Transformers: Age of Extinction – Hound Review

Guest Poster   July 3, 2014   Comments Off on Transformers: Age of Extinction – Hound Review



When the character models for Age of Extinction Hound were revealed I wasn’t enthusiastic about the changes from the original character to the movie. The toy, on the other hand, put that apprehension on the shelf. This is an amazingly fun transforming robot, with lots of accessories and the room to store them.


His vehicle mode is a Oskosh Medium Defense Tactical vehicle, or, as a friend of mine put it leftover Sentinel Prime parts. The look is similar, but Hound stores most of his weapons on the sides and you won’t want to throw him against the wall because he’s too hard to transform. The grips on the pistols will drag on the ground, so for playtime I’d suggest keeping them off. His other weapons store underneath his vehicle mode, ensuring he’s fully armed when he arrives at his destination.


Hound’s transform is relatively easy compared to toys from the previous movies. His articulation is superior, too. His helmet and beard are made of rubber, which helps when turning his head so his beard can move over some of the panels on his torso. Hound comes with an amazing arsenal of eight weapons. There are two pairs of pistols, one set stores inside his lower legs and the other on his hips, two shotguns that store under his arms, a knife that plugs into his chest, and a Gatling gun that he carries on his back. All eight combine into one incredible, giant weapon he can hold with both hands.


Hound has become one of my favorite, non-Dinobot Transformers from the Age of Extinction line. He has a great military look and his articulation and accessories are top-notch. Get one today.


Today’s post was written by guest writer Richard Mistron. Richard is a 40-something toy collector that’s been at this hobby, to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, “Since before you were born.” He lives with his wife, two cats, and thousands of plastic men, women, animals, and robots and can be found on twitter, tumblr, and Instagram.