Transformers: Victory Episode 32 Recap – “A Mystery?! The Deception of the Base Bombs”

Chris Piers   December 9, 2015   Comments Off on Transformers: Victory Episode 32 Recap – “A Mystery?! The Deception of the Base Bombs”
Deathsaurus yells at his troops

Funny way to start any episode

The episode begins in the Decepticon shuttle, with leader Deathsaurus screaming at Leozack. We’re also told where their spaceship is (somewhere off the coast of South America) but that doesn’t come into play at all. I have to admit, the close up on Deathsaurus just yelling is pretty funny. He hates his troops but he never recruits or builds more.

Deathsaurus wants to be satisfied

He can’t get no satisfaction

I guess Deathsaurus is yelling at just Leozack. That probably saves on the cost of animating, like, all the Dinoforce too. Anyway, apparently Deathsaurus isn’t “satisfied” which, you know, phrasing.

Deathsaurus is bored

What a dick

For some reason, Deathsaurus isn’t wearing his two breastplate animal things. He could not look more bored. And he’s positive Leozack doesn’t have a good plan. This guy is not a great leader. He just yells and puts down everyone around him. I guess he’s kind of the Donald Trump of Transformers.

Leozack has a good plan

Wonderful? Sounds good.

Leozack acts way less confident than usual, acting all subservient and strange. He insists he has a good plan. Look at this guy. It’s kind of funny animation, so we may as well enjoy that.

Leozack loves his plan

Try this on your boss. It works!

Ha ha ha. He really talks up his plan. The people making the show could use more levity and personality in their characters. It’s kind of late in the season to add it, but whatever.

Deathsaurus orders Leozack to go

He doesn’t even need the details.

So Deathsaurus doesn’t even ask what the plan is or what Leozack needs or what his goals are. He just screams at him to go do it. What a weirdo! Also, look how low Deathsaurus’ head is. He was sitting on a throne above Leozack. If we could see his whole body, his chest and head would be stuck between his legs. Man, that’d be funny to see.

A statue falls on Leozack

Transformers love statues of themselves.

Leozack leaves in a huff and yells at a statue of Deathsaurus, kicks it and physics stop working properly (when have they ever on this show) and it falls towards Leozack, crushing him. It’s a very silly opening sequence and certainly makes the Decepticons look like ultra-buffoons.

Autobot Multiforce patrol

Hey, Waver found a way to be useful.

Meanwhile, the Autobots are parked by the Andes Mountains this week. The Brainmasters have the Multiforce patrolling the ENTIRE PLANET looking for any Decepticon activity. Kind of a lot for three Autobots to do, but maybe it works sometimes and we don’t get to see those moments. I suppose those three could actually double their patrol since they can all split into two robot/vehicles instead of one slightly larger robot, but as you can see from the monitor, they patrol the same areas together.

Brainmasters complain about Decepticons

So catty, these three.

The Brainmasters aren’t any more efficient. All three of them sit watching the same monitor. And then they accuse the Decepticons of being “spineless” because they aren’t attacking anywhere. When the Decepticons attack, these guys call them evil. When they don’t attack, they’re cowards. I totally understand that the Decepticons have zero moral fiber but the Autobots hate them either way. There will never be peace.

Braver insults some Decepticons

No wonder he named himself Braver

Braver even makes a point of saying their next attack will be “dirty.” The Decepticons cannot win with this pack.

Jean Minakaze stares at his reflection

Jean is the new Vanity Smurf

What is everyone else up to? Well, Jean is cleaning a vehicle of some sort in the hangar bay. And it sparkles which causes him to look downright sinister. What is Jean planning to do to that vehicle? I don’t want to know. I guess when you’re raised by robots, you have weird urges.

Autobot Rescue Patrol cleans up

These guys hate doing chores.

But if you thought the Rescue Patrol was going to be any more charming or endearing than the rest of the characters, you’re wrong. Stakeout yells at Jean for not helping them clean a different vehicle. Everyone on this team is always mad at someone. I don’t even understand what vehicles they’re cleaning. They all transform into vehicles. They don’t use other vehicles! Why do they have them?

Star Saber leaves for a conference

I wonder if the conference has any sponsors?

And here comes leader Star Saber. I gotta say, it’s so confusing how this guy has several different looks. He can be a tiny little guy that looks one way, or he can transform into the head of what we see above, the mostly blue guy. Or he can connect with some jet parts and he has a red head with faceplate. Sometimes it takes me a moment to realize who he is. Anyway, he’s about to leave. He says he’s going to a conference. It’s vaguely referred to be taking place in space. Why? Why now? With who? We are never told. It makes no sense.

Stakeout and Jean are sad

With good reason.

Star Saber tells the Brainmasters to keep monitoring for trouble and for the Rescue Patrol to keep cleaning. Stakeout commiserates with Jean, saying Star Saber doesn’t trust them. Well, no, he probably doesn’t. You two only get into trouble and pretty much never help.

The Brainmasters are bored

What would their lives be like without any war?

The Brainmasters continue to whine about how boring their life is without any fighting. These guys are getting creepy.

Victory Leo opts to stand guard

Nice that he can give himself whatever job he wants.

So while there’s patrolling and cleaning going on, Victory Leo just sort of walks up out of nowhere and announces to no one in particular that he’ll stand guard at the base. And he’s really happy about it. Why wouldn’t he be? He just gleefully assigned himself a task. I guess he just gets to do whatever he wants.

The Autobot Rescue Patrol whine about working

When even the robots won’t do chores, we’re all in trouble.

Cut to the Rescue Patrol doing chores. Chores! They are literally just mopping and wiping down their base. Lest you forget, their base is a sentient Transformer called Galaxy Shuttle. It’s easy to forget that because he hasn’t transformed into a robot and helped out for, like, 20 episodes. But ever episode the base is in a different part of the world. So that means he flies the Autobots to a location and I guess just sits there doing nothing while the Rescue Patrol cleans him. Wow. This is a very strange dynamic.

Stakeout hangs onto a ledge upside down

Next time give the window washing to, oh, let’s say the helicopter robot.

Leave it to Stakeout and Jean to instantly screw up and put themselves in mortal danger. They go way up high on a window washer platform and Jean just falls off of it for no reason. Stakeout grabs him but then the platform breaks and he has to catch himself by grabbing the rope with his feet. As they dangle precariously, they spot Star Saber walking back to the base.

"Star Saber" says there are bombs in Autobot HQ

They’ve literally never intercepted a transmission before.

And then it instantly cuts to everyone inside the base. I guess Star Saber saved them but they don’t mention it. When everyone asks why he’s back right away, Star Saber acts really suspicious and stumbles out that he intercepted a Decepticon plan. Even though that’s never happened before, and he’s acting out of character, everyone instantly accepts it.

"Star Saber" says there are bombs hidden

But Shuttle Base is a sentient Transformer…

Star Saber explains he heard that the plan was to set off a bunch of bombs that had been stashed throughout their base. The Autobots are stunned by this but break up and run off to go find bombs. As in, they don’t have any sensors to do a sweep and they can’t ask Galaxy Shuttle if he noticed a Decepticon sneaking into his body and laying down a bomb. No, they have to see it with their eyes.

The Brainmasters wonder how they were infiltrated

They have soooo many rooms to check.

Braver and Laster walk up to some random door and decide that’s where they should check. They wonder aloud how a Decepticon could have gotten in. One of the guesses that maybe Drillhorn did it, ignoring that if he did, there’d probably be a massive hole in the floor somewhere.

A bomb goes off in Braver and Laster's faces

Oh, the bomb just gives them smoke damage?

They open the door and a bomb goes off. And all it does is knock Braver and Laster on their butts and put some dirty marks all over them. They’re not hurt at all and nothing important is damaged. Some threat.

"Star Saber" and Victory Leo get electrocuted

Kids, this is not how you help someone who is being electrocuted.

Meanwhile, Star Saber is in the main monitor room and is poking around the console. He begins to get electrocuted so Victory Leo runs in and grabs him and is also zapped. But he pulls Star Saber free. Maybe that would work for robots but it’s kind of a terrible lesson for the children watching at home. If you see someone getting electrocuted and grab them, you will also be electrocuted. You have to instead either cut the power or knock them out of the way with something that isn’t conductive to electricity, like a wooden chair or broom. That’s… not the lesson this show teaches.

"Star Saber" smiles

Mildly suspicious.

Star Saber acts embarrassed and gives a huge smile and laughs nervously. He literally could not be any more out of character, because we all know Star Saber has NO personality, not some.

"Star Saber" says he's searching for bombs

Sounds plausible, actually.

Victory Leo asks what he was doing under there. Star Saber stammers out that he was searching for bombs and runs to check another area. I gotta say, while it’s obvious that Star Saber is up to something, he could absolutely have been checking for a bomb in the console. That part is not crazy. But that’s the aspect that Victory Leo finds the most suspicious because the story needs to move forward.

Victory Leo suspects a trap

Can he literally smell it?

Victory Leo meets up with the Brainmasters and Jean and the Rescue Patrol in one of the endless hallways of their headquarters. He mentions he’s suspicious of Star Saber. And oh boy, was that the biggest mistake he could have ever made. The reaction is instantaneous and harsh.

The Autobots chastise Victory Leo

Terrible friends.

The other Autobots all yell at Victory Leo that he shouldn’t make jokes at a time like this. They instantly all assume he’s making a joke, something he’s never done before, rather than ask him why he would question Star Saber. These guys are loyal to their leader to the point where it is offensive to them to ever question their boss.

Autobots insult Victory Leo

These Autobots are the dirt worst.

Victory Leo tries to voice his concerns and they all shout him down. The Autobots are just being total jerks.

Victory Leo is insulted

Victory Leo must feel like crap.

They all walk away and tell Victory Leo to stop telling “fairy tales.” I don’t think they could have said anything else that would have hurt him more. He just stands there, devastated. What assholes.

"Star Saber" claps

Did you forget how to clap?

Jean and Stakeout must have split off from the group because they bump into Star Saber. He says he forgot that they should probably check his room. Then he walks away and Stakeout tells him he’s going the wrong way. Star Saber turns around and walks the other way without an explanation, telling Stakeout that he and Jean should check that room out and Stakeout asks no questions about this.

Stakeout has the unification plans

Stakeout’s laserdisc collection is safe.

The clueless duo goes to a room and opens some sort of mechanical safe which has a huge laserdisc of some sort. Is it Stakeout’s old porn? No, he says that it’s the plans for the unification process that recently allowed Star Saber and Victory Leo to combine. That’s great, although they seem to have forgotten that they’re looking for bombs, not checking that important plans are safe. Star Saber walks up behind them and congratulates them on confirming the plans’ safety.

Fire in Autobot HQ

How is a metal hallway on fire?

Another bomb goes off and they run out of the room to see the hallway on fire. Star Saber claims he needs to check on the armory. Why would they have an armory? We’ve seen time and again that the Transformers summon their guns out of thin air by using energy. It’s been explicitly stated as such this season. And they sure don’t have extra weapons that they’ve ever used or mentioned. It’s like that hangar. They have rooms that they just don’t use. Regardless, Jean collapses from smoke inhalation and Stakeout takes him outside.

Fixit helps Jean

Fact: sitting in an ambulance heals you.

Jean gets outside and Fixit runs up and transforms into an ambulance, ordering Jean to get in. He doesn’t take him anywhere. He just has Jean sit inside him. That’s how ambulances help, right?

Victory Leo suspects an imposter

Stop beating around the bush!

Then all of the Autobots come outside. I guess they got bored searching for bombs. Victory Leo uses common sense to point out that there’s been a lot of explosions since Star Saber got there. Everyone ignores Victory Leo’s implications.

Hellbat threatens the Autobots with bombs

They can’t tell where the voice is coming from.

Then a voice says that there are bombs all over the base that are even more dangerous. Star Saber says that it’s Hellbat’s voice. Everyone just sort of stares off into the sky so who knows where Hellbat’s voice is coming from. It’s just strange.

Hellbat says the bombs can't be defused

And there’s no way he’d lie about it.

Hellbat says that even if they found the bomb, it’s a bomb that can’t be defused. He says he’ll set it off unless Star Saber comes alone to a nearby Incan temple. While he says this, the animators pan across some mountains. No characters are seen, nor is an Incan temple.

Victory Leo tags along with "Star Saber"

You’d think “Star Saber” would be wary that Victory Leo is totally into going with him.

Star Saber says that he’ll go but asks Victory Leo to sneak along behind. Victory Leo enthusiastically agrees. Have you all guessed what’s going on with Star Saber yet? There’s, like, one suspect. Worst mystery ever.

The Brainmasters claim to be war veterans

These guys have big egos.

So those two leave and the Brainmasters begin a long and pointless debate. First they think that they can’t risk following because it could get Star Saber killed. They needlessly brag to one another that they have the experience of hundreds of battles so they know to obey. Then they worry that Star Saber could get hurt so they decide to follow after all. Great, thanks for showing us all of that.

The Breastforce shoot at Victory Leo

It’s been too long since I heard my favorite weird threat.

Star Saber walks up to the Incan temple and Victory Leo crouches behind some ruins, spotting five members of the Breastforce at the top. The Breastforce instantly see Victory Leo because he’s gigantic and shoot at him. So Victory Leo did a very bad job at hiding. Fortunately, Hellbat shouts out “Eat this!” which I haven’t heard in several episodes so that amuses me.

Victory Leo hides behind Star Saber

What if Victory Leo had been wrong?

Victory Leo jumps behind Star Saber and all the laser fire stops. Victory Leo’s super obvious suspicions are confirmed! This is not really Star Saber! It’s some sort of Decepticon deception.

Victory Leo accuses an imposter

Finally! He should’ve done this at the beginning.

The Brainmasters drive right up to see what’s going on. I guess the Breastforce take a smoke break or something. Victory Leo says that there’s an impersonator acting as Star Saber. Finally, the Autobots have figured things out.

The Brainmasters don't trust Victory Leo

To be fair, about 3 episodes ago you were insane.

But the Brainmasters don’t believe Victory Leo because whoever Star Saber is looks like Star Saber. They just cannot seem to wrap their heads around the idea of a disguise.

Star Saber appears at an Incan temple

I like to think Star Saber waited for hours to announce his appearance to coincide with the sunlight.

Fortunately for Victory Leo’s sanity, the real Star Saber suddenly appears on the very tip of the temple. He says that the figure below is an impersonator. Someone that looks like Star Saber said it so the Brainmasters instantly trust this new guy.

Leozack has the unification manual

I don’t know what good it would do him.

But the fake Star Saber pulls out the disc that has the unification manual on it, threatening to destroy it if they attack him. Even though it’s already been used, this makes all the Autobots hold their fire. The real Star Saber seems to be the only one who realizes this threat is pointless, or maybe he just doesn’t care, because he unites with Victory Leo to become Victory Saber.

Leozack is exposed


And while he’s doing that long transformation, I guess the fake Star Saber just stood there and watched because the next thing that happens is Victory Saber cuts him right in half. Well, sort of. He sliced him right down the middle but all that happens is the Star Saber facade just falls away and we see Leozack was hiding inside. I guess I don’t know why Leozack wasn’t cut in half as well.

Leozack didn't think it through

Yeah, we agree that that’s pretty stupid.

Leozack is really mad and realizes he never considered that Star Saber could potentially return. Wow. That’s really not a super-ultra-great-deluxe plan after all.

Victory Saber breaks Liokaiser's staff

Can’t you just summon a new staff?

Leozack merges with his Breastforce team to form Liokaiser. Now we’re in for a good fight, right? Liokaiser versus Victory Saber? Should be cool. They swordfight on the steps for a brief moment and Victory Saber quickly breaks Liokaiser’s staff. It takes less than 30 seconds.

Victory Saber escapes a mountainslide

That’s a lot of poop.

Liokaiser runs through the temple and somehow makes the whole thing collapse to allow him to escape. So much for ancient ruins of historical and cultural significance.

Victory Leo brags about knowing things

What an arrogant prick.

The team gathers together for the traditional sunset. Victory Leo decides this is a great time to act like a know-it-all and point out that he knew all along what was going on. What a team player.

Jean Minakaze is sad

Look how sad he is! He deserves it.

Jean feels like mud. He’s really depressed that he didn’t trust Victory Leo. You’d think he’d also be depressed that he couldn’t recognize that a weirdo wasn’t his adoptive father, but I guess a decade or so just isn’t enough time to get to really know someone.

Star Saber says Victory Leo has animal instincts

If they’re so great, program everyone with them.

Not only does Star Saber let Victory Leo rub his being right in everyone’s faces, he points out that Victory Leo did it because he has “animalistic instincts” and just generally talks up Victory Leo as an awesome guy.

Victory Leo says children shouldn't give compliments

Whaaaaaat does that even mean?

Jean and Stakeout agree with their leader and say so. So Victory Leo chastises them and says that “children shouldn’t flatter others.” What? What does that even mean? That’s where the show is going to end? With Victory Leo offended at being complimented by a child? Wow, this episode must have the strangest end to any Transformers show.