Use My Amazon Link and I Will Love You

Vincent   November 7, 2013   Comments Off on Use My Amazon Link and I Will Love You

Valentine Card with Spider-Man

This holiday season and take some time to donate to a charity worth supporting, The Robot’s Pajamas Foundation for a Better Tomorrow For Me. All it takes is one simple click and you can make a life better. Mine.

Seriously folks, I’m busting my balls over here to provide you with a daily dose of goodness in your life and all I ask in return is for when you shop on just use my banner at the top of this page. It costs you nothing except one extra click and bam you’re buying the same things you normally would, but giving me a little taste at the good life.

This is a venture that costs me money and anything to offset that cost is greatly appreciated. And who knows? If people are generous enough with their purchases, perhaps I’ll be able to not only afford the server costs, but provide the guest contributors with a little slice of love pie as well! Chris Piers hasn’t eaten anything but canned cream corn since winter of last year, Rev. Ron won’t be able to heat his home this winter, Digga D sold all of his Muppets figures for some magic beans, Ari Fleeman is probably dead after taking in extra (and super shady) boarders to help pay for his rent, and who knows what happened to Monte after he sold his kidneys. And the less said about what’s happened to Matty, the better.

Personally, since I can’t use my own Amazon link I always order through a blog or site that I enjoy. It’s only a few cents here or there, but it can add up. Just remember your favorite entertainers (especially the small fries like me) and give them some consideration when ordering!