Toy Hunt: Ultra Mega Flea Market Hunt

One event in my area that I make every effort possible to visit is the Cedarburg Maxwell Street Days. It’s a huge flea market that usually has a lot of great nerdy stuff (like in this post or this post). The last time I went I got a few good things, but this time it was like they really amped up the great geek related merchandise were I was almost overwhelmed. I managed to walk away with a lot of great stuffs. Check it out!


Exo Squad! Kids of the 90s and the teenagers who should have been making out with girls yet instead were watching cartoons will remember these! What was not to love about dudes in mech suits!?

These two Exo Squad dudes were about eBay price, but without the shipping and waiting. These two E-frames are probably my favorites from the line. I’m not super attached to them and may sell them someday, but for now they’re taking a spot in my collection.


This Real Ghostbusters tray was a must buy. It is still in pretty decent shape and it will make a great serving tray for Ghostbusters RPG night.


A smurf holding a frosty mug of beer is just the kind of thing that is totally worth spending a dollar.


This G.I. Joe coloring book was a great find. No pages are colored and it’s from the early days of the Joe team, 1982 in fact.


This isn’t licensed style geeky, but this 1950s? looking space / atomic glass has nerd written all over it. There was no way I could pass this up.


Another dollar well spent. Here’s an unopened pack of Captain Power themed party invites. I love Captain Power so much that these were an exciting find. It’s too bad I’ll never be invited to a Captain Power party, but at least I have these.


The last time I played Screaming Eagles was in the early 1990s and I thought it was pretty fun. I thought it would be worth giving it another shot just to see if it’s held up at all. Anyone else have a fondness for this game?


Nothing too special here, just a pile of G.I. Joe figures that I got for a decent price. They’re probably going on my store’s site Dinosaur Toy Vault at some point.


I recently pulled my Super Nintendo out of retirement and realized that I’ve sold most of the good games I had for it. And to clear the record, I never had one when I was a kid. I got my first Super Nintendo when I was about 30, so about 4 years ago. I was fully sucked into the Genesis camp when I was a kid and my family couldn’t afford both systems. Now days I prefer the Super Nintendo, so that’s the one that got hooked up. I absolutely love the game Act Raiser. I remember renting it back in the day when I rented a SNES. The other two games I got because they looked decent.


Colorforms are a call back to an age where video games didn’t have very good graphics and were generally prohibitively expensive for a lot of kids. Instead you got little pieces of plastic shaped like your favorite cartoon characters and stuck them onto a background. I still have a soft spot in my heart for Colorforms and Crom knows I love Alf.


I simply couldn’t pass on these Star Wars books. The pop up book is in amazingly great shape. It’s really hard to find them that aren’t all busted up. There are a couple problems, but nothing is torn or ripped.

The Ewok book had some pretty amazing artwork inside. Plus… Ewoks.


Here’s one of the best finds I’ve come across in a long time. I got this boxed and unopened Sky Commanders figure from the same guy that had the Screaming Eagles board game, the Captain Power invites, and the G.I. Joe coloring book. I had to get out of that booth.

Anyway, I never see Sky Commanders stuff anywhere, much less in a sealed box. One of my favorite finds of the year.

  • Chris Piers

    Did you remember to go to the grocery store to buy food to stay alive? In all seriousness, some fun finds.

  • I really did go overboard. But man… I had the frenzy.

  • Dex

    I had a serious boardgame addiction in the late 80s/early 90s. I bought lots of them and even managed to play a few. I had Eagles but I know I only ever played it a couple times so I don’t remember much about it. Now Thunder Road on the other hand, we played a lot!

  • That’s one I’ve always wanted to play, but never got a hold of.

  • You’re right, I am raging in jealousy over this haul! That RGB tray and the ALF Colorforms did it for me. Crazy awesome haul!

  • Yeah, and they were great prices so I couldn’t turn them down. It was like the stars aligned that day.

  • William Bruce West

    Nice haul! I’m particularly jealous, as shit has dried up around here. That’s why Thrift Justice is on pseudo-hiatus. Glad to know that someone’s still having some luck out there!

  • Nice finds! Love that ALF Colorforms set!

  • Yeah, this flea market is usually pretty good for at least a few things, it’s so huge. There’s only one more of them this year and then it’s back to nothing all winter.

  • Thanks, I was super excited to see it, realize it had all the pieces and only pay a few bucks for it.

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