Toys For Tots Needs You!

Vincent   November 29, 2012   Comments Off on Toys For Tots Needs You!

Yeah you! Quit stuffing Cheetos in your face for a minute and listen up! There’s tons of kids out there that don’t get squat for Christmas. Can you imagine that!? Well, there’s an organization that’s dedicated to trying to make sure these types of kids don’t have a horrible holiday season and grow up to be jerks that rob you of your presents! They’re called Toys for Tots. You should totally go buy some toys and drop them off at the nearest Toys for Tots bin.

What’s that? You need some more incentive other than feeling good that you’re not a total piece of garbage? Well, how’s this… Geeks for Tots is a contest that’s mission is to encourage donations to Toys for Tots (and charities like it). In order to do so they’re offering a load of prizes!

The Prizes Include:

What do you have to do to win these awesome prizes? Take a pic of yourself donating to Toys for Tots or send in proof of an online donation to Toys for Tots. Other charities are accepted, but you have to run it by them first.

You can check out the details on how to win right here!

Full Disclosure: I run Geeks for Tots. If you don’t enter, I’ll be super sad.