Trailer Breakdown: X-Men Apocalypse Trailer #3 (Spoilers)

Chris Piers   April 27, 2016   Comments Off on Trailer Breakdown: X-Men Apocalypse Trailer #3 (Spoilers)

Well, the final trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse is out. And it’s a pretty good one. It explains the gist of the story (Apocalypse is a really powerful mutant that has four powerful henchmen and wants to destroy the world so that only the strong survive). It shows a smattering of the mutants involved. It sure seems like Mystique is leading the team at one point. That’s probably because Jennifer Lawrence is now a movie star, because Mystique never led the X-Men. She did lead the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the comics, so I guess she has that skill set. But that probably means Professor X, Havok and Cyclops are either taken out or sidelined. And Storm and Magneto are on the bad guys’ team. They’ve all led the X-Men in the comics.

But, uh, the final shot in the trailer spoils something about the movie. That’s kind of lame. I guess it isn’t the biggest surprise, but just know that it does give something away. So read or watch at your discretion. Also, I’m going to skip over any shots we’ve seen in trailer one or trailer two. You can click on those links to see our previous breakdowns.

Xavier's school sign

Xavier’s School is finally up and running after false starts in the last two movies. Same address used in the comics since the 1960s.

Xavier teaches in den

Xavier teaching his students in the same den he always seems to use. He’s got a damn mansion but this is the only room classes are taught in. It also seems to be the library that we see blown up in this and previous trailers with Quicksilver running through trying to rescue students.

Xavier with purple v-neck shirt

Note that Xavier is wearing a purple v-neck tee shirt. It appears to be the only outfit he wears in all the trailers. That may mean he gets kidnapped or otherwise taken out early in this movie. Which would be a shame because James McAvoy is great. But this movie seems to be the Mystique show.

Mystique visits X Mansion

In fact, Mystique just casually strolls in and Xavier tells her the students love it when she visits and they respect her. Huh. When did that happen? I know we’ve jumped forward ten years since the last movie but wow, she was a terrorist last time. When did everyone patch up? And what happened to her phrase from First Class: “Mutant and proud”? She seems to spend the entire movie shape shifted into a normal person, not her default blue form.

Pyramid with glowing ankh

A shot of ancient Egypt with a glowing ankh symbol on it. Must be Apocalypse’s home base.

Apocalypse wakes up

Oscar Isaacs here, being awoken from some sort of glowy crypt. In the comics, Apocalypse always looks inhuman: blue with a weird jaw. I have no idea why he looks human here but ethereal blue energy coats him and he changes…

Apocalypse turns blue

Into something approximating the Apocalypse we know. He’s leaner. And has more wrinkles. But he’s blue. So… he’s Apocalypse!

Apocalypse sucks life force

In previous trailers we saw Apocalypse destroying cities with some sort of dust powers. That’s not something he ever had in the comics. Here, we also see him make dust go across some people and they instantly drop dead. Maybe he’s sucking out their life force or something? In the comics, Apocalypse’s goal was to weed out the weak and allow only the strongest to survive.

Shipp as young Storm

Alexandra Shipp makes for a great young Storm. She looks comics-accurate, though we don’t get to hear her, Psylocke or Angel deliver any lines in these trailers. I hope they’re more than just henchmen for Apocalypse. These are all important X-Men characters.

Angel vs Blob

Here’s Angel, celebrating a win in a cage match. See the big round shadow in front of him? I’m pretty sure that’s Blob. It probably won’t match the Blob we previously saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine even though that was set in the same time frame. We’ll see.

Munn as Psylocke

Psylocke in this movie has ninja skills, a sword and her psychic knife. Actually more of a psychic sword. Not sure if she has actual telepathic powers like her comics counterpart. The reason I lean towards that is because she does so much hand-to-hand fighting when it isn’t strictly necessary for a telepath.

Fassbender as Magneto

Magneto’s outfit in this movie is pretty good. Wish it had brighter purple, but at least there’s SOME color. The arc in the left hand side could be dust from Apocalypse laying waste to a city. This is probably somewhere in Egypt like Cairo.

McAvoy in Xavier's purple shirt

There’s Professor X in his purple shirt. This time without a wheelchair and laying on some rocks. In the previous trailer we saw Magneto break into the mansion and yank Xavier’s wheelchair. So I think he may get abducted.

Apocalypse and his Horsemen

This is a great, epic shot of Apocalypse with his Four Horsemen. The rocky formation makes me think they’re in Egypt but I can’t be 100% sure.

Magneto mourns his family

Magneto tells Xavier that whatever Xavier thought he saw in him, it’s gone. And then we see a quick flashback of Magneto in emotional pain and holding something over a body. He seems to have a wedding ring. In the comics he had a wife who was killed and his children were taken from him as babies. This could be that. Some new pain for the poor guy.

Apocalypse offers a hand

Apocalypse’s hand. Plenty of detail!

Sydney Opera House is destroyed

See ya, Sydney Opera House. Looks like Apocalypse destroys more than New York and Cairo in this movie. Will they all visit Australia?

Mystique in Cerebro

We only see Havok in what appear to be early scenes with Xavier and Moira MacTaggert and Xavier and Mystique in Cerebro.

Beast talks to Mystique

Beast tries to convince Mystique to help them saying something about “him” being “taken” which I’m assuming means Professor X. I guess he can just change back and forth to his Beast form these days? In the comics, once he transforms into a blue furball, he stays that way (minus one short story where Apocalypse actually took it away but made him stupid).

Mystique shape shifts

Believe it or not, Mystique briefly decides to be blue in this movie! Obviously this is during some epic battle in Egypt.

Turner as young Jean Grey

Sophie Turner absolutely looks like comic book Jean Grey. Not too much like actress Famke Janssen that played an older version of the character in the original trilogy, though. I hope she can mask her accent! We don’t hear much from her in the trailers (a little in the first one).

Sheridan as young Cyclops

I can buy Tye Sheridan as a young Cyclops. He looks like the character in both the films and comics. I think the big ruby quartz glasses go a long way to helping that illusion.

Mystique visits mutant fight club

A shot of Mystique apparently at the mutant fight club place we saw Angel at previously. She’s got a pretty ridiculous outfit on but hey, it’s the 80s! I hope there’s more 80s outfits and especially music.

Angel vs Nightcrawler

Here’s Angel fighting Nightcrawler. Weird. I can sort of imagine a former circus performer like Nightcrawler falling into this life, but Angel is born into a very wealthy family. Maybe he’s rebelling?

Smit-McPhee as young Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler’s outfit is not really what he wears in the comics but is vaguely swashbuckling. Needs more color!

Mystique visits the fight club again

Mystique is BACK at the fight club. She’s wearing a different outfit. Or she shapeshifted but only her clothes. That’d be kinda weird, though.

Nightcrawler and Mystique escape

Nightcrawler teleports her out and she throws an elbow at somebody. Maybe a bouncer? It doesn’t look like it connects, unfortunately. I mean, it’s supposed to look like it does. But it’s not very convincing. Nightcrawler seems to show some recognition of who she is. Could they confirm that she is his mother?

Quicksilver talks with Mystique

Mystique has a scene with Quicksilver where he confirms that Magneto is his father so he’s not afraid of him. The revelation is one of the only humorous moments in the trailers as Mystique lets out a shocked, “WHAT?!”

Storm gathers electricity by Apocalypse temple

Storm is zapping her electricity but behind her is some sort of massive temple. Probably Apocalypse’s. Did he build it quickly? Raise it from underground? What’s it’s significance?

Cyclops vs Storm

Storm and Cyclops shoot their powers at each other. Cyclops projects a blast of force, though, so I don’t know how it and electricity would work like this. I think both would pass through one another and hit each other, actually.

Quicksilver and Beast with students

Quicksilver and Beast. Where are they? I think that’s a ton of students at Xavier’s School, actually. So maybe towards the beginning and the Horsemen kidnap Xavier?

Ben Hardy as Archangel

Angel spreads his new metal wings. He’s now Archangel, Apocalypse’s Horseman of Death.

Magneto levels Egypt

To the left, that seems to be the temple we just saw behind Storm. And Magneto may be more powerful than ever thanks to Apocalypse’s boosting his Horsemen’s abilities.

Psyclocke misses Beast's foot

Psylocke and Beast ninja fight and she stabs at his foot but it goes between his toes. I think this is supposed to be kind of a gag?

Beast tosses Psylocke

Beast just picks her up and throws her about three stories into the air. I don’t know how she’d deal with that one.

Military helicopter in the mountains

A military helicopter in the woods? Then we see a quick shot of William Stryker. So if he’s back in this movie… why? Well, keep watching.

Jubilee with other students

Jubilee is in this movie, even though she appeared as a teenager in the original trilogy which takes place about 20 years later. That doesn’t line up. The filmmakers do not care.

Mystique throws an elbow

Mystique throws another elbow at someone. This one DEFINITELY does not connect. Yikes.

Cerebro explodes

Cerebro blows up. Hope Moira, Havok, Mystique, Beast and Xavier got outta there.

Psylocke knocked off X-Jet

Psylocke gets knocked off of the X-Jet. Maybe Angel has to save her a ton in this movie.

Wolverine vs soldiers in X-Men: Apocalypse

Final shot. Mystique enters a base with knocked out soldiers and looks up to Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Cyclops who say they actually had help. Cut to Wolverine’s hand popping its claws. Adamantium claws. So maybe that’s why Stryker is in this film. I hope this is more than a cameo.