Victor Caroli: Voice of the Transformers

Vincent   September 18, 2013   Comments Off on Victor Caroli: Voice of the Transformers


I was watching one of those shows where they go into detail about a real life murder and detail the investigation when I thought I recognized the voice of the narrator. After thinking about it, I realized that it was the voice of the narrator from the classic animated Transformers episodes from the 1980s, Victor Caroli.

Caroli’s distinctive deep voice is instantly recognizable by any child of the 80s. It’s so deep, so soothing, so authoritative. I’m convinced if he gave me any kind of order in that voice I’d instantly obey it, no matter how immoral. In fact, the more immoral the better!

You can hear a rather interesting podcast interview with him here:

I think that its important to note that Victor Caroli has a kick ass mustache. It’s only fitting for someone with a voice like that.

Victor Caroli, this one is for you! And by this one, I mean this beer I’m guzzling to try to forget the fact that we are all getting older and that the 80s are only a distant memory.