Transformers: Super-God Masterforce Episode 12 Recap – “A Strange Friendship: Cancer and Minerva”

Last episode, Ginrai couldn’t decide on whether to join the Autobots, even though the Decepticons murdered five of his pals. This episode begins with Ginrai trucking along when a massive tornado pops up. It’s so big that it warps the highway around him. Episode 12 is “A Strange Friendship: Cancer and Minerva” and it gets off to a brisk start. Poor Ginrai is sweating because he’s so scared!

Ginrai sees a tornado

Or IS it?!

He shouts what is in front of him to remind himself that he can see and talk. After the jump, you can see more of what Ginrai sees!

Ginrai sees the Decepticon god

Transformer vagina?

The tornado tears Ginrai from the truck and the next thing he sees is some bizarre, Lovecraftian tentacle thing in a void, emanating a pulsing energy. Yes, Ginrai is “tripping balls.”

Ginrai wakes up from a nightmare

Understatement Weekly.

He wakes up because—surprise!—it was a dream! In a powerful understatement, he mentions to himself that he had a strange dream. But if he hadn’t said that, how would the audience know that the dream was strange?

The Autobots don't know what the new masterforce bracelets are for

Nothing new here.

Did the dream give him any insight into how he’s living his life or changes he should make? Not particularly, but it does make him curious about his Transtector truck so he, apparently for the first time, opens the glove box and finds FOUR sets of masterforce bracelets. He contacts Diver, who in turn calls up Hawk, ostensibly still the Autobot leader. When Hawk asks where they came from, Ginrai straight up owns the fact that he doesn’t know anything.

Ginrai promises to help the Autobots later

I’ll save the world after I drop off this dog food at Costco.

Hawk tells Ginrai he should bring the bracelets to Japan where they can analyze them. Ginrai establishes that he doesn’t understand priorities by telling Hawk he’ll THINK about visiting when he gets a break from driving his truck. This is a guy who knows that masterforce bracelets allow a human to become a Transformer as well as a man who understands the threat posed by the Decepticons. But you know, he’s gotta deliver those chairs to Nebraska before he can think about turning to the Autobots for any help.

Mega wants to find the Godmasters

Maybe if your people hadn’t blown up Cybertron, you’d have access to more Decepticons.

The Decepticons aren’t especially proactive this week. They’re just hanging out in their base. No planning. No training. Not even golfing with leftover deathballs. Mega does mention that she’s concerned that they haven’t found the four remaining Godmaster Transformers. Not concerned enough to DO anything, but it’s on her mind.

Blood brings good news to Giga

I saved 15% by switching to GEICO.

The monotony is interrupted by Blood who brings the news that he heard Ginrai will be traveling to Japan. Because the best spy the Decepticons have is the 15-foot tall bat monster. He just… blends right in!

The Headmaster Jrs greet Ginrai

Nope, it’s a coincidence. BYE.

Ginrai took a cruise ship to Japan. I guess it’s so that he could bring his truck with him, but that means that he spent WEEKS at sea. Weeks that the Decepticons could have attacked with all those Seacons they have. Or flown over with Hydra and Buster’s jets. The Autobots couldn’t pony up the cash for a C-130 transport? This is kind of a big deal! Anyway, Ginrai gets off the boat and asks the Headmaster Jr kids if they’re there to greet him. He asks that. I’d love to know what else Ginrai thinks they could be doing there. Because I got nothing.

The Decepticon Headmaster Jrs spy on Ginrai

I bet Bullhorn went nuts at the buffet

Oh, and guess who was on the boat the whole time? The Decepticon Headmaster Jrs. They’ve been patiently waiting for a chance to show off their skills while spying on Ginrai. I don’t know who is the bigger idiot: Ginrai for not noticing them, or the Decepticons for not attacking him while he’s isolated.

Cab and GoShooter block the Decepticons

I am. The law. Through down your weapons. And prepare to be judged.

The Autobots escort Ginrai to their base but along the way Shuta notices something in his rearview mirror and tells Cab to follow him. The Decepticons are tailing the Autobots in the forest when they suddenly bump into Cab and GoShooter. Uh oh Spaghetti-o! The Autobots sure did use the art of surprise to their advantage… by politely standing in the way.

Minerva and Ginrai wait for Cab and Shuta

Beats me, let’s get lunch.

Oh, and Cab and Shuta were smart enough to do this without even mentioning anything to Ginrai or Minerva! They flat out disappeared on them.

Wilder threatens Cab and GoShooter

My favorite Super-God Masterforce catch phrase!

Time for a fight in the forest. You know it’ll be a good one because it starts with my fav catch phrase on this show, “Eat this!” Awwww, yeah. When you hear those words you know it’s time for a rumble and some Decepticreeps are about to get their chops busted.

Wilder is scared of Ginrai

My second-favorite catch phrase.

At first the 3 Decepticons begin walloping the 2 Autobots. But in short order, Ginrai shows up, prompting Wilder to curse like HE was the truck driver. Also? Wilder’s robot form has one prominent chin.

Ginrai elbows Wilder

Move 1: Elbow

Ginrai begins systematically eliminating the Decepticons with one power move each. First, he elbows Wilder in the face.

Ginrai knees Cancer

Move 2: Knee

Then he drives a knee into Bullhorn’s chest.

Ginrai sits on Bullhorn

Move 3: Butt stomp?!

Finally, he… butt stomps Cancer. Huh. Not quite the finish I would have gone for. Kicks and punches work well. Sitting on your enemy? I guess it works as long as you’re heavier. The above shot also highlights how Ginrai has the front of a truck cab on his back, just like on his chest. It’s pretty weird.

Ginrai captures Cancer

Call that kid’s parents.

Apparently the butt stomp is far more powerful than I realized. Wilder and Bullhorn awake from their sever concussions but can’t find Cancer. That’s because Cancer is still unconscious and Ginrai has carried him to his meeting with Hawk. Not to help the kid with the swelling brain, but because he might prove useful. Your hero, ladies and gentlemen.

Minerva wants to treat their prisoner better

Minerva is functionally retarded this week.

Ginrai puts Cancer in some handcuffs on a table. But Minerva stands up for Cancer, calling that cruel. Honestly, I don’t know if there’s a gentler way to subdue a guy who wants you dead, so I think Minerva is overreacting, but that’s her character. She wants to heal everyone. Cancer is kicking and biting at anyone that comes close.

The Autobots' computer blows up when analyzing masterforce bracelets

Quality home computing.

Hawk puts the masterforce bracelets that Ginrai brought into a pile of computer parts that is supposed to analyze it. But we all know what happens when a computer is trying to perform a function beyond its capacity – it explodes!

Minerva isn't scared of Cancer

I… I walked into a doorknob.

Minerva tries to give Cancer some water but he kicks at her and makes her drop the cup. Cab and Shuta run over to help but Minerva acts like a battered housewife and says she’s fine and that nothing happened. What a role model!

Ginrai contemplates the horror of war

There’s nothing funny about war.

Ginrai sits around, looking at the masterforce bracelets and mopes. He hates responsibility. That’s his character arc. In the final episode, he’ll probably act responsibly. Just a guess. Meanwhile, he’s a bit of a dick. The only reason I like him is because he transforms into a robot that looks like Optimus Prime and I love Optimus. Everyone loves Optimus. (If you don’t love Optimus, there’s something wrong with you. -Vincent)

Minerva and Cancer make a connection

“There must be something there that wasn’t there before.” -Miss Potts

Minerva offers Cancer some water and this time he quietly accepts it. Minerva looks at him lovingly. This is like some sort of reverse Stockholm Syndrome.

Ginrai promises not to hurt Cancer

That doesn’t sound suspicious AT ALL.

Ginrai decides to interrogate Cancer. And while the creepiest thing he could do would be to immediately put his balls on Cancer’s face, he does the second creepiest thing: he walks up and says he won’t hurt him or anything. Very believable! He then grabs Cancer threateningly and demands to know everything that Cancer knows about Godmasters. Minerva intervenes and tells Ginrai to back off. She also offers Cancer more water and the good cop routine pays off. Cancer relays what he knows about Godmasters as it was explained to him by Lord Giga.

Giga explains what Godmasters are

Godmasters are essentially Cthulu. That is awesome.

The story goes that Godmasters are gods from outer space who serve as messengers for Decepticons. There are 8 Godmasters currently on Earth. Space gods does sound pretty cool. Not sure what a messenger is, though. We’ll see at some point, I hope.

The Godmasters came from 1 being

It was either Earth or the Bee Planet

The Godmasters were originally one being and it came to Earth in the ancient past. It split off 7 offspring from itself when it arrived, which all arrived on land. The main body landed deep in an ocean trench. In the present day, these ancient gods awoke and took the form of Transtectors, robot bodies that can be controlled by humans that bond with them.

Giga and Mega reveal they are Godmasters

And our chimp friend, Gleep Glorp.

Giga and Mega discovered the main body and bonded with it. We haven’t seen their Transtector yet, but it takes two engines so it must be pretty big. I don’t know why it made them dress like assholes.

Mega explains Godmaster power

Those eyebrows!

Mega explains that the four remaining Godmasters will have astounding power and the Decepticons must control them. She is a stone cold weirdo. Look at that green hair, those strange eyebrows, the collar she wears around her neck that isn’t connected to anything!

Ginrai reflects on how strange his life is

And my socks are from Dimension Zeta…

Ginrai takes the info in stride. He also comes up with a plan to return Cancer to the Decepticons but to put a tracking chip on his back. As far as Autobot plans go, this one is Einstein level genius.

Cancer finds Minerva annoying

So THAT’S where West Coast rappers got the band aid look.

As they prepare Cancer to be transported away, he angrily insults Minerva but I don’t buy it. Ginrai slips the homing beacon onto the back of Cancer’s shirt.

Wilder and Bullhorn can't find Cancer

They’ve been sitting in the woods the whole time?

Back in the forest, Wilder and Bullhorn are still desperately searching for Cancer. Yep, it’s been at least a long day but they still think there might be a massive robot lying around somewhere they didn’t look. These two buffoons make the other Decepticons look competent. That might by why they’re kept around.

Wilder, Bullhorn and Hydra welcome Cancer back

Cobra Commander would love these guys.

Hydra and Buster arrive for reasons just as the Autobots drive up to hand Cancer over. His fellow Headmaster Jrs are super-happy to see him. It might be reason enough to stop at Arby’s on the way home.

Hydra finds the tracking chip on Cancer

You’ve been… busted! No wait, I’m Hydra, not Buster. Uh, you’ve been… hydrofied?

Hydra displays his competence by instantly pulling off the homing beacon and smashing it. Ginrai and Hawk were holding back and when the signal cuts out they realize their plan just went to shit and they better haul ass to help the Headmaster Jrs who are the only Autobots on the scene, now severely outnumbered. Although, they’d be outnumbered even if the Decepticons didn’t find that homing beacon. So what were they hoping for there?

Ginrai declares battle

You are legally obligated to battle me!

Ginrai jumps in front of Hydra and declares that he’ll be his opponent. It’s polite and concise.

Ginrai beats up Hydra

Advantage: Autobots!

The fight consists primarily of Ginrai brutally smashing Hydra’s face into jelly. It goes on for quite a while.

Buster threatens to shoot Minerva

It probably wouldn’t affect her IQ.

But everyone forgot Buster, the other massive robot. He simply puts a gun to Minerva’s head. We didn’t get any guns to kids’ heads in our weaksauce U.S. cartoons. Japan keeps it real.

Hydra beats up Ginrai

Advantage: Decepticons!

Hydra uses the distraction to flip Ginrai over and give him the same beatdown he was just dishing out. So lots and lots of face-smashing going on this week.

Cancer defends Minerva

What a twist!

Cancer may have acted all indignant while he was a prisoner, but apparently he does care for Minerva, because he leaps in front of her to defend her from Buster. Cancer then begs the Godmaster brothers not to kill anybody. Now it’s Hydra’s turn to be distracted so Ginrai smashes him in the head and the Decepticon Godmasters retreat (after merging into a super jet because they’re cool).

Ginrai taunts Wilder and Bullhorn

Don’t taunt them, finish them off.

Ginrai then threatens the Decepticon Headmaster Jrs in their tiny robot form. They probably shit their robot pants and run away. Cancer has time to blush when Minerva thanks him for saving her life and runs away with his bros.

Ginrai decides to wake up Cab and Shuta by shooting them

That’s a terrible idea.

Cab and GoShooter are both still knocked out from their battle with the Decepticons. Ginrai has the brilliant idea to shoot them back to life with his gun. Not kidding, he straight up shoots his unconscious allies.


Ginrai laughs at Cab and Shuta's confusion

What an asshole!

The gun does somehow wake them up although they stumble around as though they are brain dead. This causes Ginrai to do a deep belly laugh at the confusion he’s just caused.

Mega welcomes Cancer back

Hot for teacher.

But what about Cancer? Are his Decepticon teammates going to crucify him for betraying them just now? No, because he is Mega’s pet and she smothers him with hugs like he is some sort of little baby. And that’s how it ends. Cancer and Minerva slightly got along. Are any of us so different? On the outside aren’t we all just transforming robots?

  • tom david johansen

    cool recap, and it do make me wonder about the other godmasters…i hope tosee them soon

  • Chris Piers

    As long as there are toys to sell, the show will introduce new characters!

  • RobotsPJs

    I think when making the designs for the show, the animators were FAR to literal with Power Master Optimus Prime’s design. They should have just drawn him normal with that backside as the front. Dumb dumbs.

  • Chris Piers

    Thumbs yes.