Volo Auto Museum: Car Stars of TV and Film

Hey hey, we’ve got another installment of the ridiculously cool (and sometimes plain ridiculous) cars and various other pop culture junk that’s found at the Volo Auto Museum. Previously we saw Batman’s cars and then we saw car stars of the 1980s. Now it’s time to visit the tons of other TV and movie cars seen there!

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I don’t care what you think, the movie ruled.

First up we have a Mach 5 from Speed Racer. This particular car has an interesting history in that it was one of five 1995 Chevy Corvette conversions that was made to sell and raise money for a children’s safety network. The company that made them wanted to do 500, but the cost of the conversion was too high to make it work. I have to tell you, this Mach 5 was amazing. It’s one of the best customs I’ve ever seen. There was a Mach 5 at c2e2 a few years back and it paled in comparison to this car. The whole thing was top notch.




The Terminator franchise isn’t exactly as well known for vehicles except for maybe Arnold’s motorcycle in T2, but the hearse driven in Terminator 3 is one of the more famous star cars in the franchise. This is supposedly a screen used one driven by Schwarzenegger.


They also had this Terminator T-800 endoskeleton and the sign said that it was screen used in Terminator 2. Super fucking cool.



Quick! What’s your favorite Bond film?! I bet you didn’t say Die Another Day. By the time DAD came around the Bond franchise almost seemed to be a parody of itself. Still, this Aston Marton from Die Another Day is pretty bad ass. The downside is now I have the theme song by Madonna stuck in my head. Make it stop!


Dick Tracy is a certainly strange movie from the 1990s. It had all the markings of a want to be 1989 Batman and it really didn’t go anywhere. Poor old Detective Tracy has been collecting dust ever since then. The Volo auto museum has this bizarre Dick Tracy car from the movie. While it certainly carries the markings of the 1930s design sensibility, it sure isn’t a Batmobile level of success.


The big fat tires are actually hubcaps to make it look like they’re cartoon tires.


They had this statue of Dick Tracy that looks more like a Humphrey Bogart statue that got the yellow paint treatment. I just love that neon sign though that’s just sitting there. I wanted to take it home with me.


Hey it’s everyone’s favorite character Bumblebee from everyone’s favorite movie, Transformers. Bleh. Anyway, this is car is a 1976 Camaro and Volo has a contest where you can drive it to a screening of Transformers 4. I’d rather have someone drive the car over my skull than ever see another Transformers movie.


One of the coolest cars of the Transformers film franchise is Barricade. He’s a Mustang cop car. He’s not just any Mustang, he’s a Saleen Mustang. That won’t mean anything to most of my readers. Just know that the price of a Saleen Mustang would put it out of the price range of almost any police department budget for a pursuit car.



Barricade features the ultra cool Decepticon cop badge alongside with the now infamous slogan.


Hey, hey it’s the Blues Brothers police car! It was very appropriate that it was at Volo, which isn’t all that far from Chicago.


Who doesn’t love the Mad Max? Probably bad guys being killed by the Mad Max… anyway, this is a Ford Falcon XB Coupe, which was only sold in Australia. And it seems to be more from the first film than the second, because it lacked the modifications like the extra gas tanks. I’m no Mad Max expert though, but it certainly doesn’t seem like a screen used car. I’m guessing replica car.


I really liked that they have the picture of his murdered wife and son on the steering wheel. No wonder he’s so angsty. He can’t let go of the past!


Hey, it’s the Munsters car! Don’t really have much else to say than that. I liked the Munsters, but I was more of an Adams Family guy over all.


Here’s the car from The Beverly Hillbillies. That’s one show I never really got into back in my Nick and Night viewing days. I kind of like the movie in the 1990s, but I was pretty dumb back then so I don’t know if it’s held up.


If you don’t recognize this car I don’t really blame you. This is from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Harrison Ford sat in that car… so that’s something. Right guys? Right?!


And this here is Black Beauty from the Seth Rogen Green Hornet film. I really like The Green Hornet as a concept and character, but I’ve been afraid of watching the film so I haven’t checked it out yet. Someday I will confront my fears.


Go Greased Lightning! If you haven’t guessed by now this is Greased Lightning from Grease. I’m not that familiar with the movie, so I didn’t realize that the car had a clear plastic hood. Seems a bit silly to have a hot engine running under a clear hood, but I’m not manly man car dude like John Travolta. Furthermore, doesn’t the movie take place in the 1950s? How did these stupid kids afford to make a custom plastic hood back then? Are the answers in the movie?


Fans of the the Nic Cage version of Gone in Sixty Seconds will recognize this Mustang Shelby GT 500 Custom. I’m not a fan of the body work done on this thing. It’s too modern on a classic car.


Speaking of Nicholas Cage they had the motorcycle from Ghost Rider complete with skeleton and kinda creepy Cage mannequin.


This really cool black Dodge Charger is from The Fast and the Furious. It appeared like it could be fast and furious, but I could not verify it due to the car being turned off and stationary. Supposedly this thing has 400 hp and the blower is sadly, fake.


Volo has a bunch of wierd stuff and these Simpsons statues are no exception. They’re bigger than life size and you can sit next to them and get your picture taken. Homer’s arm had fallen off, so it was extra creepy.


There was a Flintstones car there that I don’t think is from anything. It was there so you could take your picture in it. I elected to take a picture of it, instead. Yabba Dabba Doooo!

  • A lot of great stuff to look at there! As a car junkie I certainly see the appeal, as a nerd it doubles.

  • Yeah, I didn’t expect as many nerd cars as there were. I have one more post with some weird stuff I saw there. I took pics of non-nerd cars too, but this is not the site for those!

  • 0Andrew Benjamin Bennion

    It appears that these guys bought a lot of stock from cars of the stars in Keswick (UK). They didnt allow photographs of the cars inside the museum when i visited but allowed me to sit in the XB Coupe. I am unsure if it is the same falcon as I vividly remember the super charger button on the gear stick ( wooden stick with a red button and there was no picture in the steering wheel). However, the munsters car, the bond car, chitty chitty, the flintstones car etc I would say is correct. Here is a picture of me with Homer looking a little fresher than he does in your photograph.