Trailer Breakdown: Game of Thrones Season 6

Chris Piers   March 9, 2016   Comments Off on Trailer Breakdown: Game of Thrones Season 6

I love Game of Thrones. Love it. I love the Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R.R. Martin and I love the HBO adaptation. That’s not to say it’s perfect. I think they made a few very bad choices here and there. Anyway, the trailer for season 6 is out, as seen above. This is going to be an interesting season because the vast majority of the story will be original for everyone, book readers and non-book readers alike. Now, we can make a few guesses about what some of the scenes below could be about based on reasoned speculation. But we don’t KNOW. Everyone will be experiencing the story for the first time now. It’s exciting.

jon snow body bleeds out

We start with a shot of Jon Snow’s body bleeding out. The trailer would really like us to believe he’s gone. I don’t deny Jon dies from being betrayed and stabbed at the Wall, but c’mon. He’s gotta be Azor Ahai, and will fulfill the prophecy by being reborn. Right?

dornish ship heads to kings landing

A Dornish ship approaches King’s Landing. It must be the ship Jaime Lannister is returning on. I wonder how involved Dorne will be in this season? They didn’t handle it too well in season 5, but they are key players in the books around this time. They’ve had a long-term plan to take the throne by working in secret to produce an heir that marries into the royal family. I hope that isn’t dropped from the show.

jaime has to tell cersei about losing myrcella

Jaime is reunited with Cersei and they both look unhappy. Chances are high he’s telling her they’ve lost their second child since the Sand Snakes poisoned Myrcella. Dick move, Sand Snakes.

davos overlooks a fire

This looks like it’s probably Davos standing over a fire down the hill. While the fire could be for anything, from the Night’s Watch trying to keep warm to Melisandre doing a sacrifice to the Red God, I think the most likely event is that the Watch is burning Jon Snow’s body so that he doesn’t return as a White Walker. And Davos looks bummed, so it probably takes place after the last shot we see in the trailer. But if Jon Snow has Targaryen blood in him, as a later shot implies, then fire wouldn’t burn him (just like it didn’t burn Danaerys) and could actually revive him.

roose and ramsay bolton are worried

Here’s a shot of Ramsay and Roose Bolton looking not super happy. Best guess is their claim on the North is about to go balls up.

flayed man burns

In the foreground is a flayed man burning. That’s like the Bolton family insignia. And in the background are a lot of soldiers, with some banners. So I think the Northerners have found a reason not to accept the Boltons as their leaders and are rebelling.

melisandre loses faith

Melisandre seems to have lost her faith. She thought Stannis Baratheon was going to be Azor Ahai but she was just flat out wrong about that. But Davos may have come to believe, to a degree, in the power of R’hllor, the Red God. I mean, he’s standing by her.

jorah and daario search for danaerys

Meanwhile, across the Narrow Sea, we get to see that Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis are riding together. They’re trying to find Danaerys who bugged on out of Mereen when the terrorists who didn’t accept her as leader started to overrun the city.

jorah finds ring of danaerys

And Jorah finds the ring Danaerys dropped last season when she was surrounded by a Khalasar of Dothraki. He’s a good searcher guy!

jorah hunts for danaerys

Better hurry, Jorah. Remember, he has greyscale. I’m not sure if that’s lethal, actually.

danaerys captured by dothraki

Danaerys is at her lowest moment since we’ve met her. No allies and captured by Dothraki. They’d be upset with her because when a Khaleesi loses her Khal, she’s supposed to go to the capital and just kinda live out her life as an old maid doing chores.

vaes dothrok

Looks like the Khal that captured her is arriving in the capital, Vaes Dothrak. Just guessing since there are SO many riders. And in the foreground is a horse statue. Which is a little weird because the Dothraki actually refuse to make anything. They only steal stuff. I mean, I guess they’d steal a horse statue if they saw one. Anyway, it’s visual shorthand to let us know Dany is in the heart of Dothraki country.

high sparrow

The High Sparrow is talking to someone in the foreground who seems to be wearing Kingsguard armor. My best guess is maybe Jaime? It seems like Cersei’s dumb move of giving the Faith a lot of power is backfiring in a big way and these militant religious folks are possibly about to take control of Kings Landing.


This looks like it takes place on the Iron Islands, the home of the Greyjoys. It looks very likely like an event from the novels, actually, one of the few things left to adapt from what’s already been published. The Iron Born lose Balon, their king, in a mysterious accident when he falls off a bridge. So they bring together a Kingsmoot to elect a new leader. While theoretically Theon would be next in line, none of them really want him, plus he’s damaged goods and as far as they know, a prisoner in the North. In the books, Theon’s sister and Balon’s two brothers, Euron and Victarion, all want to be elected and Euron (who abandoned the islands long ago to pillage across the Sea) ends up winning. Who can say what will happen here. I haven’t heard of Victarion being cast.

sansa in northern furs

A shot of Sansa in Northern furs. She looks great. So maybe she successfully escapes the Boltons and rejoins her Northerner bannermen? It could help explain why we seem to see the Northerners fighting the Boltons. If they learn that the Boltons basically kidnapped her, that might be enough to make them revolt. Which could have actually been Littlefinger’s long-term plan all along to get rid of the Boltons as a potential competitor.

tyrion with torch

We only see Tyrion in one quick shot, seen here with a torch. I doubt that means he’s in this season very little. Rather, maybe any other shots would give away too much about what happens later?

drogon in the sky

It ain’t Game of Thrones without at least a little magic. Here we see Drogon soaring through the skies. So how much trouble can Danaerys really be in, when she has dragons?

lancel and the sparrows

A shot of Lancel and some Sparrows from the Faith confronting Cersei, telling her that if she doesn’t follow them it will lead to violence.

ser robert strong appears

Well, dumb dumbs, Cersei says she chooses violence. And why wouldn’t she now that she has Ser Robert Strong, the Frankenstein-esque new knight that Qyburn gave to Cersei at the end of last season. He’s pretty obviously Gregor Clegane somehow reborn. I just wonder what they’re using for his head.

young ned stark and companions storm the Tower of Joy

This shot is the most exciting one in the trailer. Six men on the Westerosi plains. Book readers recognize it. That guy all the way on the left is young Ned Stark. This is definitely a flashback to the battle at the Tower of Joy where Stark and five allies rescued his sister, Lyanna, from Rhaegar Targaryen. Most fans speculate that this is also where we could learn that Jon Snow is not Ned’s bastard but Lyanna’s son by Rhaegar, which would make him Targaryen like Danaerys. Which would also mean fire is Jon’s friend.

tommen with kingsguard

King Tommen and his guard. And they look a bit nervous.

cersei has backup

Because he’s being confronted by his mom and her backup, Ser Robert Strong. Uh oh. Guess Tommen didn’t really do much to get his mother released from the High Sparrow and she’s probably not too happy about it. But… Tommen is king.

ironborn ships

Some ships in a storm. Could be Sam heading to the Maester’s place, but I think it’s Euron Greyjoy and his crew heading to the Iron Islands for a Kingsmoot.

waif hits arya

Meanwhile, in Braavos, Arya gets smacked pretty hard by The Waif. Guess her training hasn’t gotten any easier.

littlefinger in the northern woods

What’s Littlefinger doing standing around in the North? I suspect he’s manipulating the battle but I can’t be sure. His plans have been pretty close to the vest.

wildling hunts down someone with fire

This is an interesting shot. It takes place in the North and a man on horseback is chasing down another guy, while swinging a burning torch of some sort. Is it a Wildling? I kind of think it could be a Northern soldier finding Theon but it’s just too dark to be sure.

northerners loose their bows

Some archers let loose their arrows. They definitely seem to be wearing Northern helmets and have some banners. Probably a North vs Bolton battle.

explosion in mereen

An explosion. The architecture makes me think Mereen. Probably the terrorists are still causing trouble there.

theon found by northerners

This is Theon definitely captured by Northerners. Or found by them, you could argue. Not sure how they’d feel about Theon since they probably still think he killed Bran and Rickon Stark. If Sansa’s still with him, she could clear that up. If not? Uh ohs.

euron gets drowned in ceremony

This man is shoved underwater at the beach. It’s part of what makes me think we see the Kingsmoot, because this could be Euron being “baptized” by his brother Aeron “Damphair” Greyjoy (the guy shoving him underwater certainly has the right hairstyle. I love the Greyjoy’s crazy religion. They worship a drowned god that looks like a Kraken. They baptize someone by drowning them and reviving them with a type of CPR. “That which is dead can never die.”

jaime and cersei get close

Cersei and Jaime seem to be getting close again. No, Jaime! Haven’t you learned yet?!

brienne fights in the north

Brienne fighting in the North. Could she join the Northerners? Her duty is to find and protect Sansa. Maybe she finally is able to accomplish her goal.

woman hand on fiery brazier

No idea whose hand is by this fire. So my best guess is Melisandre, trying to do some sort of magic.

house of black and white with candles

The House of Black and White, lit in shadows. Creepy as ever.

melisandre undresses

Melisandre undresses because it’s Game of Thrones. And that’s how she does magic. Maybe she decides to try to revive Jon Snow? We’ve seen that Thoros, who follows the same religion, could bring back Beric Dondarrion.

jon snow body

She lays her hands on Jon Snow’s body. I suspect she could try but maybe it’s not even up to her whether Jon comes back or not.

arya jumps braavos street

Here’s Arya leaping across a Braavos street. Guess her training includes parkour. Useful!

bolton soldiers vs northerners

On the left, Boltons. On the right? Hmm, no helmets so maybe not exclusively Northerners. Could the Wildlings join them? Who could unite the Northerners and the Wildlings. I can only think of one likely choice.

girls kissing

Two chicks make out. I’m not sure if the one on the left is Yara Greyjoy maybe? Or just some prostitutes.

euron on bridge

This appears to be Euron Greyjoy during a stormy night on a bridge. Could he have been there when Balon fell?

young ned stark vs targaryens

Young Ned Stark battles some Targaryen soldiers (note the sigil on the chestplate). I can’t wait for this.

tormund is scared

Wildling leader Tormund Giantsbane seems scared or at least surprised by something. More White Walkers? Or is he battling the Boltons?

northerners vs boltons

So, this is a super fast shot of a battle in the North. There’s definitely Northern soldiers fighting Boltons. The guy in the very middle? It’s so hard to say but watch the trailer above yourself. That COULD be Jon Snow.

high sparrow reaches out to margaery

The High Sparrow reaches out to Margaery Tyrell. Does she opt to become a member of the Faith? What would that do to the Tyrell relationship with the Lannisters?

arya is blind

Uh oh, Arya’s gone blind. And she got beaten up, too. What fun it must be to become a Faceless.

an army at the steps of kings landing

This seems to be the Kings Landing city guard confronting the High Sparrow. Who will rule the capital by the end of the season?

sansa flees through the woods

Looks like Sansa running through the woods. I wonder if she and Theon get separated while running from the Boltons?

bran sees the night king

We see Bran Stark again! Welcome back Bran. And he encounters the Night King. Of course, since Bran is standing here, it’s probably a vision of some sort.

davos protects jon snow

Finally, a very exciting ending where Davos unsheaths Longclaw and says he’s never been much of a fighter. But he appears ready to defend Jon Snow’s body. Ghost the direwolf is there, too and so is Melisandre. Still, I suspect the Night’s Watch does reclaim the body to burn as we saw at the beginning of the trailer. We’ll see!

The show premiers on April 24th!