Transformers: Victory Episode 30 Recap – “The Tide Is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification”

Chris Piers   November 17, 2015   Comments Off on Transformers: Victory Episode 30 Recap – “The Tide Is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification”

Transforming into a boat is the most useless thing ever.

It’s been almost a year since recapping the last episode. I needed a break. But we’re back and after this episode there are only 6 left in the season. We’re in the final stretch. Just to catch you up, this is the third season of Transformers made in Japan, which continued from the U.S. cartoon. One difference is that the subtitles will call Autobots “Cybertrons” and Decepticons “Destrons.” No big deal.

So the episode starts with Wingwaver running (why not fly?) and checking a watch of some sort on his wrist. Then two of his fellow Multiforce buddies arrive and all four of the Rescue Patrol. And he’s like, “Yup, we all arrived just in time.” And they’re in the middle of the desert in India. Then they stand around wondering what to do. Their leader, Star Saber apparently just told them to show up somewhere fast but didn’t bother to tell them why. Also? I kind of love how useless Seawatch is. Everyone else raced there in their vehicle form but Seawatch is a boat, so he had to just run as a robot. And if you think Seawatch is a bad name, keep in mind that the Japanese translation just calls him Boater. Then again, he kept pace with everyone so maybe there’s no real advantage to turning into a car.


Well, this far into the season, it’s probably time to start believing.

Wingwaver announces the only thing he knows: that the Decepticon leader Deathsaurus is evil. We kinda learned this over the last 29 episodes but it never hurts to be reminded. A guy named Deathsaurus is evil.


Their obvious circuits must be turned on.

Suddenly, everyone notices a missile in the sky. I guess that’s why they were called. No one shoots at it or anything. They just note that it is a missile. It appears to be entering the Earth’s atmosphere so I guess it was fired from orbit.


I’m sure that was a pleasant ride for the humans aboard the train.

Wingwaver orders everyone to clear the area and all of a sudden this vast, empty desert has a car driving up in the distance as well as a train full of passengers coming through. We don’t see them deal with the car but I guess that took six Autobots because we do see the other one, Dashtacker, just push the train to a stop. I assume everyone inside turns into jelly.


Takes one to know one, Wingwaver.

The missile lands and at first nothing happens. Wingwaver hopes it’s a dud. But then it explodes in a pretty huge blast. And then OUT of that blast come four more missiles. This is not how a missile could work. Anyway, those four missiles blow up four Asian cities. I mean they completely annihilate them. It is kind of horrific if you pause to think about it because they animate it to be almost a nuclear explosion.


It’s almost as though the Decepticons… don’t care about others.

Back at the Autobots’ base, which is apparently now in India, Star Saber and his Brainmasters watch the devastation on monitors. They seem shocked at what the Decepticons have done. These guys are very slow to learn that Decepticons are pretty damn evil.


Who is he telling that doesn’t know this?

Blacker comments on where the (destroyed) cities of Kathmandu and Calcutta are. He just flatly says it and no one responds. I like to think he was trying to show off but all the Autobots knew this information already so they just politely ignored him.


Why are some words never translated on this show?

Braver comments on how evil Deathsaurus is. It’s like these poor Autobots can’t retain any information. They’re the robot equivalent of goldfish.


So don’t even try.

Back in the middle of nowhere, Fixit (the ambulance guy) comments that they can’t help anyone because it’s just too much destruction. He’s basically right but that sure is a defeatist attitude for our heroes to exhibit.


Weak like a baby, this leader.

Star Saber tells them to go help the victims anyway. He doesn’t really give them any specifics. Like, should they go to just one city or split up and help several? The only thing he does tell them is not to fight any Decepticons they might come across. Okay, that’s kind of interesting. Let’s see why he’d say that.


In the future, we’ll go back to VHS tapes.

Star Saber then pulls out a VHS tape that conveniently has a Decepticon logo on it. I love how the animators didn’t bother to come up with anything futuristic but I also love that the Decepticons make their own sticker labels for tapes. I wonder which Decepticon has to do that? Probably one of the smaller guys. Maybe the Breastforce make their chest plates pop off and transform into those tiny animals and they use their little beaks and paws to do it. Wait… where do they even buy their VHS tapes and stickers? I’d love an episode explaining that.


We’ll just… not act on that one.

The tape is from Deathsaurus and he explains that he has these missiles that travel really fast and that he’ll destroy more cities unless the Autobots don’t interfere while his troops steal energy. So it’s a type of blackmail. But then he says that in 30 minutes he’ll launch the first missile. So the Autobots knew about this and Star Saber sent his troops to the desert but didn’t tell them what to expect. That’s so strange. You’d think they could have at least TRIED to shoot down the missile and maybe it doesn’t work. But instead, they just let it happen which is pretty horrible.



So why can’t the Autobots just blow up the missile launcher? Well, fortunately that IS addressed. Deathsaurus says that his satellite is tracking the Autobots and if he sees them move towards the satellite, he’ll fire more missiles and that he’s calculated that it’s much, much faster than any of the Autobots. So the Decepticons actually have a really solid plan this episode.


Time for the sillies.

The scene cuts to a power plant somewhere. No idea where. Anyway, lots of Decepticons are harvesting energon cubes but Kakuryu is singing a silly song while he’s doing this. His boss, Dinoforce leader Goryu, yells at him to be more serious. And the animation gets REALLY silly for this. Which none of the other Transformers seasons ever did so it’s always a surprise for me when it happens.


Enemies that are silly. Interesting choice.

I hope you’re ready to laugh. Kakuryu is so surprised by Goryu’s outburst that he tosses all his energon up in the sky. I guess maybe it would blow up if it hit the ground because Goryu catches all of it in an awkward pose. Take your time catching your breath and we’ll continue when you’re ready.


As though balancing energy will help him somehow?

Leozack watches Goryu catch all the energy and his eyes narrow. He strokes his chin thoughtfully as though this gives him some big idea. But nothing comes of it. So it’s just the usual Victory weirdness.


Even though you all transform into cars.

Star Saber figures out where the Decepticons are stealing energy and the Brainmasters point out that Victory Leo (the recently rebuilt Ginrai who now has a more hotheaded personality) is patrolling that area and he can probably take out those Decepticons. I guess they forgot that they’re trying not to do that. You know, to avoid the whole missiles destroying cities thing. Star Saber orders the Brainmasters to get there right away to prevent any fights.


There’s always time to screencap a badass kick to the face.

But instead Victory Leo shows up and instantly dropkicks Leozack right in the face. So that’s kind of fun.


Yeah, let’s slow this roller coaster of an episode down.

Then the Brainmasters drive up (even though their leader told them to fly there) and stop the fight. Damn. No more dropkicks to the face.


Yeah, the whole reason you’re even here.

Meanwhile, back at the base, Star Saber thinks he may have a plan to negate the missile problem – he could use his new upgrade to merge with Victory Leo and fly faster than Deathsaurus calculated. And Perceptor, the guy who gave him that upgrade, is completely stunned at this idea. Perceptor recommends against using it since they haven’t tested it yet. That’s not much confidence in his abilities, eh?


Changed his mind fast!

But Star Saber ignores him and leaves. Minerva is worried and asks what he thinks will happen. And Perceptor instantly changes his mind and says he’s positive Star Saber will succeed. Perceptor can’t make up his damn mind.


Kind of disturbing to call them little boys.

The Decepticon Breastforce decide to use this unique opportunity to insult the Autobots to their faces. Their insults are incredibly lame – they call the Autobots little boys. But here’s the thing: those insults enrage the Autobots. They hate it. So I guess kudos to the Decepticons for knowing how to hit them where it hurts. Side note: I know the Rescue Patrol toys were mini transformers but look at how strange the scale of things are in this screencap. They’re still supposed to be full-size cars. And Wingwaver transforms into two vehicles of roughly equal size, maybe a little bigger. Still, he absolutely towers over them. Strange.


Well that’s not going to help your case.

Look at Wingwaver. He got called a little boy and he’s so mad he’s stuttering and seems to have some sort of facial tic going on with his eye. He cannot stand this insult. He’s so dumb. He’s giving the Decepticons exactly the reaction they’d want.


What is happening to that car?!

Stakeout is even more incensed. He turns into a bloopy cartoon car that wiggles all over the place. These Autobots need to learn how to just ignore bad insults. Or at least throw back something clever.



Victory Leo is itching for a fight and seems less likely to keep himself under control. Blacker begs Victory Leo to calm down and even says his insides are boiling. What a strange turn of phrase, even for a robot.


I guess he can glow red if he feels like it.

Victory Leo loses his short temper and runs at the Decepticons but just then Star Saber flies in and blocks him. He also glows. He’s never done this before and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. He just… glows. He gives a long-winded speech about how if Victory Leo starts a fight it would lead to humans being killed, something Victory Leo apparently completely forgot. And this guy is second in command of the Autobots. Yikes.


Very aerodynamic.

So Victory Leo agrees to merge and they form a spaceship that looks more like a block with a few pointy bits. Now they are Victory Saber and they tell their troops to go ahead and start whupping ass. Finally, some real action?


Phone? Or dildo?

Deathsaurus gets a phone call from Leozack and he’s kinda glad the Autobots broke their truce and are fighting because it gives him an excuse to launch the missiles. I guess it’s win-win for Deathsaurus and his really weird phone that looks like an alien cock.


Nope. Go back to Tough Talk class.

The Brainmasters try to talk tough and fail miserably. Everyone starts to fight but here’s what does not happen: The Brainmasters do not merge into Road Caesar. Neither do the Decepticons form Dinoking or Liokaiser. We don’t really get to see much of the battle on Earth. Instead, we follow Victory Saber.


So cool! Don’t you want to buy it now?

Victory Saber races into space while Deathsaurus’ missiles begin their countdown. But Victory Saber is much, much faster than Deathsaurus had calculated. Victory Saber transforms into his robot form, which basically seems to be new feet and a chunk of stuff on his back that are wings and shoulder cannons. It makes his head seem a little tiny.


Gotta get that overbite fixed, pal.

Deathsaurus himself flies out of his space shuttle to battle Victory Saber. He even breathes fire in the vacuum of space, somehow. But Star Saber shoots him and Deathsaurus goes flying off into deep space. It’s a super-quick fight and Deathsaurus really isn’t able to mount much of an offense. The Decepticons are barely a threat.


There goes another space weapon.

Star Saber then blows up the missile satellite before the missiles are armed. Crisis averted.


Stakeout: paperboy.

Down below, somehow Stakeout instantly knows about the victory and the Decpticons all fly away. So I guess that plan failed. Maybe Deathsaurus should just try again but with missiles that don’t take ten minutes to fire.


Oh. Wingwaver is not very bright.

Wingwaver is glad to hear that he can fight Decepticons now. The first place he looks for them? Under a nearby rock. Wingwaver is very, very stupid.