Transformers: Super-God Masterforce Episode 14 Recap – “Eliminate the Godmaster Ginrai”

I think an alternate title to this season should be “Eat this!” because I’ve never seen a phrase repeated more in anything. That includes Teletubbies. But before we get to that, we get to see the Decepticons plot to destroy Ginrai, the Autobot godmaster. Hydra and Buster apologize to Lord Giga for failing last episode. Lord Giga actually asks a relevant question.

Giga contemplates Godmasters

Sweet ponytail, bro.

We learned that Godmaster Transtectors are the forms that broke off from a Decepticon god, the one who gives Giga and his crew their marching orders. But if they originated from a Decepticon, why did one of them choose Ginrai and join the Autobots? Hit the jump to learn why, see Transformers shout “Eat this!” and to watch the Decepticons basically give up every advantage in battle.

The Decepticon god claims all Godmasters are his

But he’s against adoption!

The Decepticon god (still nameless) tells Giga that all Godmasters are his children and that it pains him that one joined the Autobots. He orders Giga not to let any more fall to the opposition. Giga then turns to Hydra and Buster, who have lost to Ginrai a few times, and tells them to beat Ginrai this time.

Ginrai talks about his trailer

Do you think Ginrai dyes his hair?

Meanwhile, Ginrai has traveled back to America to chat with Diver and Lander about his new trailer. Seems like the kind of thing that might’ve been handled just fine with a phone call. He recaps last episode to him within a sentence or two, so Ginrai’s actually far superior to me.

Lander and Ginrai talk about his living trailer

But actually, it’s full of slaves.

Lander talks about how no one that looked at the trailer would know how special it is. You know who else doesn’t know how special it is? Us. It hasn’t really done anything yet. Meanwhile, Diver is doing pushups this whole time. Is he into fitness now? That’s new.

Ginrai has a plan to find Godmasters

There should be a light bulb going off above his head, but it’s only 15 watts or so.

Ginrai talks about how he still has 3 more pairs of masterforce bracelets. The Autobots want to find and recruit three more people who are fated to become Godmasters. How best to do that? Well, Ginrai’s idea is to put himself out in public and flat out put the call out for people to find him. Is this a good idea or is this just Ginrai finding an excuse to get on TV?

Lander and Diver get tangled up

How? Just how?

Ginrai drives off before Diver and Lander can react to his idea and then they bump into one another. In the next shot, they are a tangled up mess. I don’t know how that could happen. But I want to know!

Cancer plays pinball

Living in a material world

Were you wondering what the Decepticon Headmaster Jrs were up to? Well, you’re going to find out either way. They’re all hanging out in a bar. Cancer is really into his pinball game. In the background is a poster for Madonna’s album “You Can Dance.” The show was created in 1987 so it was contemporary then. But if we follow the Transformers continuity, this technically takes place somewhere around 2011 or so. Someone tell this bar it’s time to get on Restaurant: Impossible and get redone!

Bullhorn mopes

Is it legal for these guys to be in a bar?

Wilder and Cancer are drinking their sorrows away. Not sure if that’s legal. I thought they were teenagers. I guess they’re just that badass. Then again, everyone seems to drink on this show. Ginrai gets a beer all the time. Last week, Diver nearly blew his load when he got a bottle of wine. And there’s some more liquor later in this episode. Anyway, they’re pretty upset that they lost to Ginrai last episode, especially Bullhorn.

Cancer watches a game show

Japan has our TV shows pegged.

Cancer turns on his favorite tv show, which is some sort of live version of America’s Got Talent. Seriously, they’re talking about how Mr. X is going to show up with an “interesting vehicle.” The co-host is waiting by the street and is kind of embarrassed that he can’t see Mr. X yet. Bad planning!

Ginrai announces himself on national tv

Ginrai is famous. He got his wish.

Fortunately, Ginrai pulls up in his cab just then and transforms in front of the whole audience. Everyone is stunned. He then tells everyone on live TV that he’s an alien who can change into a truck. This announcement stuns everyone which directly contradicts last episode where a news anchor openly talks about Autobots and Decepticons battling. Previous episodes also had Transformers on the news. But Ginrai didn’t know what Transformers were and no one seems to this week. They play real fast and loose with this concept. Ginrai says that if anyone feels compelled by destiny like he did, that they should contact the show. I would think that would make the show itself a target for the Decepticons but who knows?

Cancer wants the Decepticon Godmasters to go after Ginrai

Opposite motivation of last week.

So, for the second episode in a row, Cancer happened to turn the TV on just at the right moment and on the right channel to see Ginrai. Bullhorn wants to charge over there and get revenge but Cancer thinks they should just let the Decepticon Godmasters, Hydra and Buster, handle it so that they don’t lose again. Wilder agrees, saying that they can’t afford to be defeated again so soon.

Bullhorn loses his temper

That’s actually what he ordered from the menu.

Bullhorn smashes the table in anger and orders some shit. Or he just says shit. Either way, we don’t see the Decepticon Headmaster Jrs for the rest of the episode. There are several time wasting cul de sacs in this episode and non sequitor scenes that don’t impact the main plot. That’s just how Super-God Masterforce rolls.

Lander saw Ginrai on tv

Lander is a playa!

Lander calls up Diver to tell him what Ginrai just did. My favorite part of this is Lander has a chick just hanging out in the background waiting for him. He’s a robot that loves the ladies. I could watch a show just about Lander’s day to day life.

Diver dreams about Ginrai

Such a dreamboat!

Diver understands what Ginrai was talking about and sort of daydreams about him. Diver is definitely gay. That’s just my take on things. But he really takes care of his body and image and he seems really into Ginrai. So good for him. He joins a long list of gay Transformers such as Perceptor, Starscream and Megatron.

The Decepticons plot to kill Ginrai

Or you could use your guns instead of a stone.

Hydra and Buster are flying around, wasting fuel. They get a call from Gilmer who has spotted Ginrai. Buster says they should attack but Hydra has a more elaborate plan: Allow Ginrai to make it to the city and fight him there where he’ll be distracted by all the innocent bystanders. Even if they lost the fight, they can turn the public against Ginrai. It’s a good plan!

Gilmer hates working for humans

Gilmer’s cameo. Don’t blink.

Then we see Gilmer complaining about having to work for humans, referring to Buster and Hydra. But this is the only glimpse we’ll see of Gilmer so don’t get excited that there is a conflict there that we’ll get to see resolved.

Some kids beat on each other

Japan’s view of the U.S.

And the next scene is pointless, too. Ginrai drives into the city and we see some kids beating each other up. Ginrai just drives right on by like he can’t be bothered.

Ginrai challenges Hydra and Buster

Oh mah gawd! It’s a two on one match! Vince McMahon is going too far!

Ginrai delivers a shipment to one of his customers, a mustachioed dude named Sam that he gets along with. Several of Ginrai’s fellow truckers are there as well. I don’t know whether to admire Ginrai’s work effort or to question why he’s still working when he obviously has a higher calling to defend humanity. Regardless, Hydra and Buster buzz overhead and blast away, scaring Ginrai’s co-workers and dropping some debris on Sam’s shoulder. Ginrai transforms and gets their attention by dramatically posing and declaring himself their opponent. He is polite, if nothing else.

Ginrai kicks Hydra


Ginrai launches into a drop kick to Buster’s face while shouting “Eat this!” which is the default attack phrase on this TV show. It gets said about 3 times per episode lately, so it’s gone past annoying and into super amusing territory for me. I noticed it somewhere around episode 9, but they say it so much I wonder if I missed some in the early episodes.

Ginrai's friends throw rocks at him

That’s what friends are for.

Ginrai’s friends turn on him in a second, pelting him with rocks and telling him to get lost and to stop wrecking their workplace. I really don’t see how they can’t tell that Hydra and Buster caused all the damage and Ginrai is defending them. I want to say they are handicapped but they all have jobs requiring a trucking license and I don’t think you can get one of those if you are disabled. Maybe they’re just assholes.

Ginrai punches Hydra

Hell yeah! Eat it!

For a fun variation on “Eat this!”, Ginrai punches Hydra in his gut and shouts “Eat it!” I’m going to count it.

Hydra has Ginrai in his sights

Ginrai has no escape, I assume.

Hydra and Buster corral a bunch of bystanders and threaten them but then also tell the people that Ginrai demanded they fight here in the city and the people believe it! I tend to get skeptical when someone points a gun at me. Anyway, this is when you start to realize that Hydra and Buster don’t really want to win. Why? Well, they have the upper hand here. Ginrai is afraid to attack while the innocent civilians are beside Hydra and Buster and Hydra has his guns trained on Ginrai. So does he shoot Ginrai?

Hydra tries to club Ginrai with his guns

Hm. Guns as clubs. That’s one way to lose a fight.

Nope! He spins his guns in the air, catches them, and tries to use them as clubs to hit Ginrai on the head! Why would you do that unless you were trying to throw the fight?!

Ginrai's friend sticks up for him

The best ‘stache in all of Transformers.

Meanwhile, Sam struggles to sit up to tell the truckers that Ginrai is actually trying to protect them. The truckers instantly change their point of view.

Hydra has Ginrai in his sights again

Ginrai’s finished for sure THIS time.

For the second time, the Hydra brothers get the upper hand. Buster has Ginrai in a headlock and Hydra aims his gun at him at nearly point blank range. And then…

Hydra punches Ginrai

A… punch. Well. You are good at losing, Hydra.

He drops his gun and punches Ginrai in the chest… What the hell are these idiots trying to do here?

Diver helps Ginrai

Where the hell is the Autobot leader, Metalhawk?

Just then, Lander and Diver show up to help even the odds. Metalhawk and Phoenix and the Headmaster Jrs should all consider moving to the U.S. It seems a lot busier than Japan.

Hydra uses Chokon power

Perfect! Glorious!

Hydra shouts out the third and final “Eat this!” of the episode as he shoots Chokon power at Ginrai but Ginrai uses his own Chokon power and the Hydra brothers are blasted away. The end of the battle. No innocents were killed, so that’s a positive!

Sam thinks Ginrai is a good guy

For as the wise man said in Ezekial 24:14, let he who is a Transformer lead us all.

Afterwards, Ginrai and his trucker buds check in on Sam at the hospital. Sam says that God himself must have given Ginrai these amazing abilities to protect them. He’s half right. It was a god, but it was an evil Decepticon god, when you think about it.

Sam snuck gin into the hospital

Sponsored by Gordon’s Dry Gin.

Then Sam pulls out a bottle of gin to share. But not just any bottle. No, it’s branded. Gordon’s Dry Gin. I’m honestly starting to wonder if this show was sponsored by alcohol. When the truckers ask where Sam pulled that bottle out of, Sam says he has super powers. Yeah, the super power to hide gin up your butt.

The Decepticons reveal King Poseidon

Secret combiner! Decepticons level up!

Back at the Decepticon base, Lord Giga says it’s time to unleash their secret weapon and has the thus-far unseen Seacon Turtler call on his various Seacon drones that we have seen before. Turns out they are combiners and they merge to form the massive Transformer, King Poseidon. Buy yours today!

  • RobotsPJs

    I still can get over how literal they were in animating the toy version of Optimus Prime. There’s the seems were the folds come down on that trailer. I won’t be surprised to see little fists sticking out the top of it.

  • tom david johansen

    Gordon’s dry gin and sea-monster…well i might think its a whale tail

  • Chris Piers

    Nailed it.