Transformers on Pawn Stars

So this guy is going to have a baby and he needs to get rid of his Transfomers toys. I’m not sure if appearing on the show Pawn Stars is the best way to try to sell them, but whatever. One thing that bothers me about his collection that if he needs the space why not only keep one each. Seriously, who needs about ten Power Master Optimus Prime figures? I can understand army building to some extent, but that’s not an army, that’s hoarding. I’m also not surprised that he turned down the pawn guy’s offer. When you sell to someone who wants to turn a profit, you can’t sell at 100% what you can make on it. That’s just common sense.

Thanks to Zak: Who is not nearly nerdy enough.

  • He would be able that money himself if he sold it himself. I agree that he should just keep one of each and sell the rest because that collection is ridiculous. He also needs shelves and/or shelving units, then he may not have a problem with needing the extra room.

  • He should have taken the deal. That’s all.

  • PrfktTear

    I saw this episode after a friend told me about it.

    That guy has an incredible collection, but I have to wonder why he has so many multiples of each figure. I know collecting itself lends to OCD (or maybe OCD lends itself to collecting) but like you said, its hoarding. He should be on TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive!

    I should seem to think that the way we saw his collection wasn’t how he kept/displayed it. I’m thinking he had everything all boxed up or something and that he laid it all out for the show. If he sold his collection piecemeal, I’m sure he could easily get $15,000-$20,000.