Transformers Generation One is Awesome Sauce



Excuse me while I geek out for a moment, because this video rocks my pants.

The video here was a fan made Transformers film… WAIT! Don’t go away yet! Yes, it’s a fan film that won some sort of Transforming robot fan award, but holy hot pants is this thing good. The CGI isn’t exactly up to Hollywood standards, but if you like Transformers, you will like this. It’s a nice ode to the Transformers kids grew up with in the 1980s with a bit more violence thrown in for good measure.

You gotta love how good this Dr. Smoov fella does the voices. He’s dead on. And yes, it is better than the movies. Despite the fact the CGI animation isn’t the best, at least you can tell what the fuck is going on in the fight scenes.

  • Chad B.

    That was really cool, the attention to detail was pretty impressive, using the Seekers’ special abilities and all the cassettes and whatnot. The voices were pretty good too for the most part.

  • Awesome stuff for Pro-in-the-making animation. Huge potential here and a budding animator/creator.