Trailer Breakdown: Spider-Man: Homecoming

It wasn’t long ago that it seemed Spider-Man would never be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Sony and Disney found a way to make it happen. Here’s our first trailer. Let’s see if we can guess at what the movie might be about!

Here we go:

spidey queens bank

Establishing shot of criminals going to a bank ATM. The Bank is called Queens SOMETHING Bank and with the signs for the highway in the upper left hand corner I would guess this is somewhere near Rego Park or Astoria. Astoria is canonically the part of Queens that Peter Parker grew up in.

tinkerer atm device

The criminals have a sci-fi laser and a powered grabbing machine. That’s some high end tech. It’s a decent bet criminals are buying super tech from The Tinkerer, a low level Marvel villain who is in the movie, played by Michael Chernus. That actor is pretty young and in the comics Tinkerer is a really, really old man but it’s not important to his story at all.

spidey stops thugs dressed as avengers

The robbers are dressed in Avengers masks, the first nod that this takes place in a shared universe. Spidey is casually hanging out behind them and we learn that this is the wise-cracking Spidey from the comics. He says he knows it isn’t really the Avengers because the Hulk gave it away.

spidey hangs upside down avoiding punches

The way Spidey moves in this is great. Rapid movements that are reminiscent of an actual spider and also imply that he has Spidey Sense to warn him of danger. In this shot he’s hanging from the ceiling avoiding punches.

zendaya as michelle

Now we cut to high school. They use the song “Time to Pretend” by MGMT, a song about pretending which may tie in thematically to this movie. Basically, is Peter pretending at being Spider-Man or is he really going to be a hero? We see actress Zendaya. Supposedly she’s playing a character named Michelle. There was no Michelle when Peter Parker was in highschool. However, in more recent issues he did have a roommate named Michelle Gonzales that he hooked up with. Peter stares at Liz Allan who is dating school bully Flash Thompon (who is also in the movie). Note the Homecoming banner. Not just the title of the movie to imply that Spidey is coming home to Marvel, looks like it may build up to actual Homecoming.

Jacob Batalon and Tom Holland in cafeteria

Here is Tom Holland as Peter Parker along with his friend, played by Jacob Batalon. Supposedly he’s credited as Ned Leeds. In the comics, Ned Leeds was a reporter at the Daily Bugle that Peter worked with. He dated Betty Brant, another girl Peter had a crush on. However, even if this guy is called Ned Leeds, he totally looks and acts exactly like Ganke, the best friend of Miles Morales, the second guy to become Spider-Man (in the comics, there’s two and Miles is a teenager while Peter is now in his thirties). While they stare dreamily at Liz, Michelle tells them they’re dorks.

Tony Stark and Peter Parker in a limo

Here’s Peter talking to Tony Stark. And look! Tony still has the shiner that Captain America gave him in Captain America: Civil War where we first saw Peter. That implies that this must be happening within days of that movie, timeline-wise. So Peter has worn a hoodie and helped out a bit but hasn’t really debuted as Spider-Man yet. In fact, Peter is asking Tony how he auditions to be an Avenger and Tony tells him he has to not to anything he wouldn’t do… or anything he would do. Just to operate in his little area in the middle. Basically, Tony is telling him not to quite be Spider-Man yet.

Peter accidentally hugs Tony Stark

Tony reaches across the limo and Peter awkwardly thinks he was going in for a hug. He was just opening the door to get Peter to leave. Classic Parker social awkardness.

Peter watches Spidey vs Giant Man

In class, Peter is bored, watching a clip of him fighting Giant-Man from Civil War. And there’s another Marvel Cinematic Universe connection in his classroom:

Bruce Banner in Peter Parker's classroom

The line of great scientists on the wall? All the way on the right, that’s Dr. Bruce Banner.

Spider-Man sees a blown up bodega

And we see a local bodega blow up and Spider-Man show up to investigate shortly afterwards. Maybe there’s a crime spree in Queens? With Tinkerer’s tech?

Spidey's friend drops Lego Death Star

Spider-Man tries to quietly climb into his room on the ceiling but is noticed by Ned. Who drops his Lego Death Star. Ganke was a massive Lego fan in the comics with Miles Morales Spider-Man. Also, Disney probably has zero problem having Star Wars stuff in this movie.

Spider-Man suit goes slack

Peter tries to pretend he isn’t Spider-Man, he just has a suit. And he does an interesting thing. He taps the Spider emblem on his chest and the suit goes slack. Cool. Not something Peter had when he was a teen but this suit was built by Tony Stark so I can buy that it has lots of little advantages. In the current comics, Peter has finally used his genius to start a wildly successful tech company and his suit has many high-tech gadgets that he never had for most of his superhero career.

Spidey climbs the Washington Monument

Here is Spider-Man climbing up the Washington Monument. That’s kind of weird. This is in D.C., not his hometown of New York. Best guess is there is a class field trip to the nation’s capitol and he needs to save the day. But how would that tie in to what’s going on in Queens? No idea.

Vulture flies in

Here’s our first look at the Vulture, who appeared in the third ever Spider-Man comic. So he’s a very early villain for Spidey. In the comics, Adrian Toomes builds a mechanical suit that allows him to fly and gives him enhanced strength that he uses to rob banks. It’s actually a very different type of villain than we’ve seen in recent superhero movies. Not a world conqueror or anything – an average man who gets powers. Which is sort of what happens to Peter Parker. I’m not sure where he’s flying in from. It’s not the Washington Monument even though scenes taking place there bookend these shots.

Vulture in helmet

In the comics, Vulture didn’t wear a mask. But it makes a lot of sense that he’d need one, both to cover his identity and to breathe better. He still has the vulture neck tuft on this design. The mask also has a vague beak and beady eyes. I like it.

Tony Stark and Peter Parker talk while Happy Hogan follows

I never thought we’d see Happy Hogan again but there he is, trailing his boss Tony. In this one, Tony is telling Peter not to go after Vulture. I wonder if they’re at Stark Tower, which used to be Avengers HQ? It sure looks like it.

Spider-Man chased by police

Here’s Spider-Man apparently being chased by the police in D.C. He’s got nowhere to go because D.C. has no skyscrapers to swing from.

Spider-Man uses web wings

But he has a suit upgrade – web wings! Actually, original Spider-Man artist always drew Spider-Man with those webbed wings under his arms though they were purely decorative. Spidey could never glide although Spider-Woman could.

Michelle calls Peter Parker

This is what makes me think there’s a class field trip to D.C. Also, everyone is wearing matching jackets. Is it because Peter gets into an exclusive private school? That’s something Miles Morales does. But I actually think it may be something more like Debate Club or even more likely, Science Club. Liz is asking Peter where he is. On the far left, that’s Martin Starr as one of the teachers at Peter’s school. Starr previously played a lab guy that Bruce Banner bribed with a pizza in Incredible Hulk, but didn’t have a credited name. In the novelization he was called Amadeus Cho, but clearly he is playing someone else here.

Thugs use a sci-fi gun

Two criminals with a high tech gun. On the left is actor Donald Glover, who years ago famously campaigned to play Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield got the role). On the right, the pattern on the jacket makes me think that’s famous Spidey villain The Shocker but that role is supposedly played by actor Bokeem Woodbine. So maybe this is just tech that these two test for Tinkerer? And others like Shocker and Vulture buy it? I’m just spitballing. But I do think they’re testing the Shocker tech. It’s clearly a hand with a repulsor ray type of energy. Here’s a theory: what if Donald Glover is playing Aaron Davis? Who is that? He’s the uncle of Miles Morales in the comics, and while he loves his nephew, he’s also the criminal Prowler.

Spider-Man takes a call in Queens

Peter takes a call from Michelle, sitting on a fire escape in a Queens apartment building. Fantastic shot. He says he’s sorry but he’s busy. In fact he’s been slammed. Cut to obligatory visual pun…

Early Spider-Man hit by school bus

Spider-Man gets hit by a school bus. But note that he’s actually in his original hoodie suit, not the one Tony Stark makes him. So at least some of this movie will show us some stuff that occurred before he adventured in Civil War.

Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes

And then we cut to Michael Keaton who plays Adrian Toomes/The Vulture. We’re meant to think he drove the bus that hit Spidey but I think it’s from an entirely different scene. The background doesn’t look like a parking lot and the interior doesn’t look like a bus. He threatens presumably Peter to stay away from him.

Vulture confronts Spidey on Coney Island beach

And then we see another shot of Vulture, this time at what seems like the end of a fight on a beach.

Peter Parker beaten up on beach

Looks like it was a fight on Coney Island beach and that Peter is in his original hoodie. Is this one of his first attempts at being a superhero? He looks pretty trashed. Maybe the Vulture has even escaped. Why else take off his mask? Alternately, maybe Tony takes away his super suit and he has to fight without the cool gadgets.

Spider-Man grabs an elevator with webline

A shot of Spider-Man saving an elevator with his webline. Note the students in those jackets behind him.

Marisa Tomei as Aunt May

A voiceover by Keaton threatens Peter to stay away or he’ll go after everyone he cares about and we see Marisa Tomei as an age-appropriate Aunt May instead of the decrepit crone she was drawn as back in the 60s through the 90s.

Staten Island Ferry explodes

We see a shot of Vulture flying with one of those guns the two thugs were testing and then the Staten Island Ferry explodes. Joke’s on you, Vulture. No one cares what happens to anyone from Staten Island.

Spider-Man holds two halves of Staten Island Ferry together

Pretty cool, iconic shot of Spider-Man using every bit of his strength to try to hold the ferry together. I like the Statue of Liberty in the background. And this feat of superhuman power reminds me of Spider-Man 2 when Spidey stops the runaway subway train. Hope he has help or can hold it long enough for people to put on life preservers. Ouch!

Iron Man and Spider-Man fly through Queens

We get a title and the release date, July 17th. Then a quick tease of Spidey web-swinging and Iron Man flying beside him. Cool teamup!

  • I remember a few times spidey using the gliders in the comics. And I wonder if that guy in the green sleeves is actually Scorpion. Shocker used yellow colors and Scorpion used green. I think they could share a similar tech based origin with the way this movie is looking. Very good stuff though. I can’t wait. Spidey is probably my all time favorite comic.