Transformers: Super-God Masterforce Episode 10 Recap – “A Hero is Chosen – His Name is Ginrai”

Who is the main character of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce? Is it the leader, Metalhawk? Or our POV character, Shuta? Or is it Ginrai, who we’ll meet this episode and takes a lead role? It’s hard to say. But if it’s Shuta, he really should remember that the Decepticons killed his dad. He kinda got over that real fast, didn’t he? Anyway, we begin this episode in the Decepticon base with leaders Mega and Giga lecturing the Godmasters, Hydra and Buster. Lecturing them on what they are!

Lord Mega explains Godmasters

You’ve piqued my curiosity, Lord Giga.

Trust me, you’ll never guess how they’re different. Just hit the jump and see.

Giga and Mega lecture Buster and Hydra

Offspring? Things are getting weird, even for this show.

Yeah, Lord Giga says that the Godmasters are basically their kids. And then he stops there. This is never really explained fully, though it will be obliquely referenced about midway through the series. The nature of Godmasters ties into the evil entity that the Decepticons are following, but who we have only seen fleeting references to so far. It’s awkward.

Hydra worries about an Autobot Godmaster

Their greatest fear – an Autobot Godmaster or Walmart running out of hair dye?

Regardless, the Decepticons discuss their greatest fear: as great as Hydra and Buster are, what if the Autobots got their own Godmaster? Giga tasks the brothers with looking into whether they Autobots have such an asset. Which actually sounds like a really broad task. But more important than that is their choice of outfits, right? I mean, I can accept Busters loose sweater, but what’s up with Hydra’s accountant look? Those armbands are super-weird but the tie has to be the strangest choice. Is he planning to meet someone for a business deal in between fighting Autobots?

Diver agrees to help a sick dolphin

Is Diver a vet now? I thought he was a scientist.

Meanwhile, in America, specifically Diver’s research institute, Diver gets a call about a sick dolphin. His research facility is massive and I thought he was some sort of high-end marine biologist or energy scientist or something. But here he’s talking to a dude from some place like SeaWorld about getting his dolphin healthy again.

Ginrai and Diver talk on videophones

Videophones! The future is WOW.

Since the dolphin hasn’t arrived yet and time is supposedly of the essence, Diver calls the truck driver who is delivering the dolphin. Turns out it’s just some young dude whose engine died so he’s stranded at a truck stop. He doesn’t seem too concerned about the dolphin that’s probably baking in his truck’s trailer.

A truck seller tries to pawn off a truck on Ginrai

Here, drive this truck that I know has many problems.

Now that he knows he should actually try to meet his deadlines, he asks the auto mechanic if he has any trucks for sale instead. The mechanic has one but mentions that it has been returned for having strange supernatural phenomena occur with it. No more detail than that. Ginrai proves he’s either a man up for a challenging adventure or a complete moron when he agrees to take it.

Ginrai thinks about how to scam a new truck

Oh, so he’s a cheapskate. Got it.

However, the show must not want us to like him too much because the first thing Ginrai does is think up how he’ll complain to the mechanic that it has problems so that he can buy it on the cheap. Also, the mechanic lets him “borrow” it to see if he likes it before he has to buy it. You know, the way no car seller ever would.

Hydra and Buster search for other Godmasters in America

America is actually a pretty big place.

Remember how Hydra and Buster have the vague mission of “see if the Autobots found a Godmaster?” Well, with nothing specific to go on, they were randomly told to start their search in America. You know, that little town called America? 3.8 million square miles. Population of 316 million, give or take? Yeah, start there.

Hydra brags about his power

The perfect moment for a dance number.

Hydra spends his time in an efficient way, standing by the Grand Canyon and screaming about how powerful he is with only his brother to hear him.

Ginrai can't get his bracelets off

World’s worst magician.

Ginrai drops off the dolphin at Diver’s facility. He looks in the glove box and apparently he’s the first one to think of that because there’s a pair of Masterforce bracelets in there. He instantly puts them on and then right away wants to take them off but they won’t budge. This guy has impulses like a cat.

Ginrai tries to take his bracelets off

Oh… I’ll come back in… 5 minutes?

Diver picks that moment to thank him only to find him doing some weird humping action in an attempt to get the bracelets off. Instead of calling the authorities, he sticks around and watches and recognizes the bracelets. Ginrai decides he can’t just sit around for a few minutes to talk so Diver hops in to talk to him.

Diver explains what Decepticons are

It’s on the news pretty much every day, Dumb Dumb.

Diver explains to Ginrai about the Autobots and Decepticons and seems very surprised that Ginrai hasn’t heard of them on the news. I’m surprised, too, but Diver should probably be glad. After all Transformers are supposed to be robots in DISGUISE and Pretenders are trying to blend in even more!

Ginrai talks about seeing a Decepticon once

I drink root beer. I’m hard!

After Diver explains that Decepticons are massive robots, frequently in a massive animal form, and have wrecked cities, that jogs Ginrai’s memory. One time he saw a huge buffalo (who?) raging in “the city” (which one?). I bet Ginrai is making that up to fit in. He angrily crushes his soda to show how serious he is about not liking the Decepticons, which he didn’t know about a few minutes ago.

Ginrai talks about how cool he is

Yeah, you’re the shit. Got it.

But after that beautiful speech, Ginrai explains that he’s a loner and isn’t going to get involved. Thanks, tough guy.

The Godmasters and Headmaster Jrs sit in the dirt

Who needs shelter?

The Godmasters, meanwhile, have decided that the best first step they can take is to sit in the middle of the desert and chat with their fellow Decepticons, the Headmaster Jrs, about whether they’ve heard any good rumors about a potential Godmaster. Remember, as far as anyone knows, there might not even be any. But the Headmaster Jrs have all heard rumors about a truck that heals itself.

The Decepticon Godmasters hunt for Ginrai

Luckiest Detective Agency.

Somehow, the Godmasters track that rumor down and figure out that it’s the same truck Ginrai borrowed. This all happens off screen. Too bad. I’d love to see Hydra talk to that mechanic. I bet the mechanic gave them some odd looks.

Ginrai notices his brakes have failed

Ginrai’s G.I. Joe file card art.

Oh, and Ginrai’s truck starts going crazy, swerving all over the place on a series of winding roads up in the mountains. Then his brakes fail. Why? I think just to make things more interesting.

Diver jumps for safety

See ya!

Ginrai crashes over the edge of the cliff and Diver bails on him. The cliff seems to be about a goddamn mile high in the sky.

Diver checks on Ginrai

Diver pretends he still cares.

Diver then inspects the wreckage as though anyone should be expected to survive that insane disaster.

Ginrai struggles to escape the wreckage

What a drama queen!

But surprisingly enough, Ginrai is alive although in very, very bad shape. He can barely move at all and is convinced he’s going to die. He struggles to even reach the door. Traditional cartoon fun.

The Godmasters tease Diver

Sick burn from the Godmasters

The Godmasters happen to by flying overhead at that moment and land, recognizing Diver. Before simply blasting him to hell, they opt to break his spirit first. Diver told them he wants to defend humanity because he loves it and they point out that they are human but Diver is only pretending. It’s a pretty good insult, especially on the Transformers sliding scale where “Megajerk” was pretty much the wittiest insult the Autobots ever came up with.

Hydra uses Chokon power to throw rocks

Yum! Rocks!

The Godmasters then decide to show off their Chokon power, which in this instance is simply floating some rocks up and pelting Diver with them. At least they shout at him to “eat this!” which is the go-to battle cry for both sides in any given episode of Super-God Masterforce.

Hydra gloats

Those are some really tough windows.

Hydra gloats a bit and even rubs it in to Diver that not every human is great. Implying, I suppose, that some are shitheads like himself.

Ginrai looks like Optimus Prime

Looks familiar.

Just then, Ginrai collapses inside the cab and his bracelets touch. He is instantly healed and encased in a robot suit. He transforms into an engine as the truck heals itself. When the engine combines with the truck, it transforms into a familiar looking Transformer! Ginrai exhibits Chokon power as well, surrounding himself in electricity and blasting energy towards the Decepticons, who decide to retreat and tell Mega they found an Autobot Godmaster. Why does Ginrai look like Optimus Prime? Guess what? They NEVER TELL YOU! Ok, that’s not entirely true. After this show completed all its episodes, it had a clip show episode and the voiceover explains that the Autobots had built a Transtector body that they intended to try to revive Optimus Prime with. Why didn’t they? WHO KNOWS?!

Ginrai tells Diver he is Japanese

Good job, Ginrai. I can see why you’re a truck driver!

Ginrai lets Diver know that he’s Japanese. Diver wisely doesn’t respond to something so obvious.

American eagle!

And cue Mr. Lee Greenwood.

The show apparently feels the need to explain why a Japanese guy would be in America, and Ginrai says that he felt stifled in Japan so he came to America to search out new opportunities. Which seem to mostly include becoming a long haul trucker. Truly the Autobots have gained one hell of an ally!

  • tom david johansen

    awesome…finaly we see God-master Ginrai/Prime :D

  • Chris Piers

    Yeah, even if it isn’t Optimus, the fact that he looks like him helps make the show better.

  • RobotsPJs

    I’m happy he kind of showed up. Powermaster Optimus holds a special place in my heart and thanks to you, I was able to get him in package!

  • RobotsPJs

    Also: My dad is a trucker and I’ve gone with him. I’ve seen a lot of long haul truckers. Not in the history of truck driving has there ever been a truck driver that looks like that guy.

  • Chris Piers

    Oh yeah, you do have my old Powermaster Optimus Prime! I remember his robot engine friend was called Hi-Test or Hi-Q. Something like that. It’s interesting how Japan created the idea of Transtectors for the cartoon, where the robots that form the head or engine control a drone body. The U.S. toys were explicitly a team up between a Transformer and a human or alien.

  • Malikai Aspen

    I think it is different how the humans become little robots themselves thanks to the supernatural Masterforce bracelets. Who wouldn’t wanna become a giant robot, or a small robot and link up to one and have your consciousness transfer to the giant robot?