Transformers: Victory Episode 29: “Awaken! Victory Leo”

Chris Piers   December 9, 2014   Comments Off on Transformers: Victory Episode 29: “Awaken! Victory Leo”
Autobots moved to Japan

We’re moving to Japan, everybody!

You didn’t miss an episode recap. Episode 28 was a clip show. So here we are, with Autobot leader Star Saber recovering/getting an upgrade and God Ginrai rebuilt as Victory Leo. The Decepticons are still just looking for energy to steal. And apparently the Autobots moved to Japan. How does that huge base move? The shuttle, sure. But the base? Did it roll all the way there? Did they have to pass through cities and towns? Was there a parade? I wish the show would spend an episode letting me know.

Victory Leo beats up some rocks

The rocks never stood a chance.

The Multiforce, Stakeout and Jean are all just hanging out on the base. They watch Victory Leo who walks up to some rocks and just starts punching them. Eventually he pulls out his gun and shoots the rocks. I guess he’s blowing off some steam. If he keeps it up, the Autobots will have to start stealing energy. They certainly seem less efficient than the Decepticons.

Multiforce lecture Victory Leo

Just let him punch his rocks, guys.

The Multiforce comment that Victory Leo is training. I don’t know what kind of training you get from pounding on rocks that don’t fight back. They caution him not to destroy their base. Basically, when I said Victory Leo was “blowing off steam” I meant he was acting insane.

Multiforce do not trust Victory Leo


The Multiforce agree that Victory Leo doesn’t really act like God Ginrai, and they have trouble thinking of him as the same being. I don’t blame them. He’s got a new personality, just like when the Doctor regenerates on Doctor Who. They should do that for all the Transformers. Just keep the same 20 or so and have them rebuilt into new characters but share the old memories. Free idea, Hasbro.

Decepticon code

If only we could crack the code by turning the monitor around.

Then the Autobots intercept a Decepticon transmission. It comes in as code. And by code, I mean in English that’s upside down. It reads: “Next Target Get up your — ASAMA.” Wow. Up your Asama, too, tv show.

X-Ray of Star Saber's face

Peekaboo, my face will haunt you.

Also inside the base, Perceptor is doing medical stuffs to Star Saber. This includes getting an x-ray of his face for reasons. Is he getting repaired? It’s really not clear what’s going on. But he is hanging out in an iron lung as though he’s on death’s door, despite being up (although injured) last episode.

Perceptor plans to put stuff in Star Sabers head

Perceptor just likes messing with people’s heads.

Perceptor talks about jamming some new gizmo inside Star Saber’s head. Minerva quietly sits still and continues to get zero lines. While laying down, Wingwaver calls Star Saber to say they’ve intercepted a Decepticon transmission that mentions “Asama” and that he’s cracked the code. He thinks it means Mt. Asama, a nearby volcano that has an energy base. Gee, nice work on the code!

Star Saber sends Jean and Stakeout into battle

He wants them dead.

Star Saber tells the Multiforce they don’t get to go on this mission. Instead, the unstable Victory Leo will go. And he also says that Jean and Stakeout, the two weak screwups, should also go. He basically casually hands out a death sentence for those two and nobody blinks. Nobody likes Jean and Stakeout.

The Autobots do not trust Victory Leo

Nice attitude.

Oh, but the Multiforce still take time to snipe about their teammate Victory Leo. They explicitly say that they can’t trust him. But they’re totally okay with Stakeout and Jean going out with them. Such heroes.

Guyhawk acts tough

Guyhawk acts tough.

Over at Mt. Asama, we see Hellbat and Guyhawk. Guyhawk spots Victory Leo flying through the air and says he’s gonna take him down (yeah right). Hellbat says they should stay quiet and connect with the rest of the team, but Guyhawk calls him a pussy. Hellbat says he’ll cover him but Guyhawk says he doesn’t need the help and flies off. What a Mr. Tough Tits.

Hellbat talks to himself

Reminder: Hellbat is selfish.

Then Hellbat talks to himself, saying that he was never planning on giving him backup anyway. I guess he’s saying this to himself but his mouthguard moves around so he is saying it out loud. Seems unwise in case Guyhawk was listening in.

Hellbat lectures the viewer

Yup, he’s talking to the camera.

And then, just to push it over the edge, Hellbat turns to the camera and tells the viewers that acting “gung-ho” will get you injured. He literally breaks the fourth wall. Maybe that’s hilarious in Japan. I don’t know.

Hellbat says bye bye

Bad guys talk like real badasses.

Victory Leo fires a missile at Guyhawk and then for some reason lightning hits Guyhawk and he crashes. He might be dead for all I know because we don’t see him for the rest of the episode. Instead, Hellbat’s head pops up over some grass and he says “bye bye.” It’s pretty weird, even for this show.

Jean and Stakeout are surrounded by the Breastforce

Reminder: Jean and Stakeout are useless.

Meanwhile, Stakeout drives up to the power plant with Jean and they are immediately ambushed by three members of the Decepticon Breastforce. Nice job, guys. Way to help out the team.

Killbison gives the finger

Family friendly.

The Breastforce transform and Killbison flips everyone off. This is the second time he’s done this on the show. These are the moments I live for when recapping this show. The stuff no one in America would understand.

Victory Leo beats up Drillhorn

Tummy troubles.

Victory Leo pops up and punches the crap out of these Decepticons. I mean he really just lays into Drillhorn delivering about 10 body blows. Drillhorn, keep your guard up. Jeez! Stakeout and Jean run to the doors of the power plant to guard it. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll help a lot. Oh, and there seem to be zero employees at this power plant. Not even a groundskeeper. It’s all automated.

Killbison ignores Stakeout

They don’t even bother to kill Stakeout.

Leozack flies in and takes over the fight against Victory Leo one on one. Presumably the winner gets to keep the “leo” part of their name. Killbison and Jallguar (I did not misspell that) head for the power plant, instantly knocking Stakeout down with the same effort it takes to swat at a fly. The Decepticons do not bother to kill Jean and Stakeout. And why should they? They present literally zero problem for them.

Stakeout suggests turning off the power plant

Yeah, just turn it off and the Decepticons will probably leave.

Stakeout comes to and has a plan that actually makes sense. Instead of fighting the Decepticons, he and Jean could just turn the power plant off from the computer room. Hey, that’s fairly clever!

Stakeout cannot find the computer room

Stakeout’s plan sucks.

And then Stakeout gets lost in the plant and realizes he has no idea where the computer room is. So much for his great plan. And apparently the place has no signs since no one works there. What kind of a crazy place is this?!

Drillhorn is sickened by Stakeout


Drillhorn immediately spots them and shoots at Stakeout, claiming the very sight of him makes him sick. It’s some pretty harsh language for this show. But you know, Stakeout IS pretty terrible so Drillhorn has a point. Jean runs a different way. Safety not in numbers is their motto. Drillhorn shoots some ceiling above Stakeout and buries him under rubble. He doesn’t finish him off because everyone on this show constantly forgets they’re at war.

Hellbat finds Jean

I doubt his sincerity.

Jean runs into the hall and bumps right into Hellbat. Hellbat uses his hilarious sarcasm powers to suggest they should be friends. Jean turns around and runs away. Hellbat chases him because he’s got nothing better to do. Also, I guess he forgets that he has guns.

Jean hits his head

I could watch Jean’s head bounce off the ground all day.

Jean runs into the room that Stakeout’s buried in, trips over absolutely nothing, and knocks himself out. Hellbat peaks in, sees that they’re unconscious and apparently decides that’s good enough. So he locks the room and leaves.

Stakeout is trapped

“Oh yeah, we’re useless.”

Jean wakes up, sees Stakeout and foolishly tries to lift some of the massive concrete which he can’t budge. Neither can Stakeout. They try to reach his communicator but they can’t do that either.

Perceptor starts the unification process

Enjoy your iron lung.

Meanwhile, back at the base, Perceptor starts talking about beginning a new procedure. I guess it’s a big secret. It’s not very interesting but hey, at least we get to see Perceptor. Classic Transformers have more personality than these new guys. Star Saber says the procedure will be pointless unless they can awaken Victory Leo’s feelings. Perceptor correctly guesses that’s why Star Saber sent Jean and Stakeout on the mission with Victory Leo. So there you have it. Star Saber intentionally sent his adopted son into danger in the hopes of reminding Victory Leo who he really is. What. An. Asshole.

Autobots have not heard from Stakeout

Intriguing theory!

Wingwaver suddenly remembers that Victory Leo, Stakeout and Jean are on a mission to stop the Decepticons and no one’s heard from them. He tries to call Stakeout but no one answers. He wonders aloud if something could have happened to them. Gee, I wonder.

Windwaver says Victor Leo has no heart

We’re going Wizard of Oz up in this bitch.

They try to call Victory Leo but he’s busy fighting Leozack and basically ignores what they have to say. Wingwaver instantly throws him under the bus in front of their leader, saying Victory Leo doesn’t have a kind heart. He’s pretty sure Victory Leo will leave Stakeout and Jean to die. That said, no one else is rushing out to help those two.

Windwaver talks about sensors

A sensor they’ve never used before.

Then they say something weird even for this show. Star Saber says Victory Leo will know if Stakeout is in danger because of sensors that every Transformer has. What? When did this happen? If they all could just know when each other are in danger, you’d think that would’ve come up pretty much every single episode so far! Strange thing to introduce in season six of a tv show.

Victory Leo threatens to blow Leozacks head off

The Dirty Harry of Autobots.

Victory Leo gets the drop on Leozack and instead of finishing him off, just threatens to blow his head off if he moves. The fact that he shows mercy means maybe he does have some empathy!

Victory Leo does not care about Jean

Victory Leo does not care about Stakeout and Jean. He’s getting more likable!

Then they both sense that Stakeout is in trouble and Leozack asks if that was his friend. Victory Leo just goes, “so what if it was?” and keeps the gun trained at Leozack’s head. That’s pretty cold! So much for that empathy.

Victory Leo used to look like Optimus Prime

I used to look like a character you liked!

Then Victory Leo starts thinking a bit and remembers that he used to be God Ginrai and care about people. He remembers that he used to look like Optimus Prime.

Victory Leo thinks about Jean


Then he keeps daydreaming, thinking about Jean. He gets completely lost in his thoughts thinking about all this.

Leozack punches Victory Leo in the back

Fisted in the rear.

So Leozack punches him.

Victory Leo loves Jean

Whee, metal hand ride.

But Victory Leo fairly effortlessly beats up Leozack and Jallguar, runs into the plant and beats up Drillhorn and Killbison and removes the rubble, saving Stakeout. It did not take much effort. They leave and the base blows up. For no reason! There were no bombs or stray shots from the fight setting things on fire. Something got cut somewhere because there’s no reason for the base to explode but it sure does.

Star Saber thanks Jean

Star Saber is incorrect.

Victory Leo takes Stakeout and Jean back to the Shuttle Base where the procedure on Star Saber still hasn’t started. Perceptor is moving SLOW today. Anyway, Star Saber says everything’s great because of Jean. Jean literally did nothing except call for help. Victory Leo beat up the bad guys (but none of them stopped the Decepticons from stealing energy or stopped the plant from exploding). Star Saber is a real weirdo.

Perceptor turns off the automatic machine

If they have such a machine, why do they need you?

Perceptor finally decides to actually to the procedure on Star Saber. But all he has to do is turn on an automatic machine that does all the work. Wow. That is some time-wasting crap you’ve been up to, Perceptor.

Victory Leo can fight now

Cool, more fighting.

Finally, we cut to the traditional episode-ending sunset. Victory Leo is sitting around outside and Star Saber walks out and says the procedure was a success. He doesn’t say what happened but does say that they can fight together now. That makes Victory Leo smile because he is a creep.