Transformers: Super-God Masterforce Episode 7 Recap – “Panic! Protect the Wild Animals!!”

Chris Piers   July 16, 2013   Comments Off on Transformers: Super-God Masterforce Episode 7 Recap – “Panic! Protect the Wild Animals!!”

This is Super-God Masterforce’s episode about nature and conservation. You’re gonna learn to love nature. It’s important. At least I think that’s what the writer was probably thinking.

Safari guide looking through binoculars


We begin in Africa (sorry, they never get more specific than that) where a safari ranger of some sort notices a massive stampede heading for his village. He warns his people to batten down the hatches and hide just in time. What could provoke such a large stampede? Something natural? Decepticons? You’ll find out after the jump!


The Autobots' TV is showing news

Future TVs are on very tall stands

Cut to a really unprofessional news anchor talking about this stampede (he stammers). It must be quite a stampede to make international news. Gotta admit that I’ve never seen that discussed when I watch the news. By the way, check out the Autobots’ sweet tv. Nothing but the finest for these guys.

Minerva is worried about the Decepticons

Minerva CARES.

Minerva and Shuta head over to Cab’s treehouse where he gives them some fruit. They love it. Hmmm… this episode isn’t too eager to get to its story, is it?

The Headmaster Juniors' masterforce bracelets glow

Masterforce bracelets double as cheap-ass beepers.

Fortunately for us their masterforce bracelets light up which apparently means the Autobots are calling them. So they don’t just give them magical Transformer armor but also act like cell phones or something. What technology!

Hawk updates the Headmaster Juniors about the stampede

I guess the training room doubles as a conference room?

The Autobots brief the Headmaster Juniors on what’s up. The stampede. So THAT’S why the show began with a stampede! It’s relevant to the plot! Anyway, they’re all gonna go investigate. Gotta admit, this isn’t the most suspicious thing the Decepticons have done. In a list that includes a zombie army and making a passenger jet disappear, making some safari animals run around is pretty low.

Metalhawk flies through the forest

Ohcrapohcrap! I should’ve built a runway!

Metalhawk transforms and flies through the forest by their base which seems awful reckless. Maybe go ahead and build a landing strip? If you’re curious how the Headmaster Juniors are traveling to Africa, they all board a big cargo plane. The Autobots must have some good income to outsource that stuff. But I guess if the Autobot Pretenders have lived as humans for thousands of years, that’s plausible.

Gil argues the Autobots would never attack animals

Gil has flawless logic

Gilmer checks in with Blood who is at the Decepticon Base. He reveals that yeah, the Decepticons are the ones stirring up the animals. Why? The goal is to make the humans battle back against the encroaching animals. Once enough are killed, it would disrupt some sort of natural harmony energy and the Decepticons would conquer the planet. It’s pretty vague, but seems to refer to the three forms of energy Blood talked about last time.

The Destron Juniors beg to go to Africa

A perfectly reasonable request so it is ignored

The human Decepticon Headmasters request to come along. Which makes sense. Why risk being outnumbered?

The Destron Juniors run away from Blood

Running right out of this episode

Blood gets mad at their arrogance and begins kicking them around and throwing rocks at them. I really can’t explain to you why they even bothered showing them if they won’t use them. That’s Super-God Masterforce for ya!

Blood cackles about the Decepticon plan

Blood’s probably way into Jenga

With that done, Blood begins laughing about how he’ll disrupt nature and win and blah blah blah. I’m honestly not clear on whether Blood is the official leader. He seems to take the most initiative but really doesn’t flat out order people around. He’s got the scariest face so I guess he’s the boss? I think that’s how Decepticon government works.

Cab and Shuta ogle Minerva

Enjoy these boys lusting over an underage girl!

Over in Africa, Minerva has actually changed her clothes from her school outfit so Shuta and Cab both lose it. It’s entirely uncomfortable as I’ve been thinking these kids are maybe 12. Gross, Super-God Masterforce. Gross.

Minerva, Cab, Shuta, Phoenix, Lander, Diver, and Metalhawk hit Africa

The Autobots are headed to Africa, kids!

The Autobots all arrive at the village that dealt with the stampede and hear about all the different animals involved. Minerva is the only one who bothered to change her clothes for a hot climate. The others are idiots.

Diver introduces Mr. Ricky, the safari guide

Mr. Ricky. Sounds like an authentic African name, right?

Diver introduces the safari patrolman, Mr. Ricky. That’s a terrible name. Mr. Ricky’s first action is to whip his rifle out and shoot at Minerva, blowing apart a scorpion.

Shuta kicks Mr. Ricky's gun

Mr. Ricky is a wimp

Shuta leaps down the mountain, kicks the rifle away and threatens to beat up Mr. Ricky, who he assumes is a Decepticon. But when everyone sees he was merely shooting a tiny insect and simply recklessly endangering Minerva’s life instead of purposefully attacking her, all is forgiven.

Hawk orders the group to split up

Time to split up!

The kids are told to watch over the village while the Pretenders split into two groups to investigate areas that have recently reported stampedes. It’s the perfect plan. What if they were to learn that they were just normal stampedes and the Decepticons were building a weather dominator in Brazil? Oh well, they guessed right so let’s see how this plays out.

Metalhawk searches the burnt safari for clues

Still looks better than Detroit.

Metalhawk instantly discovers a clue. There were forest fires created which caused the animals to panic and run. No hint of alien technology on display here, but who else would cause a stampede? Case closed!

Metalhawk is worried about the Destrons attacking Africa

The continent or one small village?

Metalhawk is really sad to see that the Decepticons would bring violence to a continent where there is no war, genocide, starvation… well, there weren’t as many stampedes as before, anyway.

Mr. Ricky tells the Headmaster Juniors about his job

This guy needs a co-worker and a friend.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ricky educates the kids. He really loves animals and therefore hates stampedes, where people and animals can get hurt. Whatever these kids are learning at the International School of Japan, it ain’t basic common sense because this is all news to them.

Mr. Ricky tries to save an injured fawn

Was its name Bambi?

Mr. Ricky shows them a dying fawn he’s taking care of at his vet clinic. One time there was a stampede and he had to shoot the lead deer to get the animals to disperse. Afterwards, he saw the fawn (not the one he murdered) who was trampled and dying. He’s trying to take care of it but it’s beyond his abilities to save.

Minerva's ambulance

That’s one magical sedan.

But the kids talk about how Minerva’s car might help and we’re shown the car in a white void. Obviously all these Africans needed was a white girl to show up and solve their problems. Oh Super-God Masterforce. You’re screwing up again, you scamp.

Lander runs from Krakens

Your slapstick event of the episode.

Phoenix and Lander are elsewhere on the safari and are attacked by a squad of Kraken drones. Lander hilariously runs away while explosions make him dance.

Lander acts cocky

I like this guy’s style.

But with a little help from Phoenix, Lander is able to turn the tides and blast a Kraken out of the sky. His advice to Phoenix? You gotta do things with style, otherwise you won’t get the girls. So, horny robot. Thanks Super-God Masterforce.

Hawk is occupied by the Decepticon Pretenders

Set up your voicemail, Metalhawk.

Metalhawk receives the update from Lander but it’s just as he’s blasted by the Decepticon Pretenders who show up. Instead of asking for help, he wisely yells at Lander that he’s busy and not to bother him. A true leader.

The Decepticon Pretenders turn into robot form

Gives you a sense of scale.

The Decepticon Pretenders approach Metalhawk and we witness them turn from monster to robot form. Basically, a black squiggle surrounds them and they get to be twice as tall. Where’s the advantage to their Pretender form?

Metalhawk vows to protect Africa from the Destrons

What’s up with Metalhawk’s interest in their feet?

Metalhawk vows not to let the Decepticons get their dirty feet on the safari. I dunno, it probably sounded tougher in his head before he said it out loud.

The Autobot Pretenders are chased by an army of Krarken


But the Decepticon Pretenders brought lots of Kraken which begin chasing the Autobots off.

Dauros compliments Gilmer on his clever pun

Gilmer is adorable.

At this point, Gilmer makes some sort of pun in Japanese that just doesn’t translate. Something about a zoo and a stampede. It doesn’t matter. What does is that Dauros is really impressed and compliments him on his joke, which causes Gilmer to blush. These terrifying monsters with their jokes, compliments and bashfulness! Do they know no bounds?

Blood hypnotizes an elephant

Nonsense or glorious nonsense?

The Blood begins speaking gibberish and basically hypnotizes some elephants to create a new stampede. My description can’t do justice to just how LONG his line of gibberish along with dramatic posing is. It’s pretty much my favorite moment of the episode.

The Decepticon Pretenders ride an elephant stampede

You know, those are some strong elephants

The Autobots rally and destroy the Kraken but won’t attack the Decepticons because they’re riding the elephants and they don’t want to risk killing the animals. The animals that are about to crush the village, by the way.

Mr. Ricky tries to stop a stampede without aid

If he’s interested in suicide, he shouldn’t have dropped his gun

Mr. Ricky readies his rifle to stop them but then remembers killing the deer and throws his gun down in disgust, choosing instead to charge forward and I suppose be squashed to death by the elephants. Maybe not the best choice.

Cab argues with an elephant

The elephant remained unconvinced.

The Headmaster Juniors try to stop the elephants by reasoning with them. This works as well as you might guess.

The Autobots stop the stampede with a scrum

The scrum formation makes its highly anticipated return!

But then Metalhawk shows why he’s the boss, calling for the Autobots to form a scrum. Essentially, the form a wall, which stops the elephants who finally calm down. The Decepticons run away for reasons. Bet they wish they brought their Headmasters after all.

A fawn jumps happily into the sunset

Aaaand freeze frame!

The crisis is averted and to put a cherry on top, Minerva healed the fawn at some point and it leaps happily in the air, making Mr. Ricky feel good. The Decepticons will surely never try this plan again because it failed and if you fail once, it is never worth trying a second time! At least, that seems to be the moral of the episode.