Trailer Breakdown: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Trailer #3

Chris Piers   May 3, 2016   Comments Off on Trailer Breakdown: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Trailer #3

A new trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, aka Out of the Shadows, is out. We already did a trailer breakdown of the first one. We skipped breaking down the second one because it only added a quick shot of a new villain. You can see it here. This time we’re only grabbing a few new shots because most of the footage has been seen in the previous two trailers. But let’s break it down to see what we can learn.

donatello skydives

The first thing we see is Donatello skydiving. You can tell he’s the science nerd because he has two sets of glasses. And a ray gun. Wow, that’s a really old school ray gun. I wonder what that does? De-mutant ray? Dimensional portal? Who knows?

donatello targets a mid-air plane

We see that he’s tracking a cargo plane in mid-air. I wonder who took the Ninja Turtles up higher than this plane? Who do we know in that world that’s a pilot? Will this movie introduce Ace Duck?! I also enjoy that his lenses are in his green and purple colors. Also, I wonder if he can actually read the graphs on the left and right while he’s targeting a plane?

ninja turtles land on a flying plane

Donatello, Leonardo and Michelangelo all land pretty well on the roof of the plane. Gotta admit that it’s a pretty dynamic set piece.

raphael lands on plane's window

Raphael flails through the air and pulls his chute a bit late, slamming into the window. The pilots don’t know what to make of it. He’s really lucky he didn’t die.

leonardo is the leader in blue

Michelangelo introduces everyone in voiceover. I’d guess he’s either talking to Casey Jones or the police chief lady we see in the earlier trailers. Leo is introduced as the leader. And he’ll probably take a more prominent leadership role because we don’t see Splinter in this trailer. We did in the earlier one but he’s apparently taking more of a backseat this time around.

raphael clotheslines two ninja motorcyclists

Raphael jumps out of the back of the turtle van and clotheslines two motorcyclists who are probably Foot Ninjas.

raphael jumps onto a ninja motorcycle

Then Raph lands on a third motorcycle, hops forward and head-butts the rider off. He also lands a pun about that’s how he rolls, that’s how you roll. I don’t need puns to be clever before a hero dispatches an enemy. But I do need them.

donatello tries to fly a broken plane

Donnie is introduced as a technical genius. And he appears to be trying to fly the cargo plane we saw them land on, minus a good chunk of the airframe around the cockpit.

decimated aircraft piloted by the ninja turtles

Here’s what the plane looks like as it’s about to crash into a forest or jungle. Things seem to go really badly for them on the aircraft.

mikey eats pizza

Finally, Mikey introduces himself as a triple threat: brains, brawns and a dazzling personality. And it looks like he eats 4 slices of pizza at once. Because the Ninja Turtles love pizza.

vern fist bumps michelangelo

Mikey also fist bumps Vern. The first movie was fairly average but I actually liked Will Arnett’s Vern a lot. He wasn’t the dick he was in the original 80s cartoon. More of a pretty loyal sidekick to April.

technodrome above NYC

That’s absolutely the Technodrome. It appears to split off hundreds of individual spaceships that start wrecking skyscrapers all around Manhattan. Technodrome means Krang and Dimension X.

shredder has baxter stockman build him a mutant army

Here, Shredder orders Baxter Stockman to build him an army. A mutant army! So we have Shredder, Krang, Baxter, Bebop and Rocksteady. All the major villains from the original cartoon. That’s just fun. I just wonder if they’ll say that this Shredder somehow survived the end of the first movie or if that guy was ultimately just a doppleganger acting as the public face for Shredder? I hope they retcon it and this is the real Shredder. Because the one in the first movie kinda stunk. We never get to know him well and his Iron Man armor was overly convoluted.

rocksteady and bebop are born

Bebop and Rocksteady laugh as they mutate into their new bodies. I like Rocksteady’s little tail.

bebop clotheslines leonardo

And these guys are strong. Bebop clotheslines Leonardo and it looks absolutely brutal. It seems to be from a fight scene set on that cargo plane.

michelangelo riding the turtle van

Finally, the trailer wraps with some shots of the action scene that the first trailer began with. The turtles in their van taking out some motorcycles and cars full of (apparently) Foot ninjas. Check out the “Foot stinks” sticker on the right. Straight out of the original cartoon!

turtle van deploys giant nunchuks

Looks like Donatello has created a van that has actual mechanical nunchuks! That’s so over the top. I love it. Mikey handles them and smashes some cars.

april talks to casey jones

April tells Casey Jones that these guys hit harder than anyone she’s ever seen before. I mean, I doubt she’s encountered other mutants or ninjas, but sure, the turtles are strong.

van nunchuks break

Mike pumps his arms in the air to celebrate and the nunchuk arms smash into a bridge. Oops.

mikey breaks the van

Michelangelo meekly answers Donatello that yeah, the nunchuks are awesome. It’s a decent gag to end the trailer with.

So, does the movie look good? Well, not in the same sense that something like Dark Knight or Avengers. But it looks like a huge improvement over their first movie from 2014. It has a lot more elements from their comics and cartoons. Looks like they’ve embraced that stuff in a big way. And the tone seems consistently high-adventure and silly. I actually am looking forward to this one hitting theaters on June 3rd. Am I the only one?