Transformers: Victory Episode 33 Recap – “The Death-Bringing Space Insects!!”

Chris Piers   December 17, 2015   Comments Off on Transformers: Victory Episode 33 Recap – “The Death-Bringing Space Insects!!”
Hellbat enters a cave

Is he taking a robo-dump?

The episode begins with Hellbat flying to an alien planet. That’s a thing planes can do now, apparently. He wanders through the jungle, complaining about it. Then he moseys into a cave. A green slug falls on his shoulder and he freaks out, running away in the biggest panic ever. If you ever read the Transformers comics, you’ve seen this story except they’ve exchanged scraplets for bugs. Let’s get through it together.

Deathsaurus yells at his army

Megatron never yelled this much.

Back at the Decepticon shuttle, the Thunder Arrow, Deathsaurus is doing his usual schtick of sitting on his throne and screaming at his troops. It’s pretty obnoxious. Sure, they have crappy plans each week, but it’s not like he’s come up with anything successful either. They’re just wasting time until some day they try to get Deathsaurus’ space station weapon thing that was mentioned about 20 episodes ago.

Leozack is nervous about his new plan

Never bet on teal.

This week is another Leozack plan. But man, he does not inspire confidence. He looks like a total wimp. The plan is to kill the Autobot leader, not to steal energy. It’s always one of two things. This one is a death trap. Leozack mentions some dangerous insects.

Hellbat takes credit

The happiest little Decepticon

Hellbat gleefully pops in and says he got them. Leozack smashes him in the head. Really silly stuff.

Hellbat is happy

I assume there’s a smile under his faceplate.

Then Hellbat pops back up and brags that he found the insects. Again, Leozack kicks his ass. We’re really taking our time getting the plot started.

Kakuryu loves insects

Kakuryu once had an affair with an Insecticon.

The Decepticons bring in a bunch of these weird insects in glass jars, to show what they can do. Kakuryu, the simple-minded Dinoforce member, is instantly enchanted by them.

Kakuryu chases bugs

When did he have time for this?

In fact, Kakuryu recalls chasing some bugs on another planet. I don’t know when this happened. I guess they get breaks sometimes?

Transformer eating insects

Mean faces means it’s okay to squash them.

Upon closer inspection, Kakuryu declares that the bugs have “mean-looking faces”. Whatever. This whole scene seems to just last forever.

Drillhorn found some dangerous bugs

These Decepticons seem to have plenty of vacation hours.

And we’re still not done with it. Now Leozack comments on how Drillhorn originally discovered them when he was on some sort of trip by himself. I thought Hellbat just said he found them. I don’t care and neither do you. Trust me, I’m cutting plenty out in this recap.

Hellbat begs for Deathsaurus' approval

Hellbat… you’re acting desperate. Not a good look.

Once again, Hellbat seeks credit, saying he bred the insects. Now, in the next shot we’ll learn they eat living metal. So my question is how did Hellbat feed them? That’s totally glossed over. Also, I have no idea how these insects had a food source on a jungle planet.

Leozack explains the insect plan

How did bugs evolve to eat Transformers on another planet?

Leozack FINALLY explains why the insects are useful – they eat Transformers. So yeah, this does seem like a decent weapon to use. But they’re taking SO long to explain what they are when you can do it in a sentence.

Kakuryu gets eaten by bugs

Every once in a while, Decepticons actually do something cruel.

To prove that the insects work as advertised, they intentionally put a bunch on Kakuryu and he screams in pain, saying they hurt and they’re eating him. It’s actually somewhat disturbing because he seems to be in more pain than is usually depicted on this show, and also Kakuryu is always shown to be more like a little kid than anything else. Deathsaurus loves it.

Victory Leo trains Jean

“Bash your head into this, Jean.”

Meanwhile, on Earth, Victory Leo is training Jean in the use of his lame dumpster mecha. And by train I should probably say “train” in quotation marks. Because all he’s having Jean do is bash a rock again and again. I assume he’s doing this for laughs, watching Jean give himself concussions.

Victory Leo drops Jean's target

Like Lucy with Charlie Brown’s football.

My hunch is somewhat confirmed when Victory Leo accidentally drops the rock and Jean falls down.

Jean knocks over Stakeout

The worst friends ever.

Jean’s supposed friend, Stakeout, laughs at him. So Jean knocks Stakeout down and laughs at that. It’s pure misery. Jean laughs and tells Stakeout a good warrior is always ready for an attack.

Stakeout has old fashioned fire retardant

The oldest fire retardant ever.

So Stakeout pulls out a very old-fashioned pump spray and covers Jean’s mech in, I don’t know, maybe fire suppressant? And even though Jean is inside his mech, he coughs a bunch, implying there’s no good seal. I guess the Autobots really phoned in the creation of this mech.

Egg Rock is not a real place

Egg Rock is not a real place

In the Autobot base, Blacker is talking with Star Saber who is investigating Egg Rock in Italy. I can find no such place. Also, why is the red Autobot called Blacker? It’s a terrible codename.

Blacker suspects Decepticons

Just once, it’d be funny if it wasn’t the Decepticons.

Star Saber says Egg Rock was destroyed and he happens to know there is oil beneath Egg Rock. Blacker assumes this means the Decepticons did it. He’s right, even if it’s for the wrong reasons. Star Saber turns into a robot and pokes around a desert area, not worried at all.

Star Saber is trapped

The barrier looks like golden showers.

And he’s instantly trapped by a force field that the Decepticons create around him. Dumbass.

Star Saber wipes bugs off of himself

Do you have bug butt?

Then a bunch of the insects sort of form out of holes in the ground and swarm Star Saber. He brushes his butt a few times, then falls down, writhing in pain. The shots of the bugs crawling over Star Saber are reused at least two more times in this episode.

Galaxy Shuttle flies with Victory Leo

Space shuttles aren’t built to fly like planes.

When the Autobots lose contact with their leader, the Brainmasters, Victory Leo, Jean and Stakeout all go to check out Egg Rock. Most of them go on Galaxy Shuttle. I will bet you anything that Galaxy Shuttle does not transform into his gigantic robot form to help out.

Leozack and Deathsaurus tease Star Saber

Date night is going well for these two.

Deathsaurus and Leozack are really enjoying watching Star Saber suffer. Although I guess it’s not the fastest plan, and they didn’t really seem to factor that in. Anyway, they’re happy.

Blacker orders an attack

A brilliant plan!

The Brainmasters show up and their whole plan is to rush at the dome barrier, which by the way, has platforms all around it with gun embankments.

Victory Leo holds Stakeout and Jean back

“Remember, you two are useless!”

Victory Leo runs into battle too but orders Jean and Stakeout to stay behind. You know, because they are never helpful in any way, shape or form.

Drillhorn uses a breast attack

I love breast attacks, personally.

The Breastforce do something they haven’t done in forever and launch their breastplates which transform into cute little animals. It’s my second-favorite form of a breast attack.

Hellbat's bat strangles Laster

Scientifically accurate.

The tiny little animals inexplicably give the Brainmasters a really hard time. Idiots. They also get shot by the guns which seem to shoot the same energy as the barrier. It’s animated the same and the Autobots act like it’s really painful. Jean’s mecha is shot but he doesn’t react.

Brainmasters invent a plan

They truly are the BRAINmasters.

The Autobots fall back and Laster figures that the barrier can’t affect Jean’s mecha because it isn’t made from the same metal as them. I gotta say, it is pretty strange how both the force field AND insects appear to be harmful to ONLY Transformer metal. It’s not like the force field is based on the insects in some way, but they both have the same strengths and weaknesses. Kinda weird.

Jean offers to help Star Saber

He means ANYTHING.

Jean demands to use his ability to jump through the force field and help Star Saber and since he’s the only one who can do that, the Autobots grudgingly agree. Too bad the Autobots can’t, like, throw metal at the barrier or transform into their vehicles and shoot the pillars from a distance. But they can’t because then they’d win too fast.

Jean jumps through the barrier

The physics are correct.

Jean jumps through the barrier which creates a hole and Victory Leo jumps through as well. Convenient!

Victory Leo can't step on bugs

If only you could fly…

Victory Leo is about to stomp on the bugs but Star Saber warns him that their “body fluids” (gross) would melt him. So instead he stands still and the bugs crawl all over him and eat him. Much better. It’s like, sure, the bugs can eat you. But you might as well squash and shoot them. The Autobots don’t even try.

Bugs attack the Brainmasters

Almost as bad as that time Braver had crabs.

And then the Decepticons toss out glass jars of more insects which cover the Brainmasters. That effectively takes them out of the fight.

Star Saber figures out the bugs' weakness

He’s just guessing.

Star Saber all of a sudden says that the insects weakness is that they need heat. This comes out of nowhere. We’ve never seen the bugs thrive in heat or whither away from anything. And up until now, Star Saber has just been rolling around in pain. But now he just knows their weakness out of the blue.

Victory Leo has a freeze beam

Where’d that ability come from?

Not only that, but Victory Leo suddenly has a new ability. He aims his fingers at the bugs, shouts “Freezer beam” and shoots gas out of his fingers that kills them all.

Star Saber and Victory Leo crash into a barrier

Seeing these two run into a wall is a little funny.

Now they just have Decepticons to deal with. Jean jumps back through the barrier but now when Star Saber and Victory Leo try to follow him, they run into the barrier and can’t get through. There’s no reason why they can’t go through even though Victory Leo had just followed Jean before. That’s just how it goes.

Drillhorn shoots at Autobots

A fine meal by a fine chef.

Drillhorn and Leozack and some other Decepticons shoot at the Autobots below. Jean has no offensive weaponry but does have cannisters of gas. He shoots them and while the Decepticons can’t see, the Brainmasters knock down one of the pillars and the barrier comes down.

Leozack is trapped

Victory Saber is twice the stupid.

Victory Leo and Star Saber unite into Victory Saber and have Leozack at point blank range. Leozack says “wait” and Victory Saber DOES wait. Leozack transforms and escapes.

Leozack is shot

Shot through the heart!

But Victory Saber then goes into super killer mode. He shoots Leozack and blasts straight through.

Drillhorn is shot

This killed Transformers back in the movie.

Then he shoots Drillhorn straight through as well. This does not kill either of them for reasons.

Victory Saber poses while Leozack crashes

Victory Saber takes a moment to pose while his victim falls to his doom.

Then he takes a moment to pose while Leozack plummets to the ground. We get it, you have big guns.

Stakeout shoots bugs with coolant

You could always transform and drive away.

All of a sudden, there are still some bugs and they’re chasing Stakeout. He sprays them with his antique pump but panics and says it’s not working. He does not bother to run away or anything. No one offers to help him.

Stakeout celebrates

Yeah, great, get the hell out of my face.

Then the bugs turn black and die. Stakeout is okay after all. He jumps into the air and celebrates. Darn.

Victory Saber shoots Deathsaurus

Classic gut shot.

Deathsaurus is still around so Victory Saber shoots him right through the belly. It’s not even a fight. He just shoots him.

A massive explosion engulfs Deathsaurus

Deathsaurus has had better days.

And then Victory Saber knocks down the other platforms that were forming the barrier. They fall on top of Deathsaurus and explode like they were nuclear bombs. Deathsaurus kinda shrugs all that off and just flies away.

Hellbat runs away from bugs

But you’re just so delicious.

Finally, only Hellbat is left but he has a bunch of glass jars of the insects. Then he accidentally drops one on himself and runs away in pain. Idiot.

Star Saber compliments Jean

Once again, the pre-teen saves the day.

The Autobots take some time to just stand around complimenting Jean since he jumped through the barrier twice. They seem to forget that Star Saber figured out the bugs’ weakness on his own and that Jean actually didn’t really get them out of the barrier. In fact, he kinda just trapped Victory Leo in there too.

Jean Minakaze celebrates

Just… tone it down, kid.

Nevertheless, Jean celebrates like he just won the Olympics. He makes a peace sign and cheers like crazy. He’s so hard to like.