Trailer Breakdown: Star Trek Beyond #2

The second trailer for Star Trek Beyond came out on Friday evening. I think it’s a bit stronger than the first one that was just all action scenes. You can start to tell what happens in this one and get a sense of what the character arcs could be. But the villain and his goal is still a big mystery. One I’m fairly curious about now. There’s some really cool things you can see in the trailer including a pretty good reference to the Star Trek: Enterprise show which canonically still occurred in the movie timeline.

Enterprise approaches a planet

We start with the Enterprise approaching an Earth-like planet. But I’m not sure Earth is even in this movie. This could actually be the planet where the bad guy lives as we’ll see evidence of later in the trailer.

Kirk and Bones drink some brews

Kirk and McCoy are in a bar, talking. Kirk talks about how his father joined the Federation to explore but he did it on a dare. He’s having a crisis of faith, apparently. Chris Pine’s new haircut looks a lot more like Kirk from the original series, it’s worth noting.

New warp drive effect

Here’s a strange effect of what seems to be the Enterprise going through space. Is it a new mode of travel or simply a new effect? Meanwhile, McCoy tells Kirk that he’s compared himself to his father but is now learning what it means to be himself. McCoy is a rad friend.

New starfleet uniforms with high collar

For the next several shots we hear a voiceover by actress shohreh aghdashloo who was added last-minute as some sort of Starfleet official. She tells Kirk (an assumption, we don’t see her): “It isn’t uncommon you know. It’s easy to get lost. In the vastness of space there’s only yourself, your ship and your crew.”

Starmap at starfleet

This may be a starmap being projected. It seems to be a Starfleet office, so maybe Kirk is being briefed on a mission? It seems to be in a skyscraper set at night. Maybe on the planet we see in the following shot.

Enterprise docks on artificial planet

So the Enterprise is docking in some sort of tunnel. And if you look closely, combined with some later shots, we can see that it’s basically an artificial planet. Something enclosed in glass with massive arches holding it together. It looks pretty amazing and seems to be important. Maybe it has something the villain wants?

McCoy scans the ship

McCoy seems to be running scans on the ship while sparks fly in the background. Maybe this is from when we see the ship get attacked by a swarm of smaller ships?

Uhura emerges from escape pod

Uhura emerges from what may be an escape pod. It’s dark but I don’t think it’s night. I think she’s underground. We’ll see more of this later.

Scotty connects cables

Scotty connects some cables. He still wears his ring from graduation! He’s had that in all three movies.

McCoy, Kirk and Spock look up

The trio! The stuff I like most about the original Enterprise crew was the debates between McCoy and Spock and Kirk. In this shot, McCoy asks “you really wanna go back out there, huh?” Does he mean go back into space after the events of the last movie? Or has the crew started or even wrapped up its initial 5-year expedition?

Enterprise leaves artificial planet

This is a quick shot of the Enterprise shooting off into space but you can briefly see the artificial planet/space station thing in the background.

Scotty has bad news

Here’s Scotty with what looks like bad news. The ship is being attacked and it may just be beyond his abilities to repair. Maybe that’s why it’s called Star Trek Beyond. It was co-written by Simon Pegg. It’s all about Scotty learning to go beyond his current skills and save everyone!

Krall's troops invade

The Enterprise isn’t just attacked by swarms of ships outside, they literally invade. These guys have some sort of space armor and laser weapons. I’m assuming they’re from the same species as the main villain, Krall, based on their head shape.

Escape pod is captured

Kirk gives the crew the order to abandon ship and they eject in personal pods. It’s hard to tell in this screengrab but one of the attacking spaceships grabs Sulu’s pod.

Swarm destroys Enterprise

The swarm absolutely annihilates the saucer section. The ship is toast. The Enterprise has been destroyed before in Search for Spock and Generations but both of those were at the end of the movie and this really seems like it happens towards the beginning.

Scotty meets Jaylah

Scotty seems to be the first crew member to encounter the new alien, Jaylah, played by Sofia Boutella (the girl with the sword legs in Kingsmen). She says she knows why they are all there. Uh yeah, ‘cuz you all get shot down.

Uhura sees underground city

Uhura looks up and sees this sort of hollowed out hive/mine underground. I can’t be sure but I think the Earth-like planet may be sort of hollowed out digging for resources. Those pillars look a bit like the pillars that Kirk drives past in his motorcycle sequence. This is a stretch, but maybe these aliens have overmined their planet’s resources and they need the technology from that artificial planet? It’s a pretty huge guess, I admit.

Krall threatens Uhura

Our first clear shot of Krall, the villain played by Idris Elba. He looks a little like some aliens we’ve seen before like the reptile Xindi, the Jem Ha’dar, and the Remans. But then again, Star Trek has had a LOT of aliens so comparisons are bound to happen. Uhura tells Krall that her captain will come for them (I assume she means her crewmates) and he won’t be showing any mercy. Krall says he’s counting on it. He really seems to have a big grudge against the Federation but with their central tenet of non-interference, I’m not sure why. His motivations are a big question mark for me.

Krall attacks artificial planet

The same ships that attacked the Enterprise attack this city. In the first trailer I wondered if San Francisco was getting attacked again. But a closer look tells me that it’s that artificial planet. You can see the huge curving architecture in the distance.

Kirk's motorcycle teleports

Here’s that Kirk on a motorcycle sequence from the first trailer. But this time he gets hit with a blue energy thing that makes him teleport…

Kirk escapes on motorcycle

And suddenly he’s a couple hundred feet to the side, looking a little surprised but not slowing down. Did he plan this or does the enemy attack with teleportation?

Jaylah straps in

Jaylah straps in. I think this is on the older spacecraft that we see the Enterprise work on in the first trailer. The alien planet seems to have a lot of crashed ships on their surface. I guess the Enterprise crew get themselves a new (very old) ship.

Kirk grabs for mechanism

Kirk is up somewhere very high and he leaps to grab at this mechanism. And misses!

Kirk plummets from skyscraper

Cut to a shot of Kirk plumetting from the skyscrapers. I think he’s back on that artificial planet. He’s in a new jacket. I think the Enterprise crew dresses themselves in jackets from the ship they fix and race BACK to this artificial planet.

Spock and McCoy talk about death

Spock says that to fear death is illogical. But McCoy argues that it’s the fear of death that keeps us alive. I like that both viewpoints make sense.

Uhura fights Krall's troops

Uhura fighting off those aliens that invade the Enterprise. I dunno. I think punching a helmet would be a good way to break your wrist.

Kirk slides down Enterprise saucer

This is a tricky shot to make out but it appears to be the Enterprise crashed on the alien planet. It might be at night but I think it’s underground like Uhura’s escape pod. Either way, Kirk and one other crewmember (possibly Scotty) smash out of the window on the bridge and slide down the hull, shooting back where they came from. If you know where the bridge is, look below, almost in the center of the image and you can see two black dots. That’s them sliding down the hull. Maybe scavenging for parts?

Krall looks at Kirk's files

Krall reads Kirk’s bio. Or wikipedia page.

Enterprise crew are mining slaves

The Enterprise crew seems to pretty much all be captured and are being led around like slaves. Maybe they’re being forced to work?

Scotty and Jaylah talk

Jaylah seems to want to just leave but Scotty says his friends are back there and will be killed. He also got a cool new jacket.

Krall is angry

Krall says that their unity makes them weak. Um, okay.

Uhura and Spock kiss

Uhura and Spock are still an item.

Kirk holds someone at gunpoint with phaser

Kirk in that jacket he gets later. He’s holding someone at phaserpoint. So I didn’t get a HUGE screengrab but see the insignia on Kirk’s arm? It says USS Franklin. So, different federation ship. Which we can guess means the older ship the crew gets running is an older Starfleet ship.

Kirk white knuckles the captain's chair

Here’s Kirk white knuckling his captain’s chair. And it’s dark so it’s probably on the old ship they get working later in the trailer.

Enterprise crashes to the planet

Hard to be sure but this seems to be the Enterprise crashing to the alien planet. It may even still be being attacked by the swarm.

Franklin approaches artificial planet

A super quick shot here but we learn two things. One, we get a good look at that artificial planet/space station. But if you look at the red lights in the middle, those are the nacelles of a starship. And it looks a LOT like the NX-01 Enterprise from Star Trek Enterprise. Now, it probably is not that particular ship. But I bet it’s the USS Franklin and that it’s from roughly that same time period, a generation before this Enterprise crew.


At some point McCoy and Spock reunite with the crew.


This is another shot of that older ship. Watch the actual trailer to make it out better, but it’s nearly the same design as the NX-01 Enterprise. I’m positive this is the USS Franklin.

Jaylah sits in captain's chair

Let’s end the trailer with a jokey ha ha. Jaylah plops down in the captain’s chair in front of Kirk.

McCoy looks surprised

Cut to McCoy reacting, surprised. Also, Karl Urban holds his hands like original character actor DeForest Kelley. For my money, Urban does the best impression of one of the original crew.

Chekov and Spock look surprised

Chekov looks absolutely stunned. Even Spock is like, “Ohhhh snap.”

Scotty points out that it's Kirk's chair

Scotty points out: “He likes to sit in that chair.” When you recover from being doubled-over laughing, let us know what you think of the trailer.

  • Kitty Mau

    Spock doesn’t look like he is doing very well in the rescue scene. He is very pale, paler than in any other scene. Even the one he talks of death with McCoy. He looks like he is suffering from serious blood loss and is going into shock because of it and is ready to pass out. His face is very white and clamy.

    The entire fear of death has been mentioned by several people analyzing the trailer. It may be mentioned because Spock’s injury is serious enough. And he seems to be switching clothes but not getting treatment since he was injured while wearing his uniform but is wearing the Franklin uniform and his condition has gotten much worse. [I was a premeditated student so I tend to notice these things :-P]

  • Chris Piers

    That’s a keen observation. I hadn’t really noticed it but it certainly makes sense.