Volo Auto Museum Part 1: Batman’s Batmobiles

I recently went on a trip to the Volo Auto Museum, which is located not too far from Chicago. I like cars and while I knew there were some geek related cars there, I didn’t realize just how much geek goodness there was to mine. So in order to show you all the wondrous things there, I’ve decided to do a series of posts outlining the fantastic things found at the museum. Today we’re going over what they have for Batman.

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Best Batmobile Ever.

Best Batmobile Ever.

The 1989 Batmobile is found even before you buy a ticket into the muesum, which is pretty crazy. It’s located in a rather small and super dark room. I guess it gives you the impression of a cave, but makes it super hard to take pictures.

The 1989 Micheal Keaton Batmobile found at the Volo Car Museum is a bit different than other 1989 Batmobiles in that it served a special purpose. According to the plaque, the rear of the car can be removed so they could do POV shooting on this car.


You can see that the detail is a bit lacking on this one. I believe that’s because if they wanted to other shots that would show details, they would have used one of the other cars. That’s the magic of a huge budget. You can make a bunch of cars and have specialty ones for different shots.


Each of the movie and TV cars sat alongside a wall and the wall would have a mural based on that movie or TV show. The Batman 1989 Batmobile had a nifty image of Batman, which looks like the Hot Toys Batman figure, but blown up.


But that’s not all! In that same room they had these cool kiddy rides, you know the kind you used to see outside of every store. They had the 1960s Adam West style Batmobile and the ugh… Batmobile from Batman Forever? I’d check to make sure that’s the movie that it’s from, but those Batman films are dead to me.


Something I haven’t seen in person before is the Batcycle from the 1960s show and they have it there! And it’s got the Robin side car. So cool.


Outside of the Batman display room they had these peddle cars hanging on the wall. There were three of them and they were mostly the same, so I only got a pic of one. I regret that now.


And yep, they’ve got the 1960s era Batman TV show Batmobile. Such a classic and iconic design.





Outside of the Batcave at the beginning they had this cool statue that was over a foot tall. It was set kind of precariously in a weird place. I think I should have taken it home rather than let it be where it will likely fall over and break apart someday.


Finally, I saw this old semi truck sitting outside. It’s the semi that the Joker drove in The Dark Knight. There’s some junk on the door about it being a tribute to Heath Ledger. Not as cool as a Batmobile, but a neat sighting nonetheless.