Transformers: Super-God Masterforce Episode 15 Recap – “Heroism!! The Birth of Super Ginrai”

We’re a third of the way through Super-God Masterforce already. If we were following a traditional three act structure, by now we’d have been introduced to our main characters and they’d have hit the call to adventure. I guess that roughly tracks. This episode sort of follows up on last episode’s cliffhanger, where the Decepticons revealed they had a combiner called King Poseidon. Will he be a threat? Well, the episode starts off like this:

The Decepticons surf

Hang Decepti-ten, brah.

Yup, that’s the Decepticon Headmaster Jrs surfing. For fun. With surfboards that have the Decepticon logo. Hit the jump to see the action pick up.

Some kids are impressed with the Decepticons

Decepticons: Kids love ’em!

The Decepticon surf squad zips up to the beach where some unattended and racially diverse kids are cheering them on. Inspired by this attention, Wilder decides to give them even a bigger show, crossing their masterforce bracelets and revealing themselves in their armored robot forms. The kids cheer until some other folks join the love fest.

Blood plots to destroy Ginrai

At least his teeth are white.

The Decepticon Pretenders crash the party, ordering the Headmasters to capture the children and use them to lure Ginrai into their trap of the week. The animation quality rises and falls from episode to episode and while this one isn’t the best, whoever is drawing the Pretenders loved doing it because they are lovingly rendered in all their glorious monstrosity. You have to appreciate the little things like that or it’s just 22 minutes of characters standing around thinking about each other until they punch each other for 2 minutes then run away. Every. Week.

Wilder orders children to be quiet

Entertain them with more surfing

Wilder, who loved the kids’ attention a moment ago, now orders them to stop crying and smashes some rocks in the cave they’ve trapped them in. But who is Wilder really angry at? The kids for crying or himself for being so weak as to turn on these kids? Neither. He’s mad at Obamacare!

Ginrai talks to Diver over his bracelet

It can also tell the time and act as a pedometer.

Ginrai is bumming around in his magic truck when his masterforce bracelet starts beeping. Turns out it also acts as a cell phone now. Don’t ask me how the Autobots know any of this, but they inform Ginrai that the Decepticons have kidnapped some kids and are keeping them on a nearby island. Do you think Ginrai painted that Autobot logo on himself? Because supposedly the masterforce bracelets could fall to either good or evil forces.

Diver says the Coast Guard was killed by Decepticons

Never send the Coast Guard to do a Transformers job

Ginrai meets Diver and Lander over at Diver’s research facility. There, he’s updated that the Decepticons have captured a bunch MORE people from the city. The Coast Guard tried to stop them, but don’t worry, we see their corpses. To be fair, I’m not sure sending three Coast Guardsmen against the Decepticon Pretenders. I’m curious if the city could have sent any LESS of a force to save themselves? Just send one rookie cop and the K-9? Maybe even that’s tougher. I think it’s obvious this city has a budget problem. Thanks, Obamacare!

Lander missed a date to meet the Autobots

You horny bastard

Lander makes a sincere effort to out-shallow Ginrai by complaining that this is interrupting his date. Although I think it should be “date” in quotes. I am starting to suspect Lander buys his dates.

Lander can't use his concert tickets

Now what will I do with these One Direction tickets, Diver? Huh?

Lander notices two dolphins swimming around and he gets jealous of them. I imagine Diver and Ginrai are panicking on the inside right about now. They need to get involved in a life and death fight and their teammate is talking about how jealous he is of some dolphins. He’s especially hung up on how he now can’t use his two concert tickets.

Two dolphins catch Lander's unused concert tickets

Fact: Dolphins love tickets

So he tosses his tickets into the dolphin pool where they each snatch one out of the air. I sincerely hope they don’t choke on them or anything. They probably wouldn’t, but Diver should probably tell Lander that it’s not really nice to throw garbage at his dolphins.

Diver plans to sneak underwater

Diver plans to dive! Ingenious.

The three decide that the best plan is to have Diver scout ahead by letting him sneak up to the island underwater, where he presumably wouldn’t be seen. Diver then strips nude and begins the long swim out to the island. No, he transforms into a robot submarine that actually looks like an oval blob of nothing. It was a terrible toy.

Bullhorn spots Turtler

Bullhorn is on a first-name basis with Turtler Seacon.

Over on the island, the Pretenders and Headmasters are standing guard. The Pretenders take to the sky, land and ocean as befits each of their abilities. Bullhorn looks out to sea and sees Turtler, the Seacon who controls the other Seacon drones. The Headmasters mention how they rarely see him. No shit, he only got introduced in the last minute of the previous episode. I think he’s obviously supposed to be the trump card they’re using to destroy Ginrai, but they act surprised to see him.

Dauros wants to beat Diver to death

Looks like you’re ready to beat him… off.

Diver is instantly spotted by Gilmer, who is lurking in the ocean. He waits until Diver reverts to his human body (why would he bother to do that?) and grabs him from behind. Dauros wants to simply beat him to death, but Gilmer insists they should hold him as another hostage. How many hostages do these guys need?

Diver is in a trap and can't transform

And then… my pants.

Diver is strapped to a metal brace that prevents him from using his masterforce bracelets to transform. But the Headmasters begin a fun game of poker and don’t pay very close attention to Diver and the kids, deeper in the cave. He tells one of the kids to take off his watch, push a button and put it in the water. The watch instantly stops working and Diver dies happy. No, it actually sends a hypersonic signal through the water, which leads out into the ocean.

Lander notices the dolphins reacting to something

Or maybe the dolphins just need to be fed.

Over at the research institute, the dolphins begin bashing their heads against the mesh between the pool and the ocean. Lander instantly guesses that it’s Diver signaling them like a high tech Aquaman. The team decides Diver has been captured so they will invade the island in a two-pronged attack. They never really mention how they plan to keep the hostages safe. Negotiating is apparently not an option.

The Autobots use boats to get to the Decepticons

Did they rent a battleship?

The Autobot Headmasters lug their cars over to the island on some sort of battleship. Phoenix flies overhead covering them, while the other Pretenders tag along on another boat. Do they own these boats? Is there a place where you can rent aircraft carriers? I’m asking too many questions.

Ginrai sneaks underwater with the dolphins

And then the dolphins were released into the wild where they weren’t ready to survive.

Meanwhile, Ginrai holds onto a dolphin, while wearing scuba gear, and sneaks up to the island underwater. Somehow he shouts his thanks to a dolphin, despite the fact that he’s underwater and is breathing through scuba gear. Let’s just accept that one and move on.

Ginrai's truck flies to him

That is a flying truck, FYI.

The Decepticons begin firing on the Autobots’ boats as soon as their in range and sink them. The fliers head over to the island and engage in combat and the Headmaster Jrs do sweet jumps off the bow of the sinking ship. While those Autobots distract the Decepticons, Ginrai masterforces himself up and calls his truck. His cab then glows and flies out of the water and he transforms. Yup, his truck can fly now.

Ginrai sneaks up on Blood

Isn’t it ironic?

Wilder is left guarding the cave and Ginrai just power jumps behind him and delivers a sweet belly to back suplex, knocking him out (or whatever the robot equivalent is). It’s pretty terrific.

Ginrai saves Diver

Ooo, kinky!

Ginrai then enters the cave and saves Diver and the kids and the other hostages but does so in a real smarmy, sarcastic manner. Everyone seems to think it’s funny, so I guess it’s no big deal. But when you look like Optimus Prime, I think you should conduct yourself with a modicum of dignity.

Lander and Dauros wrestle

A feat of strength shall settle this dispute.

While all of this is going on, each of the Autobots and Decepticons is fighting. Nothing too exciting. The most interesting is Lander and – I dunno, Dauros? – having a wrestling match where Lander is still complaining about having his date ruined. Dauros hilariously doesn’t even understand what a date is but knocks Lander on his ass.

Dauros notices the Autobots have attacked on two fronts

Dauros slowly clues in to the obvious.

Dauros notices the hostages have been freed and that the Autobots were using diversionary tactics. Too late to make much of a difference? Not really, since Ginrai is there. So they call Turtler to form…

Ginrai faces King Poseidon

A few minutes left so let’s throw in the new character. This’ll work well.

King Poseidon! Ginrai is finally clearly outmatched by the towering Decepticon combiner. I think it’d be funny if the engine started leaking, but this show is nothing but serious business.

The Decepticon Headmasters are surrounded

Almost too many to buy them all, eh kids?

Meanwhile, the Decepticon Pretenders just flat out give up. They just retreat for no god damn reason. The three Decepticon Headmasters are outnumbered by the Autobots nearly 2 to 1. Some casual cursing goes on, but the don’t retreat and the Autobots don’t finish them off. They stand around scowling at one another instead.

Minerva offers Cancer a way out

Minerva doesn’t get much punching time, but she makes up for it with whining time.

Minerva calls out to Cancer, in a callback to when she tried to befriend him a few episodes back. She tells him it’s not too late to leave the Decepticons now that he can see they are cowards and make hostages out of innocent kids. But he doesn’t listen and then the Headmasters retreat. The Autobots obviously let them go because that’s what they always do around the 20 minute mark of an episode.

Super Ginrai kicks King Poseidon

A gentle rub of the thigh to the ribs!

Ginrai is getting kicked around by King Poseidon when he suddenly starts to glow. But instead of shooting Chokon energy, his trailer flies out of the ocean through the sky and hits the Seacon combiner in the chest. Then Ginrai merges with the trailer to form an even more massive version of himself. With his new power-up he instantly kicks and punches King Poseidon to hell and the drones around Turtler explode as he’s hurled to the ground. They sure didn’t allow King Poseidon to be a threat, did they? Introduce him and instantly he gets his ass kicked. The Decepticons are really doing terribly this season.

Super Ginrai stands tall

Comes with all you see here. Batteries not included.

Ginrai stands in his new Super Ginrai form for the other Autobots to coo about and a narrator tells us this is the first time Ginrai cooperated with the Autobots to protect humanity. Uh… what about the last three episodes?

  • tom david johansen

    nice recap…but abit sad when u miss a phrase from this show…EAT THIS!

  • Chris Piers

    No one said it! I capture it every time it’s said.

  • tom david johansen

    i do hope next time they scream: EAT THIS alot…and btw awesome to see super trailer prime/ginrai

  • Cartoons are for children, not adults. ;)

  • RobotsPJs

    That’s why this is extra funny, because this particular series has characters drinking booze and swearing.

  • Chris Piers

    Also a surprising amount of death or children in peril.