Twin Peaks to Return to TV in 2016!

Chris Piers   October 6, 2014   Comments Off on Twin Peaks to Return to TV in 2016!


This news is just blowing my mind. I am a huge fan of Twin Peaks, the cult-hit tv series that aired on CBS in 1990-1991. It ended its second season on a cliffhanger that was never completely resolved (some closure was found in the 1992 film Fire Walk with Me but that was primarily a prequel). There were hints during the show that something big would happen 25 years down the road. Wouldn’t you know it? The show will return 25 years after it ended.

The show will return on Showtime in 2016 for a limited series of 9 episodes, all of which will be written by show creators Mark Frost and David Lynch and Lynch will direct every episode. Show star Kyle MachLaclan is expected to return as the center of the show, FBI Agent Dale Cooper, with the show set in the present day. The show debuted to over 34 million viewers and was a massive hit. The ratings dwindled in season 2 and the central mystery of who killed Laura Palmer was wrapped up but Lynch and Frost always intended the show to be bigger than any single mystery. It was a hugely influential show in terms of atmosphere and serialized content. The fact that the original creators are bringing the beloved show back is very exciting for fans and should also act as an entry point to viewers unfamiliar with David Lynch’s work.