Transformers Generations: Age of Extinction – Drift Review



Today’s fantastic toy review is for the Age of Extinction version of Drift. The “G1” Drift is a character I’m indifferent on. I feel the original cast has enough untapped potential with its seven years worth of toys and characters that introducing someone new seemed unnecessary. I have enjoyed his adventures so far, however, especially in the More Than Meets the Eye comic. So, I wasn’t too surprised to hear the character would be adapted to the fourth live-action movie. I just hope he fairs better than Jazz, Arcee, Ironhide, and Que/Wheeljack.


Age of Extinction Drift is still an ex-Decepticon now fighting against his brothers with the Autobots. His vehicle form is a sleek Bugatti. The colors on it almost sparkle. His robot mode resembles that of samurai armor. I won’t try to pretend I know what the individual parts of said armor are called. So, I’ll just say it looks very cool, much better in person than many online pics (including mine?) convey. I love his head sculpt. It brings his appearance to a focal point and you almost forget this is an alien robot. He comes with two katanas and two wakizashis, or the Cybertronian equivalent thereof. He can hold one on each hand and store all four on his back. The swords also store in vehicle mode with the wakizashis plugged into the interior ceiling and the katanas underneath the chassis.


Of the two Autobot deluxes I’ve picked up recently, Drift is the clear winner. So, if faced with the decision between him and Crosshairs, go with the samurai.


Today’s post was written by guest writer Richard Mistron. Richard is a 40-something toy collector that’s been at this hobby, to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, “Since before you were born.” He lives with his wife, two cats, and thousands of plastic men, women, animals, and robots and can be found on twitter, tumblr, and Instagram.

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    How easy or difficult is the transformation?