Volo Auto Museum: Car Stars of the 1980s


One of the most famous star cars of all time.

I previously covered the Batman cars found at the Volo Auto Museum. This time we’re checking out the cool stuff from the 1980s. like the DeLorean from Back to the Future! Man, I was excited to see this car in real life.


They had a radiation suit in the front seat. It was a nice touch. Also the Flux Capacitor was just simply rope lights.


So much cool stuff inside this car, lots of buttons, switches, and the ever important 88 mph LED read out.


The presence of a Mr. Fusion reveals that this car is a Back to the Future 2 car. Also, I love that OUTATIME license plate.


There was also this hover board next to the DeLorean. I’m not sure if it was screen used or not, but it looked pretty cool. It appeared to have been cracked and glued back together.


As much as I love the Back to the Future DeLorean, I was even more excited to see this KITT from Knight Rider, which is a modified 1982 Pontiac Trans Am. Everything about this car is cool. And the fact that the Knight Rider music was playing. It just hits you in the nostalgic zone.


The interior of the car looks super cool too. There’s all these sweet buttons and switches. The TV monitor… everything is just cool about KITT.


KNIGHT license plate!


They also had this Knight Rider ride for kids. It wasn’t plugged in. Frown face.



Another entry into the most famous star cars of all time is the General Lee from Dukes of Hazard. It’s always cool to see one of these bad ass orange Dodge Chargers.


Okay, this isn’t a car, but you really can’t get much bigger of a star than Pee Wee Herman during the 1980s (at least with kids). His bicycle is super iconic and it was the driving force of the plot of Pee Wees Big Adventure. That clown though. What a jerk.


The bike was signed by Pee Wee Herman. Hmmm. I realize that’s his stage name and all, but I’d like to have it signed by Pee Wee with his actual name next to it, Paul Reubens. Maybe that’s just me.


Okay, so Scooby Doo was more of a 1970s cartoon than a 1980s one, but it’s going here. This real life Mystery Machine Scooby Doo van is really rad.



While we’re on the subject of vehicles that only existed in cartoon form before being made real, how about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle van aka Party Wagon was at Volo. It’s really sweet on the inside, though the interior is really lacking. I’d like to imagine this is due to the fact that you could probably fit four dudes in Ninja Turtle costumes in the back a lot easier that way. And then they could drive to my house for my birthday and it would be the best birthday party ever.


This black Ferrari is from Miami Vice Crockett drove in the first couple of seasons. It’s interesting to note that the Ferrari seen in the series is a replica car, both the Ferraris used on the show were, because it’s a lot cheaper to convert a Corvette into a Ferrari than buy a couple of hundred thousand dollar cars for a TV series that may or may not get smashed up during filming. However, there was a real one driven in the first episode, so this is probably that one.



This car isn’t actually a star of any TV show or movie, but to me the Lamborghini Countach is certainly a star of the 1980s. I can’t think of the 1980s without an image of a Countach on a poster, particularly the white one. This is my favorite super car of the 1980s. As a geek I think that it helps that it looks like a space ship.



Fans of Pretty Woman will recognize this silver 1989 Lotus Espirt ES. According to Wikipedia both Ferrari and Porsche declined having their car appear in the film as they didn’t want to be associated with prostitution… yeah like an owner of a Ferrari never picked up a call girl… anyway, after the Lotus appeard in the movie sales tripled. The Lotus Espirt can also be seen in Basic Instinct, The Rookie, Taking Care of Business, If Looks Could Kill, and the TV series The Highwayman.

And yes, Pretty Woman came out in 1990, but I’m letting it slip in.

  • johnary

    Is that the Black Beauty from The Green Hornet in front of the Pretty Woman Lotus?

  • Yep, you’ll see it in more detail in an upcoming post!

  • johnary

    Sweet! Looking forward to it.

  • Chris Piers

    I’m pretty sure that Delorean was not screen-used in the films. I’ve seen one that was and the interior was a lot more complex. Also, this car has Mr. Fusion but then the license plate from before that. So I think it’s fan-made.

  • Their website doesn’t say it was, so it probably wasn’t. I don’t know why they’d have signatures on the hood of it. I was still excited to see one, screen used or not.

  • Ben Rollier

    Deloreans are awesome. My Uncles run an auto shop here in town and last time I was there, they had one in. Me and my son got to sit in it. So cool.

    LOVE the Turtle Wagon and the Countach too. Classic

  • Tom Mathias

    Some pretty sweet and iconic wheels there, most if not all graced the walls of my room back in the day, especially that Countach, that car could almost turn me into a “car guy”

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who associates that car with the 1980s. It was probably all over Trapper Keepers, notebooks, as well as posters.

  • I’ve never had the chance to sit in one :(

  • Lamar the Revenger

    I think that Delorean might be the same one they show at RetroCon

  • B Sheppard

    the Delorean from the first movie had a Mr Fusion at the end of the movie…