Tron Legacy 3D: A Review


Way back in 2010 we got Tron: Legacy, a sequel to a film that was 28 years late to it’s predacessor, Tron. As someone who really likes Tron, I was super excited. But wait you say, really like? Not loves? Well for me the original Tron is more awesome for it’s potential and it falls apart a bit in it’s execution. In 2010 we got another crack at the Tron concept and… I loved it and still do.

The Movie: I’ve gone into detail about Tron: Legacy in the past, but in this re-watching I had some more thoughts. While the film is a bit slow in the beginning, it’s necessary to set up the world of what just happened since the last film and also to get new viewers up to speed. It starts out with a bit of a recap with having Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) talking to his young son Sam and the disappearing. Sam grows up to be a bit of a reckless and absentee owner of his father’s company, Encom which has become a greedy corporate entente. Blah blah blah, Sam gets sucked into the computer world. By the time we’re actually in the computer world of Tron: Legacy things get rocking.

Tron Legacy is a fun adventure. I can’t explain why I like it as much as I do when it seems like everyone else was lukewarm at best on it. It just hits me in all the right places. How could it not? It’s the ultimate guy nerd fantasy. Go into another world filled with crazy adventures and get the super hot girl (who just happens to be more than a capable warrior herself), Quorra (Olivia Wilde).


The action sequences are a blast and there’s a ton of them. There’s disc battles, light cycle battles, and a fantastic areal battle. There’s only a few times where the film slows down and that’s perhaps the biggest problem with Tron: Legacy, the moments were the film has to wait and Jeff Bridges has to spout out some hippy nonsense.

“It’s like Bio Digital Jazz, Man.” – Kevin Flynn

One of the best aspects of this film is in design from set design to character costumes. I just eat it up. I love all the looks of pretty much every character in the film, the vehicles, the sets, the buildings… damn it’s all so good. And the music by Daft Punk is the perfect complement to it all.


The biggest flaw of Tron: Legacy is the ending, more specifically the head bad guy’s (Clu’s) plan. After creating the perfect system inside the computer he wants to do the same to our world. I can accept this as a bad guy plan as it seems like something I’d see in a comic book, but it does come a bit out of nowhere. How is he certain that they can cross from their world into ours? It would have worked better if he’d not only destroyed the ISOs, but discovered something unique in them that he replicated in his soldiers. It would have tied the two things in together.



Another failing is the CGI Jeff Bridges. At times it’s a fairly confincing replication of 1980s Jeff Bridges and then other times it’s… well horrific. It looks particularly bad when he’s talking. Something just isn’t right. It looks especially weird in the “real” world part in the beginning.

The 3D: Tron: Legacy is a bit frustrating, because the filmmakers decided to get a bit artsy and only have 3D when they go into the computer world. All the sections in the “real” world are 2D. It’s like they’re making a statement like in Wizard of Oz where the world of OZ is in color and Kansas is in black and white, however that completely fails. I don’t put in a 3D movie to see 2D. It doesn’t make the world of Tron that much more fantastic, it makes it distracting when you’re left thinking, when is it going to be in 3D? And Sam has a bit of action in the begining that would have been great in 3D and it would have been nice to the end shots in 3D with Spoiler Sam and Quora riding his bike into the sunrise.

Aside from the complaint, Tron: Legacy is a fantastic film in 3D. The film was shot in 3D and its evident. There’s plenty of depth and the cinematography lends itself to some fantastic 3D visuals. You can still enjoy the movie in 2D, but I prefer to watch it in 3D.

Tron Legacy

Final Judgement: Tron: Legacy is a really fun film and in fact is one of the few films made within the last few years that I’ve enjoyed from top to bottom. As far as the the 3D goes, it’s excellent and one of the great uses of the technology.

  • I saw Tron: Legacy in IMAX 3D during its theatrical run and it remains in my top 5 theater going experiences. It’s a beautiful film, and despite some of its plot holes I enjoy the hell out of it. I just want to know when we are getting Tron 3!

  • Chris Piers

    I love and am disappointed by Tron: Legacy in equal measure. It looks gorgeous and the story and characters are cool. But the pacing is borked. After Quorra is injured and they sneak onto that train, everything just draws to a crawl for an extended period of time. Clu’s plan is outlined and it makes no sense. That’s my big trouble spot in the film. It makes me sleepy. But I’d really like another one with Tron as a character.

  • Dex

    I could swear when I saw it in IMAX 3D everything was 3D, but that was 3.5 years ago…
    I’m a huge Tron fan too and I loved it even after the first viewing. I thought it was kinda like one of those mythical stories (or even Star Wars) where the son retraces his father’s journey.

    If only they hadn’t left Tron: Uprising out to dry, it was just getting really good when it got canned.

  • After the train ride (easily the weakest moment of the film and it mirrors the light beam ride in the original), you get the air battle which is tits!

    I do think that Clu’s plan is crazy, but didn’t seem any crazier than other evil plans I’ve seen in comics, cartoons, or movies. However it does feel tacked on. Like just escaping wasn’t a valid plan. Here’s what they should have done: If the only goal was to make it out of the system alive they could have easily done that in an exciting way and then set up for a sequel where they have to go back and free the oppressed system from Clu.

    Or they could have explained that maybe the ISOs had some sort of thing that allowed them to pass into our world and instead of killing them all Clu reprogrammed them. Either would have been better.

    Still, it doesn’t bother me enough that it ruins the film for me.

  • Yeah, it’s never been all 3D. Your mind is playing tricks with you.

    I haven’t seen all of that cartoon but what I did was amazing!

  • There have been murmurings of a sequel but the more time goes by the less likely it seems it will happen.

  • Chris Piers

    I loved Tron: Uprising. Animation and story were both really strong. Plus? It actually had Tron.

  • Dex

    Yes!!! Beyond anything else in Legacy, the thing that pissed me off the most was the lack of Tron and what happens to him.

  • You know what really makes me mad? No Quorra or Rinzler/Tron Hot Toys figures. That really pisses me off.