Transformers: Super-God Masterforce Episode 8 Recap – “Super Warriors – The Godmaster Brothers”

It’s episode 8 and we’re still being introduced to new characters. This episode is all about new Decepticon characters and it’s titled “Super Warriors – The Godmaster Brothers.” It begins just like you’d expect: with one of the Decepticons running late for a very important meeting.

Dauros hurries to a meeting.

The Masterforce version of the White Rabbit.

I’m already most interested in the story of how he was late. How does a robot forget the time? Why did his fellow Decepticons leave without him? Sounds like a cool tale to me.


All 3 Headmaster Juniors ride on 1 bike.

The Decepticons believe in carpooling, apparently.

Dauros actually gets there in time, but the Headmaster Juniors are running even later. Oh, but here they come… sharing one motorcycle. Because why portray villains as menacing when you can undercut that with some weird slapstick?

Blood chastises Cancer's sleeping habits.

Next time? Alarm clock robot!

Blood lectures the trio for being late but fortunately, also seems sympathetic. I mean, when you’re sleepy you’re sleepy. Nap time is important.

Cancer and Bullhorn fear getting fired.

Fired? What kind of health benefits do they get?

Bullhorn and Cancer are a little nervous that Blood will “fire” them since they were late. Will we get a pink slip scene? That’d be exciting, eh?

Cab and Shuta daydream about hanggliding.

The Autobots are barely in this one.

Hey, are you curious what the good guys are up to this week? The answer is: not much. Shuta and Cab talk about how they’re looking forward to a hang gliding competition soon. That’s it. Just looking forward to some fun in the sun.

Cancer wonders where the hosts are.

Keep picking your ear, Mr. Gross.

The Decepticons get on a big submarine that they happen to have now. They go to an island and enter a secret cave that opens to some well-kept gardens, completely empty except for two knight statues. “Who could have summoned them?” the show wishes you were asking.

Blood introduces his men.

Introductions are key to any good party.

The knight statues attack the Decepticons and kick them around a bit until Blood points out that they were actually invited. He then names them and you know, the names “Pretenders” and “Juniors” are not all that intimidating even if you’re a bat monster.

Buster and Hydra kneel before Giga and Mega.

Collect them all.

The knights remove their helmets to reveal a redhead chick and a nerdy accountant. But they still kicked ass. Then two weirdos from the Renn Faire step out and the human kneel before them calling the dude “Lord Giga.” I bet you HE invited everyone!

Giga introduces himself as Decepticon leader.

Decepticon leader Giga dresses like… a mess.

Giga compliments the two humans on their amazing skills and invites everyone to follow him. The Headmaster Juniors are very nervous, but the lady beside Giga tells them they have nothing to fear. Yeah, nothing except a potential makeover by her and her fashion-disaster husband/partner guy.

Diver tans himself.

The Autobots bravely sun themselves.

Oh, and the Autobots are still taking it easy. Diver is getting a tan. He wisely covers his face with a copy of the latest world tidal charts.

Diver talks to Hawk on his phone watch.


Hawk checks in with him, nervous that there have been no Decepticon attacks lately. Diver mentions something or other about having a boner, I think.

Mega placates the Headmasters.

Mega dresses in Renn Faire clothes. Cheap ones.

Back in the Decepticon secret garden, we begin the introductions. The lady is named Mega. Cancer says their headquarters looks amazing and she’s really flattered. Mega dresses like a slutty witch from the 80s.

Hydra and Buster are introduced.

Buster is not a girl, supposedly.

Giga introduces the Decepticons to the humans. The glasses guy is Hydra and the chick is actually his younger brother, Buster. There’s no way that’s a dude.

Blood meets Hydra and Buster.

Blood practices his memory lessons.

Blood makes a point of remembering their names although it seems designed to remind us to buy their toys if you ask me.

The Headmaster Juniors meet the Godmasters.

Begin praying!

Giga explains that Hydra and Buster have mastered Chokon power and they are evolved beyond humans. They are Godmasters. Does it mean that they’ve mastered god? They are gods? Does it mean they are engines?

Hydra and Buster are Godmaster Transtectors.

Hydra and Buster are Godmaster Transtectors.

Yes, it means they can turn into robots (like the Headmasters) and transform into engines that allow jet Transtectors to transform into robot form. In the U.S., Hydra was called Darkwing. I actually had this toy and really liked it, because it wouldn’t transform until you put the engine in place. Otherwise the first steps of the transformation were locked. Of all the little robot gimmicks (Headmasters, Targetmasters, Brainmasters, Breastforce) the Powermasters (known here as Godmasters) were my favorite.

Giga and Mega discuss their army.

So I guess the meeting’s over…

The Godmasters instantly talk about how superior they are to the Pretenders and everyone transforms into jets and flies off to test it. I guess the meeting is over? Giga and Mega just sort of stay behind in their base all alone, so I guess so!

Lander talks about Cab.

Remember this subplot?

Meanwhile, the Autobot Pretenders watch the Headmaster Juniors hang glide. Lander jokes that Cab shouldn’t act cocky because he doesn’t understand hypocrisy.

Hydra and Buster teleport.

Hydra and Buster doing… something?

Hydra and Buster fly over to the U.S. and demolish an Air Force squadron. So that’s depressing. Unlike on G.I. Joe, no one seems to get to eject to safety.

Buster brags about his Chokon Bomb move.

Buster is into birds.

Buster brags that they did it with their Chokon power, which basically seemed to make them glow like a rainbow for a  little while. His outfit looks like a bird and I wiki’d him and it said he was really into birds. The show makes no mention of this, but I guess that’s his redeeming quality. That and looking like a hot chick.

Hawk is shocked at the Decepticons' power.

Wow. We better invest even MORE money in national defense.

The news finally gets to the Autobots about the Decepticons wiping out an Air Force squadron. They finally look at their high-tech radar and see that the Decepticons are now headed for Japan, so the Autobots sit tight for now. They do nothing, really. Like the rest of this episode.

Hydra and Buster strut.

Check those egos.

The Godmasters brag about how great they are, which really gets Blood’s blood boiling. He proposes that he now shows off his skills. Can you guess how he will show off?

Blood plans to hunt hanggliders.

Arguing over semantics.

Yeah, Blood plans to shoot down hang gliders. Hydra points out, accurately, that this is not very impressive. Blood argues that it shows real refinement of skill. Either way, they’re about to shoot down some hang gliders.

Shuta and Minerva curse the Decepticons.

Watch your mouth, Autobot!

They first attack Cab. This leads to the Headmaster Juniors throwing down some casual cursing. Appropriate if you’re in that situation, probably not super-appropriate for a kids’ show. But it cracks me up, so I’m giving it a pass.

The news discusses hanggliders that have been batted down.

That’s a LOT of crashed hanggliders.

The Autobot Pretenders watch this on the news. There are hang gliders knocked down everywhere. Pretty skillful, right?

GoShooter elbows a Decepticon.

The People’s Elbow!

Anyway, it all leads to the Transformers pounding the crap out of one another. Metalhawk and the Pretenders show up but this time the Autobots kind of get their butts kicked.

Hydra and Buster hold Metalhawk at gunpoint.

No one can even CHALLENGE you? Wow.

At one point, the Godmasters have Metalhawk on the ground and in their sites. But just in the nick of time, Phoenix shows up and shoots the guns out of their hands. I like to think Phoenix has been there for 10 minutes waiting for the most dramatic moment to show up.

Hyrda and Buster form Darkwings.

That’s a heavy jet.

But the Godmasters have a surprise up their metal sleeves! They transform into jets and then merge together (or as they call it, “wing cross”) and form a super jet that they call Dreadwings. But Phoenix, Metalhawk and Diver (who can fly apparently) shoot at him and they just sort of give up. I honestly thought the Decepticons could’ve won this one but it’s as though they knew the episode was almost over and just decided to give up.

Minerva heals a civilian.

Minerva has a thing to do.

Oh, and all those people that were shot down? Apparently Minerva has been healing all of them. It seems wildly implausible but she says no one’s life is in danger. Wow. She should stop running around fighting and just get a job at the hospital.

Diver and Lander being bros.

Bros? Bros!

And since it’s time to end the episode on a happy note, Lander playfully teases Diver, who says he wants to try hang gliding. For some reason, when Lander tells Diver that he can’t because he just likes to sunbathe, everyone laughs instead of noting that those two activities are not mutually exclusive.

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