Vincent that he’s seen for the first time and Chris Piers creating a drawing based solely on the review, never having seen the show himself.

It’s episode seven, so it’s never too early to do a “Maybe we can get home!” episode, right?! Because that’s what we have here. At first I expected this be pure torture, what with the bygone conclusion that they were most definitely not going to get home however… SPOILER: this was a really enjoyable episode!

The crew of the Star Trek Voyager stumbles across a worm hole, which possibly leads to their home quadrant. Unfortunately, it’s a tiny worm hole. They send a probe into the hole (hehe) and it gets stuck.

The good news is someone on the other end is scanning it. Turns out it’s a Romulan science vessel. The rest of the episode is spent trying to get the captain of that vessel to believe them when they say who they are and then thinking of ways to possibly get to the other side of the hole.

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If you like Star Trek you should see this one for yourself, so real spoilers after this.

Okay, the Voyager crew learns the bad news that they are actually contacting a Romulan several decades in the past. So instead of beaming over to his ship like they planned , they decide to give him a message to pass along to Starfleet that they were lost, along with personal messages to family members. They want him to wait and do it after Voyager is lost (when the series begins in his timeline), so they won’t disrupt the time stream.

They cut off contact with the guy and all well that ends well right? Nope. The kicker is that the records show that the guy dies before he could ever pass that info along. Whoops!

Some Deep Thoughts:

If the Voyager crew was successful in transporting through the worm hole to the guys ship, they never think about what that would actually mean for them. I mean, the Romulans aren’t the most trusting group. I imagine it would be like beaming into North Korea. You might not ever make it out of there and if you do, you have to expect a lot of interrogations.

Least Annoying Characters:

Janeway (savor this now, I don’t think it’s going to happen much)
Romulan dude on other side of the worm hole
Tuvok (good one for not telling the dude when he’s going to die)

Most Torturous Moment:

Realizing this was a “can we get home?” when you know they can’t.

How Close Was Chris:

While the content of today’s illustration doesn’t really mesh with the episode, the fact that Chris can draw a standard Romulan without ever having seen the episode and still have it come close what to the actor looked like, that’s impressive.

Torture Score: 0 out 5


  • AGilford

    This is a very good episode for Voyager and for ST in general. If I remember correctly, it is also the only ep we see Janeway’s long hair completely down until Season 4. ;)

  • I was shocked, SHOCKED that I loved this episode. I kept expecting it to get terrible at any moment. But it didn’t. Not in my top 10 favorite Star Trek Episodes of all time, but it’s easily in my top half. For some reason the idea appealed to me.

    This should also show that I’m tough on Voyager, but fair. I’ll give credit where credit is due!

    Also the hair down might have made it move a little.