Trailer Breakdown: X-Men Apocalypse (Final Trailer)

Today we got a new trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse. I’m not going to break it down in as great detail as some trailer breakdowns because a good portion of this trailer has shots from the last one, which we already broke down. But I screen capped a few pieces of new footage and below we’ll take a closer look at which characters will be in the movie and what we can gather about the plot from them. If there’s any big difference between this trailer and the last one it’s that the first trailer focused a bit more on all the X-men and this one focuses more on Mystique and Apocalypse.

x mansion

The trailer kicks off at the X-Mansion up in Westchester, New York (the actual castle is in Canada, though). It starts with a debate between Magneto and Professor X. It’s actually the same thing they talk about in X2: X-Men United where Magneto asks if it ever keeps Xavier up at night, thinking of the day people come to take his students. Charles says he pities the person who tries. I’m paraphrasing. I love the Xavier/Magneto argument over how much mutants should assimilate or remain militant, but I also think they’ve covered this ground pretty well over five movies so far. There are other dynamics to explore by now. Least of which would be Magneto truly joining/leading the X-Men.

magneto confronts xavier in mansion

Their talk appears to take place in the basement/training area. I’m curious if this talk takes place before or after Magneto joins Apocalypse. There’s no visual indicators to be sure, like a change in hairstyle or injuries. But once he joins Apocalypse, Magneto seems to be in new armor. So this may be towards the very beginning of the movie, with a world-weary Magneto tired of trying to put up with humanity.

professor x rocks 80s look

Meanwhile, Xavier has a luscious head of hair and rocks the 80s look of v-neck t-shirt and blazer. Pretty sharp, Charles. But I also sort of think Xavier will get taken out of commission fairly early in this one, not unlike Professor X did in the first three X-Men movies. Because we don’t see much of him in this trailer and we haven’t seen any shots of him entering a battle zone.

nightcrawler wears michael jackson jacket

I like this shot because in the background Nightcrawler appears to be wearing a Michael Jackson jacket. The movie isn’t TOO 80s but I hope it takes advantage of the time period to give us an era-appropriate soundtrack. I think some New Wave songs would really fit. Of course, the X-Men comics in the actual 1980s were the biggest sellers and in some ways it’s too bad that the movies can’t give us a team lineup that matches that period. But the movies are all over the place in terms of which characters it jams in.

apocalypse leads his followers

This appears to be Apocalypse leading his followers. In the comics, he doesn’t just have his Four Horsemen. He has an entire city full of dedicated cult-like followers. At various points he’s either commanded a spaceship or an underground city. We don’t see too much of this in the trailers. But here’s a hint at it. It could be taking place in the distant past, though.

apocalypse gets his armor

There’s a shot of Apocalypse seemingly being woken up from his sleep. Energy follows circuit or hieroglyphic-esque patterns to a platform and a normal human body is covered in blue armor. There’s a lot of blue mutants in this movie. Apocalypse. Beast. Mystique. Nightcrawler. I think they got all the blue ones.

storm is recruited by apocalypse

Here’s Storm being recruited by Apocalypse. I wonder if they’ll explore any of her past in this movie or if she’ll simply be soldier #4? At least they got her mohawk in and it’s a perfect time period and time in Storm’s life for her to have it. In the comics, Storm grew up as a pickpocket and then was worshipped by a tribe in Africa when she realized she could use her powers to bring them rain and give them healthy crops.

apocalypse is serious

Sometimes Apocalypse looks good and other times I’m still not completely won over. In this shot he just does not look great to me. Very much reminds me of the early comparisons to Power Rangers villain Ivan Ooze. I think they could have pushed the prosthetics further, because Apocalypse is actually a fairly strange looking guy, at least in his first appearances. Massive jaw, hardly any nose. Here he looks like a guy in makeup.

apocalypse visits a factory

But then this shot, with the opaque eyes and darker lighting looks pretty good to me. I guess I can fill in more details with my imagination. The armor itself looks good. It’s just his face I am not totally sold on. Either way, he’s obviously on a recruiting spree because here he has Storm and Psylocke by his side already. But why is he in a factory?

apocalypse melts coworkers of Magneto

It would appear he’s there to recruit Magneto, who seems to have himself a job. At least, that’s what I gather based on the fact that Magneto is wearing a flannel shirt. In a very strange moment, his co-workers all seem to liquify and drop to the floor. Did Apocalypse kill them? Or is this some type of mental projection from Psylocke?

magneto gets a new helmet

Either way, Magneto is on board because we next see him being given a new helmet (and wearing new armor) and it seems to be coming from Apocalypse himself.

archangel and psylocke break into plane

Who knows when Angel gets recruited but he’s the fourth Horseman. This shot has ARCHangel (note the metal wings) and Psylocke breaking into something made of metal. I am guessing it could be the X-Jet but the shot doesn’t pull back enough for us to know for sure. I will say that out of all the X-Men and Wolverine and even Deadpool movies, Psylocke could be the single most screen-accurate version translated from the comics pages. It almost stands out because everyone else is in armor and here’s Psylocke running around in a bathing suit.

apocalypse and his horsemen arrive in egypt

Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen arrive at Egypt on the Nile. I wonder why? Apocalypse was born in this area thousands of years ago in the comics, but why would he want or need to be there in the movie? Sentimental reasons?

city street of cars is blown away

Next we cut to this shot of cars being both blown down the street AND disintegrating. Because of how it’s cut, I sort of suspect this is happening in Egypt but it could be in America. The brown roads make me lean towards Egypt but it’s a storm and there’s a pickup truck. Who knows? The winds could definitely be from Storm but the disintegration of the cars makes me think Magneto is doing something here, too.

quicksilver and hank mccoy arrive

We get several shots of Quicksilver in this movie. In this one he’s standing beside Hank McCoy. And I have to call him Hank because he’s clearly not Beast here. In the comics, Beast was never able to change back to a human look after he accidentally made himself a blue furball. But in the movies you can’t cover up that delightful Nicholas Hoult mug, can you?

terrified americans look up

This seems to be some terrified Americans looking skyward. I guess it is playing on our fears at the height of the Cold War of nuclear Armageddon (or apocalypse if you will). Why? Well, check out the next shot.

nuclear missiles launch

Seemingly every nuclear missile is being launched. That’s… extreme. So I strongly suspect this is more of a vision that Jean Grey is having, perhaps the one we saw at the beginning of the last trailer where Professor X tells her it was just a dream (though you’d think a fellow psychic might take such a dream more seriously).

mystique looks sad

Whoa, they convinced Jennifer Lawrence to get in her Mystique makeup! This is the single thing that bothers me the most in this trailer and the last X-Men movie. In First Class, Mystique made a big choice to embrace who she is as a mutant. Sure, she’d shape shift to meet her goals but her default form was her blue one. But clearly Lawrence doesn’t love being in the makeup and she’s become a big star so we don’t see her in it much. Business-wise, I get it. But it doesn’t make much sense character-wise.

mystique leads new x-men underground

Here’s Mystique apparently leading the current batch of X-Men students. Looks like it’s Mystique that steps up to lead and not, say, Beast or Havok. Could be interesting.

giant apocalypse smashes xavier

There is a slightly extended version of the shot we saw in the last trailer of Apocalypse growing and smashing Xavier. I think this likely happens on the psychic plane. In this shot Giant Apocalypse literally slams Xavier into the wall like a ragdoll. I think that’d kill him in real life.

cyclops beast and jean grey in apocalyptic world

There’s a lot of quick shots throughout the trailer highlighting the large cast of mutants. This one of Cyclops, Beast and Jean Grey could take place in Egypt. I’m basing it off the the devastation we saw previously and that blue sign in the middle. It seems to be in Arabic but I can’t be sure.

angel cage fights nightcrawler

An interesting shot that is tough to place. This is Angel (note the feather wings) fighting Nightcrawler (in the midst of teleporting) in a steel cage. Is this an X-Men training session? Or are neither X-Men yet and about to be recruited by the various players? Hard to know.

beast and psylocke ninja fight

Ninja fight between Beast and Psylock (whose psychic knife seems to be a full-on psychic sword here!).

military man

Who is this military man? Is Stryker in yet another X-Men movie?!

mystique leads the x-men

A shot of Mystique in an X-Men uniform, rallying the team under her. It seems to be in the underground of the X-Mansion. I don’t see any other shots of her in this uniform.

cyclops blasts at storm

Some fight stuff. This shot of Cyclops blasting at Storm helps show how powerful he is. It also gives us a good look at Storm’s badass mohawk.

jean grey defends against archangel

Archangel shoots some of his wing knives at Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Jean Grey but she telekenetically raises some digital rubble to block them.

havok blasts away in cerebro

What a strange shot this is! Professor X seems to be in agony while using Cerebro. Maybe it’s during his battle with Apocalypse? But look at Havok, blasting away. That cannot be good. Could lead to a lot of the basement collapsing. Is it psychic backlash of some sort? If so, why is it affecting Havok but not Beast, Mystique and Moira MacTaggert?

apocalypse strangles mystique

Finally, we end with Apocalypse choking Mystique to death. The sign behind Mystique definitely seems to be Arabic so I think the final battle takes place in Egypt. But I can’t think of why. In theaters May 27th. Does this trailer make you any more or less likely to see it?